3 Steps to True Bliss – DOLE Real Fruit Bites Review

Dole Real Fruit Bites

Have you ever had one of those cereals that have those little oat pieces filled with fruit? Usually they are filled with Fig, but my point is, those little bites are my favorite. I used to pick them out of my cereal and eat them first, or take more from the box and put extra in my cereal. I love them! Well, that’s kind of what Dole’s new Real Fruit Bites are. They are these little bites of fruit coated in oat with yogurt! The big difference, to me, is that they’re not just Fig. They’re Pineapple, Apple and Mango with only 90 calories per pack!

dole fruit bites
They have more in the pack. I just ate a couple. 🙂

These are really great as a snack by themselves as they’re made from real dried fruit, yogurt and whole grain oats. I must confess though, I do like putting them in my cereal! They’re also great to fit into your purse for the kids and/or if you need a little something during the day to give you a little pep. Sometimes I need something a little sweet to get me moving when I become lethargic and this is a great healthy alternative to candy bars.

3 Steps to True Bliss

Dole also has a great Destination Getaway giveaway going on on their new Facebook Application, 3 Steps to True Bliss! In just three simple steps, you can have the opportunity to enjoy a moment of bliss by choosing a dream escape, packing a virtual bag and sharing a postcard with friends! I love making up my dream vacations! I personally chose a Tropical Paradise, maybe I was persuaded by the Pineapple Fruit Bites. Then I put a cocktail, a sunhat and some sunscreen into my bag (sunscreen is important). Who would choose papers? Sorry, work isn’t coming with me on my imaginary vacation!

dole facebook contest

After I packed my bag, I sent my Postcard (ie, shared with my Friends via Facebook) and entered my address. You also have a chance to win daily Blissful Prizes (I did not win sadly). It’s a lot of fun! Who knows, maybe I’ll win and send you a postcard from Fiji!

Have fun entering the giveaway and don’t forget to check out the Dole Real Fruit Bites the next time you are at the supermarket, they’re really – really good.

Connect: You can connect with Dole on their Facebook Page and/or @DoleFoods on Twitter.

Purchase: You can pick up the Dole Real Fruit Bites at your local Supermarket!

I received samples for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions are my own and/or my families and are not influenced by any form of compensation. 


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  2. eclairre says:

    Mine is London!

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  5. Ann Fantom says:

    My dream vacation is an all inclusive stay in St. Lucia.

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    I’d love to go to San Diego! Thanks for hosting!

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  15. Devon F says:

    I would love to have a family vacation in Hawaii!

  16. lisagee1234 says:

    dream vacay? Colorado mts at a spa.

  17. Sandy VanHoey says:

    Hawaii…gosh that sounds wonderful

  18. Jackie says:

    My dream vacation would be a tropical beach.

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    My dream vacation is always the Caribbean!

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  24. Anonymous says:

    2nd TIME.


  25. any of the beaches in the Caribbean islands….

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    I’d love to go to Norway or take a cruise to Alaska

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    I would love to go to Hawaii, thanks!


  29. Alaskan Cruise!

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    vegas-food,nightlife, stars, and especially the casinos

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    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

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    Disney World
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    Ireland..would love to go there.

  58. a tour of europe!

  59. I’d love to go to Hawaii


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  61. cswoveland says:

    i want to take kids to disney world

  62. My dream vacation is a week in the caribbean. Thanks for the giveaway.


  63. Leslie S. says:

    My dream vacation would be to go to Ireland and visit the castles.

  64. Dream vacation would be to Disney World with my family

  65. texaslady22 says:

    My dream vaca would be Jamaica!


  66. CAJUNMAN12 says:

    an all-inclusive trip to brazil

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    My dream vacation would be to go to London, England.


  68. Anne N. says:

    Diving off Australia!

  69. I would love to take an all inclusive trip to the Caribbean with my husband and sons.

  70. Tim Stephens says:

    I’d love to go to Niagra Falls and just relax most of the time with no real plans… lots of sleep and a hotel with a great pool


  71. My dream vacation would have been hanging out with Steve Irwin and his wife. But since he has passed that won’t be happening but I would love to go to their zoo.

  72. This Souls Journal says:

    My dream vacation is Greece, Italy and Spain all together!

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    a Hawaii vacation!

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    If I could pick anywhere, it would probably be Italy.

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    Aaron Bretveld

    My dream vacation would be to Yellowstone National Park, and to actually be in good enough shape to take some of the hiking trails

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  88. atlantis!!

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    My dream vacation is a week of camping on the lake!

  90. My dream vacation would be… anywhere at any time. I have never had a vacation. A cruise would be fantabulous, but I would take a weekend at the coast. 🙂

  91. Breanne says:

    I’d like to go to Italy

  92. Australia and New Zealand.

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    My dream vacation would be to see Australia.


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    I’d love a trip to Italy!

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    My dream vacation would be to Europe. Oh the places I’d go!

  99. michedt says:

    My dream vacation would be exploring Tuscany. Everything I’ve seen is so beautiful there!
    Michelle Tucker

  100. My dream vacation would be to Hawaii. It’s been on my wish list for a long time.


    I have number of Dream vactions. I would Love to visit Scottland Highlands, Germany & Japan & China.
    Closer to Home I would love to Spend a Few Months in Los Angeles!

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