Worry-Free Whites with New Clorox® Bleach Crystals™ & Clorox® Bleach Packs™ at Walmart!

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My favorite color is white. I love white linens, curtains, and towels. I even have a favorite pair of white shorts. It’s a difficult color to have as a favorite when you have children. Those little dirty hands and feet get on everything, so I depend on Clorox® in my laundry routine. Every Sunday I spend the morning and afternoon washing laundry so we begin the week waking up in crystal clean white blankets and peering through gossamer curtains. It’s the little things that make me happy.

New Clorox® Bleach Crystals™ & Clorox® Bleach Packs™

When we first moved into this house with its old washing machine, I wasn’t quite sure what to do without a bleach tray. I used to have to fill it with water and then add the bleach before adding items. Then Clorox® came out with water activated New Bleach Crystals™ and Clorox® Bleach Packs™ and it’s made my morning a lot easier! They didn’t require a bleach tray and went directly into the washing machine!

New Clorox® Bleach Crystals™ & Clorox® Bleach Packs™

Instead of waiting or possibly making a mess of things, I can just drop it (or pour it) in and the water activates it while it’s washing. No more spills, splashes, or accidentally getting it on my son’s favorite black shirt (sorry!).



Dirt and I have a different relationship now. There’s way too many things to worry about as a parent and Tot being messy isn’t one of them. Bring on the markers, the mud, the spaghetti sauce; bring on the paint and crayons. Life always seems more fun when there is a mess and easier to enjoy with Clorox®.


The next best thing is that I can just drop it (or pour it) in and the water activates it while it’s washing. No more spills, splashes or accidentally getting it on your son’s favorite black pants (sorry!). Plus, it all fits neatly into your cabinet!

cleaning cabinet

I found both in the Walmart Paper & Cleaning aisle where they store paper towels and other laundry supplies. I got lucky and mine even had a coupon if I purchased both!


If you are looking for great laundry tips and want to keep up with other new products, coupons and deals – make sure to check out their Facebook Page and/or #TotalBleachControl on Twitter!

How do you keep your whites worry-free?

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What Summer Shoe Fits You?

~This post is made in partnership with Shoebuy.com. Opinions and stories are my own.~

Summer is in full swing here in the Midwest. It’s dreadfully hot and humid, but bright and beautiful! Everyone has officially kicked off their high boots in favor of summer shoes and I wanted to share some of my favorites from Shoebuy.com! My personal pick was a pair of Keds Teacup CVO Crochet in black. If you remember from last year’s feature, I definitely favor the flat ballerina style!

Summer Shoes with Shoebuy.com

The Keds Teacup style’s best feature is the crotchet detail because it allows a lot of airflow. They’re also easy slip on / slip off shoes with adorable laces on the toes! This style also comes in Natural Crotchet and White. Although many of the shoes on Shoebuy allow for you to choose the width, this style only comes in medium in a wide range of sizes. 

I love them! They’re a very everyday on-the-go style that goes with just about everything, skirts, capri’s and shorts. It a cool breezy shoe that can go with relaxed or fashionable wear!

Which Summer Shoe Fits You?

Multiple styles available at Shoebuy.com.

There are a few mainstay summer shoe styles available. Which one fits you best? Here’s a little bit of information on the different styles to help you find your favorite!

  • Boat – Boat style shoes can also be called “flats” and are typically of canvas material with rubber soles and two or three hole laces. 
  • Flat / Ballet Flat – Another type of “flat” shoe is the Ballet Flat or “Dolly Shoes”. These have a very thin heel, sometimes with bindings, but mostly in slipper style.
  • Sandals – Sandals are generally just a very thin sole with straps that fasten to the “foot” of the shoe. 
  • Wedges – On most raised shoe styles, the heel runs under the heel of your foot. The wedge, however, runs under the foot in a triangular shape. These range from low to high; which means not all of them are high heels. If you haven’t worn a wedge before, I recommend starting out with a smaller heel to start. 
  • Canvas – Canvas shoes are made of canvas materials with rubber soles. There are many different styles of canvas shoes, ranging from sneakers to flats. The most notable is the Converse Low Tops. However, my personal favorites are Keds; especially the Slip Ons!

No matter which style of summer shoe is your favorite, Shoebuy has you covered. And right now they are having a HOT Summer Sale on Sandals!

KEDS Teacup Shoes

Make sure to sign up for ShoeFan Rewards. You receive 1pt for every $1 Spent, 200pts for referring a friend and more! You can then redeem those points on orders. Plus, they offer Free Shipping Everyday with NO minimum! What more could you ask for?

To learn about upcoming sales, discounts and coupons, follow along on their Facebook Page.

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Make the Most of Your Entertainment Area w/ HIDEit Mounts!

~I recieved HIDEit Mounts for review. Opinions and stories are my own.~

A few weeks ago my husband and I took a before and after challenge to create a ‘freeing’ experience in our living room entertainment area! Everyday I stress over hanging cords because of my little ones on the go, so HIDEit Mounts offered us a chance to mount our gaming system like our flat screen. Lets face it curiosity thrives in our kids, they have to see and touch everything; now I can relax when the kids are playing and the entertainment center is no longer covered with systems. Of course, now it is covered with toys.

HIDEit Mounts

The installation process for these mounts is simple and requires very little to get started. All you will need is a drill and a hammer. The best part is that it took 10 minutes to install and and hook my system into. What more can you ask? 10 minutes and you no longer have to stress over hanging cords and tiny fingers that move like the Flash and apparently have the strength of the Hulk.

HIDEit Mounts offers a variety of ways to help you install the products that work best for you on their Youtube Channel. Here is the video for Organizing Your Game Consoles!


Made of heavy-grade cold-rolled steel, HIDEit Mounts makes adjustable mounts for cable and satellite boxes, media streaming devices, mini computers, gaming consoles and most any other electronic component fighting for space near your TV; all ranging from $20.00 – $64.99. Installing HIDEit Mount

We received the PS3 mount and placed it next to our television instead of behind it. You can hide any system behind the TV as well and no one would know! I can honestly say I am so pleased with the results. My husband will soon be moving an outlet directly behind the TV so every cord can be hidden and I will have one less thing to stress over on my day to day worry list! That’s something we all need.

PS3 HIDEit Mount

HIDEit Mounts will soon be in every room of my house with a television. They are an inexpensive way to create more space and protect your expensive entertainment equipment. The way I look at it is: If i’m going to spend money to hang my tv, why not spend money to protect and hide my systems and those annoying cords?

You can get your own HIDEit Mount from multiple sites such as Amazon.com or at Hideit Mounts online. They offer a wide variety for all of your needs. I love my space now, you should too!

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The Day The Crayons Quit – The Adorable Picture Book Of Crayons on Strike + Giveaway!

~I received The Day The Crayons Quit for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions and stories are my own.~

I am constantly surrounded by crayons that my two budding artists use on a daily basis. Plenty snap in half, get chewed on and they somehow wind up in every corner of the house. In the book The Day the Crayons Quit the crayons have had enough. They are on strike and they have each left a letter to Duncan explaining their grievances.

The Day the Crayons Quit

Poor Duncan just wants to color. But when he opens his box of crayons, he finds only letters, all saying the same thing: His crayons have had enough! They quit! Beige Crayon is tired of playing second fiddle to Brown Crayon. Black wants to be used for more than just outlining. Blue needs a break from coloring all those bodies of water. And Orange and Yellow are no longer speaking—each believes he is the true color of the sun.

What can Duncan possibly do to appease all of the crayons and get them back to doing what they do best?

The Day the Crayons Quit - Inside

This book is ridiculously funny and pokes fun at the stereotypes for which each crayon color is often used for. All of the stereotypes run true in our house. Both my girls usually find themselves picking up the pink and purple crayons first and the sky is always blue. The illustrations are as  equally as funny as the book. We all get a good chuckle every time I read it.

My daughters spent today furiously coloring with their friends. They were coloring postcards to show where some of their missing crayons to celebrate the book sequel coming out. My review of the companion book, The Day The Crayons Came Home, which hits stores August 18th will be coming in a blog post soon! Either book would be perfect to give to a teacher or just to read to get ready for the first day of school.

Connect: You can connect with The Crayons Books on their website and Penguin Kids on Facebook and Twitter.
The folks over at The Crayons Books have a giveaway going where you can win copies of the books. Check it out!
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