The Snackeez Drink & Snack Cup Combo Reduces Spills & Messes

~I received Snackeez samples for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions and stories are my own.~

I have two young girls and they like snacks and they like drinks. I can’t count the number of spills I have had to clean up of both because they are reaching for their drink or snack while holding the other in their hands. It is always like slow motion and I see it happening but there is nothing I can ever do about it except clean it up. With the brilliant Snackeez cup your snack and drink are all-in-one to help make snack time as easy as it can be.


My oldest daughter actually saw a girl using one of these at gymnastics last week and she instantly started begging for one. I will say that I was impressed by the looks of the cup. So when I got these two cups my daughter literally squeed for joy when saw them. Sometimes it is the little things that make kids really happy.


It is a dual-section cup that holds the drink at the bottom, the snack at the top and using the straw you suck up the drink from the bottom.


The snack part at the top screws on and off to create a nice tight seal. The flip top stays in place as well to keep those snacks fresh.


We will be using these just about everywhere. Car trips, Disney visits, walks to grandma’s house, movie night at home, soccer games, boating on the lake, hanging by the pool and basically any place where my girls will be snacking these will be with us. It is just so easy to use and the bright colors are fun too. Of course it doesn’t eliminate spills entirely but it sure does reduce the number of spills by enough that I am no longer constantly picking up spills. Perhaps I need to get one of these for my husband to use too!

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The Secret Society Mystery Game by G5 Entertainment & Why We Love Free-to-Play!

~This post is made in partnership with G5 Entertainment. Opinions and stories are my own.~

A few weeks ago I was introduced to a free-to-play mobile game called The Secret Society by G5 Entertainment. I was pretty amazed that it already had over 1 million downloads with 4.4 stars, which is incredible for a mystery game app! 


In the story your Uncle Richard has gone missing, an elite member of an ancient order. You realize you are blessed with these special powers and are the only one that can find him. You must locate your uncle, protect the sacred Artifact of the Order and thwart the the forces threatening the entire society. The Secret Society is a mix of I-spy scenes, gem match puzzles, brain teasers and memory games. Throughout the game you collect clues that will expand you even further the world and help you unravel mysteries related to your missing uncle. You can also help your game mates, make friends and send and receive in-game gifts!


I love these little mystery puzzle games! They’re nice when I have a little time to myself to sit around. I like buying the little cappuccinos for energy, which is a lot like me in real life. Everyone has their reasons they like to play games, here are a few quotes from other lady gamers like myself.

“After a long day of work and not seeing my babies, this is a game I get to enjoy. I play it while my newborn is sleeping on my lap and I can’t move anywhere for fear of waking her up. Also, my four-year-old stepson likes to ‘help’ find items (he taps the screen repeatedly and loses some of the allotted time). It’s a nice way to relax and share some fun.”

“I’m a 63-year-old grandmother who is disabled and bedridden. I play The Secret Society to enjoy and have some interaction with other people. They don’t know how old I am or my physical condition, which is a plus. I got my grandson to play, and we have that extra contact, which makes it special. I don’t know how other people feel but my friends [in the game] are considered my friends. I think this game is great and I go through the whole nine yards from happy to frustrated but enjoy playing.”

“This game has become a lifeline to me as I suffer from CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome). I spend a great deal of time with nerve pain, and this game serves as a distraction for me in coping with what I have.”

“As the mum of two active kids I spend a lot of time waiting in the car for them to come out of clubs. This is a great time to play as I get peace and don’t feel guilty about not doing housework.”

I think the attraction for moms is mainly that we do have these idle minutes throughout the day, but not enough to actually play anything on a computer or console. Most of the games our kids play are way too advanced and crazy anyway! But we can pull it up on our phones or tablets instantly while out waiting for our kids after school, waiting for our doctors appointment, waiting at the DMV, waiting and more waiting elsewhere. It’s a great way to pass the time while exercising our brains. Puzzle games are great ‘brain fitness’ and actually help us to learn to focus better.


The Secret Society is available in multiple languages and has over 1500 quests, 22 locations to visit and 225+ collections of hidden objects. It is a masterpiece of free-to-play gaming that can keep you busy for months! You can pick up the game for the following platforms.

G5 Entertainment also has a LOT more of these fun role-play puzzle games, make sure to look around and see what others you like! After you download The Secret Society, you’ll see other available options to add to your queue.  


Have you ever tried a free-to-play mystery game?

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Peg + Cat On DVD For The First Time From PBS Distribution

~I received the Peg + Cat DVD for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions and stories are my own.~

The first Peg + Cat DVD, Chickens on the Loose and other REALLY Big Problems! from PBS KIDS is a series that helps kids build math and problem solving skills. Each PEG + CAT adventure features a story in which Peg and Cat encounter an unexpected challenge that requires them to use math and problem-solving skills in order to save the day. While teaching specific math lessons, the series displays the values of resilience and perseverance.

Peg + Cat

This series for preschoolers helps teach your kids basic concepts that they need to learn for everyday life. It is not done in a cram down your throat kind of way either. The episodes are cute and enjoyable to watch while still giving small educational lessons. PEG + CAT is funded in part by the U.S. Department of Education through the Ready To Learn Initiative, a program that supports the development of innovative educational television and digital media targeted at preschool and early elementary school children and their families, and by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). 



The Chicken Problem: Peg and Cat have to get 100 chickens back in the coop before the farmer sees.

Primary Learning Goal: Size correspondence

Secondary Learning Goal: The number 100


The Space Creature Problem: Peg, Cat and Richard must get the 100 chickens away from Big Mouth and back to their spaceship.

Primary Learning Goal: Counting by tens

Secondary Learning Goal: The number 100


The Messy Room Problem: Peg and Cat sort through the mess in Peg’s room just in time for company to come over and see Cat’s masterpiece, “The Circles.”

Primary Learning Goal: Sorting

Secondary Learning Goal: Shapes


The Golden Pyramid Problem: Peg the Bold and Brave Sir Cat, Knights of the Round Table, search far and wide to retrieve the Mermaid’s golden pyramids.

Primary Learning Goal: Solid shapes

Secondary Learning Goal: Counting by twos


The Three Bears Problem: Peg and Cat bring the Three Bears, the Three Little Pigs, and the Three Billy Goats Gruff together to form a super group: “The Electric Eleven.”

Primary Learning Goal: Adding 1

Secondary Learning Goal: Counting to 11


The Giant Problem: Peg and Cat must attempt a great escape when they think the Giants want to eat them and their 8 fairy tale friends for lunch.

Primary Learning Goal: Combinations that add up to 10

Secondary Learning Goal: Circle


The Dinosaur Problem: When Peg and Cat get lost riding dinosaurs through a prehistoric forest, they use a diagram to find their way to safety before the Baby T-Rex catches up to them.

Primary Learning Goal: Following diagrams

Secondary Learning Goal: Patterns


The Beethoven Problem: When Peg and Cat are helping their pal Ludwig Van Beethoven write a symphony, Cat laughs in a certain pattern that gives Beethoven a great idea.

Primary Learning Goal: Patterns

Secondary Learning Goal: Ordinal Numbers

Peg + Cat

Special Features:

Printable Activities Included:

Pirates + Peaches Board Game

Fourt Fantastic Flip-Books

Cat Sock-Beanie Instructions

Peg + Cat Stick Puppets


To purchase Chickens on the Loose and other REALLY Big Problems! visit Shop PBS where you can pick up the DVD for $12.99. Remember that all proceeds for PBS movies, books and more helps support educational programming on PBS! There are plenty of fun videos, adventures and games to play on the Peg + Cat section of the PBS website as well. This fun series is one my whole family enjoys watching together.

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Hello Kitty Firefly Toothbrushes & Mouth Rinse Make Brushing Fun

~I received Firefly Toothbrush samples for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions and stories are my own.~

Brushing teeth is one of those things that happens multiple times a day and is really important for the health of all of us including our kids. Having the right tools to get the job done is always extremely helpful for the war on cavities. Firefly sells all the things your kids need to keep their teeth clean and their products are doecorated in cool designs and colors that help make brushing as fun as it can be.

Firefly Toothbrushes

This year is the 40th anniversary of Hello Kitty which has always been a favorite of mine since I was a little girl. With two little girls of my own I knew they would love the addition of Hello Kitty brought onto the bathroom counter. The toothbrush has a light up timer to help kids know how long they need to brush. It starts out green, then blinks to yellow and then finally red to stop. That is a full 60 seconds and how long one should brush one row up teeth. Just press the button and continue the same with the second row of teeth. Kids enjoy watching the stop light design of the lights and I like that my girls know exactly how long they need to brush each row. The suction cup on the bottom works on bathroom counters and keeps it upright so the bristles don’t have to touch anything and can stay clean. The toothbrushes are for ages 3-12.

Firefly Toothbrushes

After brushing is complete kids ages 6 and up can use the Firefly Hello Kitty Anticavity Mouth Rinse. This melon kiss flavor tastes great (I actually did try it) and my older daughter agrees with me on the yummy flavor. It is sugar-free, alcohol-free and contains fluoride to fight cavities and strengthen tooth enamel. The great part is the attached cup holder right in the bottom so that it is convenient and shows kids exactly how much they need to use.

Firefly Toothbrushes

Their variety of products are available in Wal-Mart, grocery and drug stores around the nation. Dental care now has a fun factor and with familiar characters kids will want to brush and not just because they have to. Kids have to brush anyway and it sure is a whole lot easier when my kids are instead reminding me when it is time to brush so that they can use their “super cool firefly stuff.”

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