5 Children’s Books About Animals That are Perfect For Summer

~I received Macmillan Children’s Books for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions and stories are my own.~

School is almost out for summer and for my two girls that means lots of lazy days. I plan on having plenty of fun but I also plan on incorporating daily reading in the afternoons when it is just too hot to play outside. Nothing is quite as relaxing as family story time. Here are 5 great summer books about animals from Macmillan Children’s Books. They have all been given the seal of approval from my two girls who at 3 and 6 can be quite picky about the books I read to them.

Books About Animals

My favorite of the bunch would have to be The Whale in my Swimming Pool. A little boy is all excited about going in his backyard to swim in his kiddie pool. The problem is when he gets there a giant whale is already there and taking up all the space. He tries hard to get the whale out including bribery but to no avail. The only solution is to enjoy the pool with the whale! This is a simple story with the cutest illustrations. This book is usually followed with “let’s go in our pool now” requests from my girls.

Orangutanka is a children’s book told in poems. Not just any poems but a series of linked tanka poems known as a “string” of tanka. It is an ancient Japanese form consisting of five lines with a basic pattern of short, long, short, long, long. I love poem books that include bright and colorful illustrations and the ability to show kids that poems can be fun. All the orangutans want to nap except one that wants to dance! This books includes orangutan facts and information on more books about orangutans. You can check out the Newbery Honor winning author, Margarita Engle, on her website and the illustrator, Renee Kurilla, on her website.

Weird & Wild Animal Facts is Big Sis’s favorite from the list. She has always had a thing for learning tidbits of information about different animals. This book gives you fun and interesting facts about 14 different animals. Facts including things like “hippos secrete a thick red substance called blood sweat, which protects them from sunburns.” Along with several facts about each animals you get to see tons of pictures to go along with them. Big Sis is the type that will memorize all the facts and then blurt them out in class if her teacher even mentions one of the animals.

I, Fly: The Buzz About Flies and How Awesome They Are is all about a fly that makes his way into a classroom and he tries to convince them to study flies instead of butterflies. He then goes on to explain all the cool and interesting things about flies and how they compare to the butterfly. No gross fact about flies is left untold! The book is done in a way to be fun and informative and even I learned several things about flies that I had no idea about. This is definitely the first book I have ever read that is all about flies.

Books About Animals

The Skunk is the hilarious story of a man that mysteriously finds a skunk at his doorway but he doesn’t think anything of it until the skunk seems to be following him everywhere including to the opera! The man starts a frantic chase through the city but the skunk still follows. There is no way for a skunk to talk and explain himself so the man eventually looses him and buys a new house in a new area of town to start over. The only problem is the man finds himself missing something….the skunk. This tale is brought together through picture book talents of Mac Barnett and Patrick McDonnell for the first time but hopefully not the last. This book always brings a fit of laughter from my girls.

The animal kingdom is an amazing place and kids seem to naturally love books about animals. Embrace this animal love and get these books to help encourage reading over the summer months when often school work is far from our minds. Reading can be fun for kids when you find the perfect books to match their interest. Read on!

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  1. Claudia says:

    I have a great animal story for the summer that my kids ask me to read to them at least once a week… The book is called “The Little Brown Animal” by DiMari Bailey (http://www.dimaribailey.com/). It’s the first book in the “Tales of the Deep Forest” series and it not only teaches children some wonderful life lessons but it promotes story-telling and sparks the imagination. The book follows a little brown animal who doesn’t feel like he fits in with his forest companions. He goes on a journey that teaches him just how special he really is. A feel good book for sure; entertaining and meaningful.. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did and perhaps it will make it on a future list!

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