Battle Sheep from Blue Orange Games is Addictive & Fun

~I received Battle Sheep for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions and stories are my own.~

Our once a week family game night is one of our favorite activities each week. We put away our phones and turn off the television for some no interruption family fun. Things always get a little more exciting when we have a new board game to play. As my daughter gets older I love finding games that are challenging for her skill level. Last week we played Battle Sheep from Blue Orange Games and I’m thrilled to let you know that this game is a ton of fun and super addictive.  I had no idea being an aggressive sheep could be so enjoyable!

Blue Orange Games

This flock-filled competition is all about strategy with the ultimate goal of occupying the most pastures with your sheep. Each of the 64 tokens have an adorable sheep on them that keep the kids (and husbands) amused and the original game play and strategic thinking will make everyone coming back for more.  It has not been out long and it’s already received numerous awards such a Parent’s Choice Award and a Tillywig Award.

Battle Sheep

This is a fast moving game, which I really like, that takes no more than 15 minutes a game. This way we can play several games in a row. On each turn you split your stack of sheep, your decision how you split your stack, and move your stack in a straight, un-blocked line to greener pasture. If you reach the edge of the game board or you reach a sheep then your stack stops. You each take turns going until no more moves can be made and then you have to sit out the remainder of the game. With some cunning skills you can try and block the other sheep from gaining pasture.

Each player is given 4 sections of pasture and you take turns putting them down on the board and connecting them. This means a different playing board is assembled before every game, so Battle Sheep is full of new challenges every single time you play!

battle sheep

Battle Sheep is for ages 7 and up and for 2-4 players. It works on your problem-solving skills as we definitely had to pay attention to each others moves so we could plan our next step. This is a strategy game that has already become a huge hit in our house. My husband and I don’t go easy on our oldest daughter when we play and she still was able to out-strategize us a few times. This is the perfect addition to any board game collection!

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Planes: Fire & Rescue in Theaters & Kohl’s $10 OFF Kids Apparel Deal!

~I participated in an Ambassador campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Kohl’s. I received promotional items and product samples as a thank you for participating.~

 Planes: Fire & Rescue Poster

Today is the big release of Planes: Fire & Rescue in theater! Since I know many of us are going to be heading off to watch the release I wanted to let everyone know not to toss out their ticket stubs! Kohl’s is having an amazing deal where you can get $10 off your kid’s apparel purchase of $25 or more! With back-to-school season upon us, you don’t want to miss it! You can read the full disclosure on the promotion below. 

Offer valid for one-time use 7/18/14 - 7/26/14. In store only. One Kids apparel merchandise coupon per customer. $10 offer valid on a minimum $25 pre-tax purchase of Kids apparel merchandise. Dollar-off discounts applied prior to percent-off total purchase discounts. Offer cannot be redeemed for cash. No cash back. Offer not valid for price adjustments on prior purchases. Excludes sales tax. Photocopies or duplicates not accepted. Return value of merchandise purchased with $10 coupon will be subject to adjustment. See store for additional terms and details.

Smoke Jumer Tee

Kohl’s Exclusive Smoke Jumper Tee!

Kohl’s also just released their Disney Jumping Beans Planes: Fire & Rescue line this week just in time for the movie premiere. As Tot is a big fan of both Planes and emergency vehicles, I stocked up on lots of cute outfits for both back-to-school and the release. 

Fire & Rescue Jumping Beans

Fire & Rescue clothing

Whether you want to head over and pick up a cute outfit for the release, or use your ticket stub for a discount on a special surprise Fire & Rescue outfit afterward, there are lots of cute options available. Plus, they also have Planes toys, jackets and more in the #MagicAtPlay section!

You can learn more about the promotion and the Fire & Rescue line by visiting Kohl’s. 

Are you heading off to the premiere this weekend?

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Enjoy Being on the Water this Summer with Discover Boating

“I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Discover Boating. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”

Every summer since I was a kid I have spent almost every weekend boating on the water. Each year I feel like it somehow gets ever better. Maybe it is because now I can share with my kids my love of all things boating. If you are looking to get your feet wet check out Discover Boating which is an unbiased online resource to explore the enjoyment and accessibility of the boating lifestyle. It is full of so much information to get you started from information on rentals to the differences between different types of boats if you are having a hard time finding the right one for your family. They even list for you Youth Boating Programs that are located near you. I will have to check them out for my girls as they get older!

discover boating

These are pictures from our adventures just this last week. I have been especially excited because this is the first summer my 5 year old has actually gone water skiing all by herself and on actual skis. She was flying and smiling the entire time. She did multiple loops around the smaller part of the lake and I think she would have gone all day if we had let her.

We also have been taking the boat out right after dinner but before bed for some peaceful rides. Nothing special just the wind in our face and the beautiful water and sky to enjoy looking at. Even my youngest enjoys boat riding since boating needs no minimum age.

We even checked out the Electrical Light Boat Parade at Disney World and we watched it from one of the resort boats. It was so incredibly cool to look at and it is the longest running parade at Disney World. I am hoping to get into kayaking with my little family next year as I love the idea of getting exercise while getting out on the water. Check out the Discover Boating website where you can learn more about Jake Owen, the famous country music star, and his lifelong love of boating. I just love his music! There is still plenty of summer to be had so check out some local boating options and give it a try!

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Travel in Comfort with Arcopedico & Tips On Picking the Perfect Shoe

~I received a pair of Arcopedico shoes for review. Opinions and stories are my own.~

Whether you are driving, riding or flying this summer, traveling requires a comfortable pair of shoes. There is nothing worse than arriving at a destination with blisters and sore ankles. I’d previously written about how Arcopédico is one of my most favorite brand of shoes at Outnumbered 3 to 1 this past Valentine’s Day. Their anatomical shoes help avoid back pain and pinched nerves, both of which I suffer from on a daily basis. So it should be no surprise that I would choose them as one of the best travel shoes! 


Everyone’s travel comforts are different; so Arcopédico offered these 10 Tips For Finding the Perfect Travel Shoe with shoe options!

  1. Travel Light. Look for shoes that won’t weigh you (or your luggage) down. At a mere 10.9 ounces, the Arcopédico L2 is an excellent option, and the flexible, metal-free shanks also make a strategic choice for airport security lines.
  2. Keep it Compact. Instead of stiff, bulky footwear, stay streamlined with a shoe like the Cinderella, featuring an ultra-comfortable knit upper and slim enough to slide into pocket of a carry-on bag.
  3. Have a Support System. Don’t sacrifice support for portability or style. Skip the paper-thin sandals and opt for lightweight, arch-supporting shoes like Arcopédico’s signature twin-arch construction, to help prevent foot fatigue, cramps, and other travel woes.
  4. Plan to Get Dirty. The best travel shoes are ready for action and adventure—which can involve a bit of mud. Opt for a shoe that can easily be washed and ready to start anew tomorrow, such as Arcopédico’s washing-machine-friendly line of Lytech and Knit material shoes.
  5. Don’t Get Tied Up. Any frequent flyer knows shoes should be quick and easy to remove and replace for maximum efficiency in airport security lines. Look for comfortable slip-ons or shoes with quick fasteners like the Velcro® strap L45.
  6. Weather the Storm. Choose travel footwear that is ready for rain, and that will last the miles. For instance, Arcopédico footwear is made to endure, with tough, slip-resistant polyurethane soles and its resilient, leather-like Lytech line offers water-resistance.
  7. Loosen Up. As pressure increases with altitude in a plane or alpine train, feet tend to swell. Protect feet with flexible, circulation-supporting shoes, like the ultra-comfortable LS Shocks, offering a soft, sock-like sensation on the top of the foot for blood-flow and comfort.
  8. Don’t Sweat It. Foot moisture can lead to blister formation, unwelcome odors, general discomfort and fungus susceptibility. Choose shoes with proper ventilation and built-in bacteria-fighting properties, such as the LS Shocks, featuring breathable knit uppers and lined with patented anti-microbial SanSmell™ deodorizing technology.
  9. Be Realistic. As stylish as pointed toe shoes are, feet do not come to a point and they benefit from a broad, even plantar surface for balance, alignment, healthy weight-bearing and dexterity. Select anatomical shoes like the L15 —to avoid painful calluses, pinched nerves, and back pain.
  10. Walk Responsibly. Globetrotters have a special appreciation for the earth. Tread lightly by wearing shoes made from environmentally-friendly materials and processes, like the patented Arcopédico Lytech shoes, which are BioCalce certified, biodegradable, and vegan.

I had chosen to try out the L15 for the same reason I fell in love with the Rose Flats. The anatomical design allows for strong support of the arch which helps with my back. I walk a lot and I mean a LOT. My husband and I estimate that we must walk at least 2 miles a day at least, so I know the importance of having a good pair of shoes. 

arcopedico L15

The great thing about the L15′s are that they’re also very roomy. At first they almost feel like slippers, but once you get to walking you realize that the design allows for weight and movement. I have the Red Suede style which has a water-resistant, breathable Lytech upper portion; so you don’t have to worry about getting them dirty because they’re washable! Just make sure you air dry them.


They are a wonderful pair of shoes that also come 10 different colors/styles. You can see examples of all of them on the product page.

  • Black Suede
  • Olas Black
  • Olas Caffe
  • Lagrimas Black
  • Red
  • Black
  • Beige
  • Red Suede
  • Blue Jean Suede
  • Orange Suede

I could honestly wear these all day. They are soft, yet sturdy and give a pop of color to any outfit! If you are looking for a comfortable pair of traveling shoes, or a pair that will ease off your aching back, check out the sleek styles over at Arcopedico USA!

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