Summer Beauty – 100% Natural Australian Jojoba

I had never heard of jojoba before being contacted by The Jojoba Company to try out a few products. It’s actually quite fascinating! The plant produces a small seed, or nut, that was used by Native American tribes to heal and condition their skin, as well as food to stave off hunger or help with childbirth. Nowadays it is used for everything from bio-diesel fuel to cooking oil! However, it remains one of the greatest gifts for beauty because it is naturally hypoallergenic and contains powerful antioxidants, Omega 6 & 9 fatty acids, and Vitamins A, D and E.

Jojoba 100% Natural

The reason why it works so wonderfully for skin is because our skin health is maintained by an oily (waxy) solution called sebum; which 25-30% of the skin’s sebum is made up of wax esters. These wax esters moisturize and firm our skin, but as we grow older it decreases; which causes the aging process. Jojoba is the only plant known to produce wax esters like our skin and because of that, our skin naturally takes to it. I love to look at it as summer’s gold.

Unlike many other skincare products, there is absolutely no scent to Jojoba. It’s smooth as silk and leaves your skin with a soft moisturized glow. The 100% Natural Jojoba is purely that and nothing else. It balances, protects and heals the skin; which makes it great for all skincare needs and for all ages. If you have a specific skincare issue, you can check out the Skin Type/Concern section to find which products will also pair and benefit you personally.

  • Abrasions
  • Acne
  • Burns
  • Cold Sores
  • Dermatitis
  • Eczema
  • Insect Bites
  • Psoriasis
  • Rosacea
  • Skin Rashes
  • Sunburn
  • Surgical Wounds

Even though it looks and feels like an oil, it is actually a wax. I not only use it on my skin, but on my son’s hands which constantly callous and crack due to excessive clapping. Jojoba allows for deeper absorption so it protects longer where it matters.


They also create many other beauty products using jojoba’s properties with other skincare needs. One of these is their Intense Overnight Renewal Cream which has become a part of my nightly routine. It uses jojoba with marine collagen and CoQ10 to encourage overnight skin renewal. Marine collagen plumps the skin as CoQ10 is an antioxidant to protect skin from drying out. This allows it to hydrate and plump the skin overnight while you are sleeping! Because it has no detergents, chemicals, paraben, artificial fragrances, colors, PEGs, mineral oil or sodium lauryl sulphate, it is also suitable for all skin types.

Jojoba Intense Overnight Renewal Cream

The cream is so, so soft that it feels like a luxury to put on. It has a very, very light clean scent and absorbs quickly. You don’t have to worry about putting it on and having a greasy feeling all night. Your skin will just breath it in and you can wake up from moisturized beauty sleep! After a few weeks you will absolutely see a difference in your skin and how it feels.

The Jojoba Company also offers eye creams, masks, defoliators, make-up removers, cleansers, toning mists and many age defying products. Everything a woman that loves her skin would dream of. You can find all of these at The Jojoba Company.

You can connect with The Jojoba Company Australia on their Facebook Page and/or @TheJojobaCoUS.

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Mickey Mouse ClubHouse: Minnie’s Pet Salon DVD & Printable Activity Sheets!

~I received Minnie’s Pet Salon for review. Opinions and stories are my own.~

Summer is coming! Which means it is high time to stock up on kid favorite DVDs! Mickey Mouse Clubhouse just released their newest, Minnie’s Pet Salon, last Tuesday! Tot has been in love with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse stories since Minnie’s The Wizard of Dizz and this one features lots of adorable little fur friends!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie's Pet Salon

Minnie’s Pet Salon includes the full length feature, plus an additional 4 purr-fect episodes!

  • Daisy’s Pet Project
  • Pluto’s Puppy-Sitting Adventure
  • Donald’s Ducks
  • Pluto Lends A Paw

In the film, all the clubhouse friends are getting things ready for Pluto’s All-Star Pet Show. There’s a lot of pets to get ready, bathe, groom and train and Minnie needs help; especially when three kittens go missing. The whole gang gets together and using the Mouseketools (and of course the little fans) they work to find them before the big show. It’s two hours of pet-themed fun with lots of songs for children to sing along to!


I like watching pet-toons with Tot because he’s been a little wary of dogs. It helps to show him how sweet and friendly dogs can be through his favorite characters. It’s too bad we can’t take Pluto home!

To add to the fun, you can download summer fun printable activities to go along with the DVD.

Download Minnie's Pet Salon Activities

The activities included in Pluto’s Pet Puzzlers sheets are:

  • Matching Kitties
  • Word Find
  • What’s My Name
  • Bubble Bath Maze
  • Spot the Differences
  • Connect the Dots
  • & Lots of fun Coloring Pages!

The cutest part is that the DVD also comes with a Free Pet Comb inside! We don’t have a real pet right now (except fish), so Tot uses it on his stuffed animals and himself. Imaginary friends need upkeep too! But if you do have a real pet, it would be a great way to show your child how to be a big helper!

Minnie's Pet Salon Included Comb

You can pick up Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie’s Pet Salon on DVD (with the adorable free comb!) on Amazon.

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The Best Indoor Summertime Fun – InRoad Toys PlayTape!

~I received InRoads PlayTape for review, but I also am a purchaser. This tape is pure genius!~

From the moment I saw InRoads PlayTape I knew I must have it. It is one of those products that made me have one of those “Why did I not think of this!?” moments. We have literally thousands of toy cars in our house and just like the founder of InRoad Toys realized, there were lots of cars but no roads. Thankfully that father was a lot smarter than I and created this magnificent simple solution, PlayTape.

InRoads Playtape!

It comes in multiple colors: Black, Orange, Purple, Red and Blue; as well as varying sizes for vehicles – 2in (1:128 Scale) and 4in (1:64 scale). My photos show the 2in for comparison.

The PlayTape comes in a roll, is made of paper and is easy-tear; which makes it easy for children and they don’t need to use scissors. Plus, it’s repositionable, leaves no residue upon removal and it is recyclable! I’ve pulled the tape up and placed it down in multiple spots. It sticks to any flat surface easily. I’ve also placed it on flat carpet without much difference.

InRoad Toys PlayTape Rolls

Laying the roads

There is so much fun to be had when you can make roads on your floor. We create little buildings and get out tiny stop signs, orange cones and add in all his toy car washes, garages and shops! It’s a lot of fun to have little construction trucks pretend to put the road down for the cars! PlayTape adds so much to imaginative play. It was like the missing piece of the puzzle.

PlayTape Road to Car Wash

I’ve set up little roads in all the rooms of the house with cars… which means pretty much all of them. We even have roads on our kitchen table that hold down a Cars placemat. This gave me the idea that you could also use the PlayTape Roads for crafts for car fans! Or use them to make decorative trimming around a room or bed. The ideas with this tape are limitless!

Thomas the Train PlayTape

The other type of PlayTape you can get is Train Tracks. There are the Classic Series Tracks, the Trolley Tracks and even Thomas & Friends Tracks! These are all 2in width, but go up to 60ft rolls. It’s the perfect gift for those who love trains, especially if you cannot afford a whole train set or can’t fit one in your home. Kids can still collect all their favorite trains and make their own little train tracks all over the house! I love it!

If you are looking for the perfect summertime entertainment, especially for rainy days, or a gift for a big car fan… you absolutely need this. I honestly do not know how I ever went without it.

You can find InRoad Toys PlayTape in their shop. Make sure to check the width of the road you want and how much track you need before purchasing. You can thank InRoad Toys on their Facebook Page and/or @InRoadToys on Twitter.

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Breakfast Steak Roll-ups Recipe

Breakfast Steak Roll-Ups Recipe

During one of my trips to the grocery store I found thin breakfast steaks. I really didn’t know what a breakfast steak was, but it was inexpensive and it looked like I could roll it up; so I did! The recipe turned out excellent. There is something about ooey gooey mozzarella and steak that is oh-so-good! Here’s how I did it. I hope your family enjoys it just as much as mine!


  • 3 Thin-Sliced Breakfast Steaks
  • Unwrap & Roll BelGioioso Mozzarella
  • Fresh Spinach
  • Dry Italian Seasoning (Thyme, Rosemary, Sage, Oregano, Basil)
  • Salt & Pepper
  • 1 Tbsp Olive Oil

Preheat your oven to 350′. Then, before seasoning the steaks, make sure to tenderize them with a kitchen mallet. You could place a plastic baking paper sheet on top and hit it with a heavy skillet, but it’s probably easier to just use a kitchen mallet.

Afterward, season the steaks on both sides with your Italian seasoning, salt and pepper, and then lay them on a plate.

Mozzarella Cheese Roll Out

You could get mozzarella to slice yourself, but I really love the Unwrap & Roll. I found them at Dierbergs. They’re easy to slice off pieces that fit the steaks. Place your slices on top when you are finished and then added the spinach. Roll, roll, roll!

Breakfast Steak Roll-Ups Ready to Cook

I added a little under a tablespoon of olive oil to the bottom of a baking dish, then placed the steaks on top. Bake them for 28min, or until the steak is browned and the cheese is dripping. Yum! Remove from the oven and serve with your favorite side dishes!

Breakfast Steak Rolls

You can substitute the less expensive steak with a higher quality steak if you like, but I loved this because it was a high quality inexpensive meal for a small family. If you add to the recipe, feel free to let me know so I can try it out next time!

Happy Eating!

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