MERRITHEW Has Fabulous Fitness Products For Everyone on Your Holiday List

~I received MERRITHEW samples for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions and stories are my own.~

On a bad week I get to the gym only once (I am working on it!) but that doesn’t mean I am not getting my exercise. I do a lot of exercise stuff around the house as well because I believe fitness starts at home. My girls have always grown up seeing me exercise or they have spent many hours hanging out in the gym kid care. They are involved in several sports and they own their own “work out” gear so they can look like mommy. Now that they are 7 and 4 they want to do “real” exercises just like mommy too. I have recently gotten them into things like yoga and they absolutely love it. It is not always easy finding kids fitness equipment but I recently checked out MERRITHEW and they not only have top quality fitness gear for adults but they have equipment for kids too!


The mat bag for kids is not only brightly colored but sized just for them! Made with 100% canvas, the bag features an adjustable shoulder strap and accommodates kid-sized exercise mats up to 21″ (63 cm) long and comes in 3 different colors. It’s the perfect size to fit a mat, towel, water and a snack!

The yoga mats are available in 6 different styles and is just an overall amazing mat to protect kids from hard surfaces. Made of innovative baby-safe PER material that is free of toxins, heavy metals and phthalates. It is durable, non-slip, water-proof and sun protective. The really cool part about it is the fact it biodegrades in soil after 6 months. The built in handle is the finishing touch that makes this the perfect kids mat…I seriously can not think of a single thing I would change about it.

Both girls think these mats are “so cool” and I have to admit the designs are as nice as the mats themselves.

The flying foam disk 2-pack is an exercise disk set specifically designed for children. They are super soft foam so you can use them inside or outside and the designs are ridiculously cute as well. These not only work great as actual flying disks being tossed back and forth but also nice for incorporating into floor exercises like balancing, sliding or working on motor skills. They float so take them bath or poolside too!


A great way for kids to get kids up and moving is with the Fitness Fun: Pilates for Kids DVD. Using balls and bands, this DVD incorporates fun into a workout that challenges mobility, agility and flexibility while encouraging the development of the mind-body connection. It is 26 minutes and includes 27 exercises. The perfect length to keep them interested without them loosing interest. Best suited for ages eight to 14. You can even get mini stability balls for added fitness fun.


Merrithew has an entire GIFT GUIDE set up to show you the top gift ideas for each category. Especially helpful when you are shopping for somebody else and you might not know what someone wants or needs for saw…barre workouts.


Check out there Black Friday sales page. Their Black Friday sale goes from Nov 27-30th and will have over 300 products up to 50% off plus FREE North American shipping. I am a BIG fan of online shopping for Black Friday…all from the comforts of home, no crowds and all while wearing pjs. Check out their wide selection of equipment and find something for everyone on your list.

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Creative Options Has Stylish Craft Storage Totes Just Great For the Holidays

~I received an Large Signature 5-Pocket Tote sample for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions and stories are my own.~

The amount of crafting material I have scattered throughout my house seems to be growing exponentially. I try and keep it grouped together by the type of craft so when I get it down everything is right where I need it. I am often toting crafting supplies to girl scout meetings as well so I am always on the lookout for craft storage solutions. This holiday season, Creative Options, the leader in craft storage products, offers up fashionable and affordable totes for any craft activity. From molded organizers to soft sided bags they are the perfect gift for the crafters and artists on your list to keep them organized, inspired and in style. Toting around your craft material has never looked so good!

Creative Options

For scrapbooking the Total Tote in “Vineyard” is now available at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. It’s hybrid construction combines the look of a soft-sided organizer with the rigid body of a Creative Options molded product, resulting in a clever storage that keeps its shape. Featuring a removable center wall for diverse storage options, a zippered take-away pouch, elastic loops and pockets for pens or tools, it’s perfect for storing scissors, stamps, punches, tape, cards and much more.

total tote

For Jewelry & Beading there is the Tapered Tote in “Viva La Pink” available at Michaels. A must-have for the stylish jewelry maker or beader on the go, this fashionable tote features a flip top, soft carrying handles and enough room to stash supplies while traveling. Its spacious pink interior has French memo-board-style elastics in the lid and a zippered take away pouch that perfectly protects loose odds and ends.


Knitting Needle Roll-Up Tote in “Bliss” can be found at Walmart. Created specifically for storing needles, this versatile bag rolls into a cylinder, with two sturdy ribbons to keep tools safe and secure. Ample pockets keep knitting items separate and a top zipper opens to a larger pocket that lines the entire bag.



Crochet Tote in “Viva La Pink” is available at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. A crocheter’s dream, this stylish tote features grommets in each side and two carrying handles, making it perfect for holding and toting up to three skeins of yarn, needles and more.

yarn bag

For those in need of a tote for more of a more multi-purpose (like me) they have the Large Signature 5-Pocket Tote available at Hobby Lobby. Nominated for the 2015 The Craft & Hobby Association Hot Product Award! It features five exterior pockets, elastic bands that hold crafting tools and knitting essentials, alongside a wide-open inner compartment. Made of easy-to-clean, durable polyester, it coordinates with other “Andee Cool” Creative Options soft fabric and molded organizers.

creation options 5 pocket tote

My large signature 5-pocket tote has been getting serious use these last few weeks and I really like the design of it. It holds more than I anticipated it carrying. I use it a lot for organizing all my girl scout manuals, craft books, patch catalogs as well as educational materials I take to each meeting. I love a good tote and this one looks like it will last the long haul. Creative Options products are sold throughout the United States at Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, Michaels and Walmart. These totes are ready to help crafters unleash their creativity by housing and organizing their holiday creations.

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Check Out What is in a BrickSwag Monthly Subscription Box

~I received a gift subscription to BrickSwag for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions and stories are my own.~

I am huge fan of LEGOs so I was super excited to open up my BrickSwag monthly subscription box. They are the #1 membership for LEGO fans and once you open a box up you can easily see why. Each month includes official LEGO kits to build and keep, an exclusive t-shirt, Build magazine, Funky Fig trading cards and many more surprises!

BrickSwag Monthly Subscription Box

This is the picture of everything that was inside my brick builders club box. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning pulling everything out. My girls sat next to me and were just as excited as I was!

You can either order month to month or save money by getting a pre-paid membership.

  • month-to-month membership = $26/mo + shipping & handling
  • 3 months pre-paid membership = $23.50/mo + shipping & handling
  • 6 months pre-paid membership = $21.50/mo + shipping & handling
  • 1 year pre-paid membership = $20/mo + shipping & handling

Shipping cost: $7 /box

The little magazine will tell you everything you have inside your box as well as give you some cool information on something LEGO related as well as some building instructions so you can use your own LEGO collection to build something cool. This month it includes info on how to make your own cornucopia.

This month included the awesome shirt and this fig face cup.

For the monthly model we got to build this super cute turkey….and it is going right on the table for Thanksgiving too!

Also got a Booster Bricks Challenge Pack full of random LEGOs to put towards our personal collection. Half the fun is coming up with something to fulfill the challenge!

A super cute LEGO poster from Silly Brick Pics. As well as fun trading cards below.

Each month you get an exclusive brick for you to collect. It is just a fun way to show off how many months you have enjoyed BrickSwag. I think it is really cool!


There is nothing I did not like in my box and I personally believe it is worth the price. I especially like that you get a LEGO themed shirt each month and that with each box you build on your personal LEGO collection. This box brings with it excitement and hours of fun each month. I love a toy that has kids using their imaginations to build and play and LEGO does that so well. This would make a most excellent gift that lasts long after the holidays are over. I can see why it is the ultimate membership for LEGO fans!

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It’s Fancy to Be Me Personalized Book

~I received an I See Me! sample for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions and stories are my own.~

With the holidays approaching I try and find my girls gifts that I know they will truly enjoy more than just a month or so. One thing they always love and never get tired of is personalized books. Their eyes light up every time they see their name in print and especially if their name is within the actual story! I See Me! has a huge section of books that you can personalize with names, dates, dedications and with some you can even add in pictures. With the book It’s Fancy To Be Me it is all about style, fashion, and fun!

It's Fancy to Be Me Personalized Book

The book is personalized with her name on the cover and throughout the text and illustrations, and the character is customized with your child’s hair color and skin tone. You can even upload her photo to be printed in the storybook and include a printed dedication from you to make it an extra-special gift. Written by Jennifer Dewing and illustrated by Yusuf Doganay.

Your little girl goes on a worldwide trip to see different countries, and she wears fancy clothes from each culture along the way. At the end, she realizes that the fanciest thing of all is to be herself!

This is a nice quality hardback book with professional binding and glossy pages. Each page has ADORABLE illustrations with the name of my daughter perfectly placed on each page such as on the airplane or on posters in New York. A book that reminds children it is fun to dress up but that it’s what inside of you that defines who you are. Since it is a personalized book make sure to order it early so it has time to get to you for Christmas. Would make a fun book for any girl that loves being “fancy.”

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