7 Tips to Help Choose the Perfect Wedding Cake

There are many things to consider when choosing a wedding cake. A wedding cake is a prominent centerpiece at any bridal celebration. Many photos will be taken of your cake, but the wedding cake is your choice, so the deciding factors to take into account are what you and your groom like, not what others want or expect.

Wedding Cakes
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How to choose a baker

Ask around amongst friends who have had cakes made not only for weddings, but for birthdays and other celebrations. Visit bakers who specialize in wedding cakes and ask to see their portfolio of cakes they have made. Each baker has their own style, so make sure you hire one who will make what you want.

Work within your budget

Wedding cakes can be reasonably priced or can cost thousands of dollars. Decide upon the number of guests attending and discuss with your baker the size cake you will need. This will give you an opportunity to compare prices.

Cupcakes for Weddings
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Plan in Advance

Make sure you book a baker well in advance. If you are getting married at a popular time of year, for example, Spring, many bakers could already be booked out.

Look at Designs

There are so many designs to choose from! Search magazines and the internet for ideas. You could have a traditional fondant covered cake embellished with handmade coloured marzipan roses and iced filigree lace, or you could have a multi-tiered cupcake wedding cake. A French croquembouche is also a popular choice. This consists of a high cone of profiteroles drizzled with toffee.

Design Your Own Cake

Often you will see decoration on one cake that you like and a design on another cake that you like. In consultation with your baker, why not put all the decorative ideas you like together on the one cake? If you are a fun loving couple who share a common interest, you could have a specialized cake. Star Wars, super heroes, Japanese anime or even zombies are quite common these days.

Wedding Cake Ideas
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A Themed Wedding Cake

Currently a popular decision when choosing a cake is to have the cake themed with the wedding. You could have your cake colour coded to match tablecloths, serviettes, wedding invitations or even the bridal party dresses. Flowers on the cake could be same as the bouquets.

Choose the Texture of the Cake

In Europe and Australia, wedding cakes are often traditionally fruit cake. In the USA, wedding cakes are often sponge or even tiered biscuits. These days, traditions have relaxed and you can choose whatever base you like. White or chocolate mud cakes are popular, as well as cheesecakes. It is a good idea to have trial cake made so you can taste test it.

When deciding upon a cake, consider whether you would like to keep one layer for your first anniversary. If this is the case, fruitcake or mud cake would be a better choice, as they can be frozen. Another thing to consider is whether your wedding cake will actually be the dessert. Brides and grooms often elect to serve their wedding cake as a dessert or allow guests to take a piece home instead. If guests are taking cake home, be sure to provide suitable wedding cake bags or small boxes.

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  1. Sandy VanHoey says:

    Great tips…I kept a cake for my anniversary but I think mine wasn’t too great by the time it was our anniversary. I didn’t keep it as safely as I should have.

  2. You thought of everything! I wish I were choosing a cake so I could go around tasting some! I always am impressed with the wedding cakes people choose.

  3. Great tips for any anxious bride to be .

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