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3 Tiny Blessings started off like many WAHM’s with the hope to help pay the bills while being a stay at home mom. Her product line started with selling cute blankets and has expanded to a variety of baby items such as clothing, stuffed animal sets, and even wet bags. I love that she is willing to try new products and successfully added reusable snack bags to her items that are offered regularly. Recently, she also started making sandwich wraps and I was able to receive a “gift set” of reusable items, which included a sandwich wrap, large snack bag, and a small snack bag.

3 Tiny Blessings Snack Bags

I love reusable products like this because not only am I not creating a lot of unnecessary waste, but I also don’t have to worry about reaching for a sandwich bag only to find that the box is empty. The sandwich wrap is a diverse product that not only holds your sandwich, but unfolds to a placemat to eat on. My hubby has been using this product for packing his lunch for work and some of the things he likes are:

  • The sandwich doesn’t dry out
  • The sandwich is well contained and won’t fall out
  • The inside wipes off easily
  • He can eat at his desk without making a mess on it
Reusable Snack Bags

Reusable snack bags have been a must have for our family. We each have reusable bags to use as we please and I love having ones just for my daughter because there are things like peanuts that we haven’t introduced her to yet. This way, I can make snacks, like granola for everyone, but separate it out so some have peanuts and others don’t.

The thing I like best about these particular snack bags are the sizes. The large size is big enough to hold a sandwich if you want, but I think it is great for prepping snacks for the week. I usually have one specifically for dry foods like cereal or granola that I just leave in the car, so every time we go somewhere I don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring a snack. The small size is perfect for my daughter to practice eating her own snack and has come in handy when she just needs a light snack when we are at the zoo or on a walk. These bags also use a zipper closure which my daughter hasn’t figured out how to open on her own, so the spillage has been kept to a minimum.

Zipper on Snack Bag

It is also worth noting that these bags are easily washable…you can literally throw them in the washer. I actually prefer to hand wash mine and then let them air dry inside out, but since I use mine so often and I only do laundry once a week, it is more convenient for me that way. They are also lined inside, so stuff like jellies or grapes that get a bit smashed, won’t stain the fabric you spent hours picking out.

Snack Bag Lining

These three items together make a perfect reusable lunch kit and a great gift for those starting out with reusable products. I personally haven’t tried unpaper towels yet, but those would be a great addition to this set. Don’t forget to also check out 3 Tiny Blessings other items. I just purchased the adorable blanket and stuffed animal set below for baby #2 and I just love how soft the handmade items are, besides the fact that Vickie’s sewing is impeccable.

Handmade Items


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You can purchase a reusable gift set for $15, which includes shipping!

Visit 3 Tiny Blessings on facebook for ready to ship items or contact her about possible custom items/gift certificates.

I received samples for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions are my own and/or my families and are not influenced by any form of compensation.

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