A Christmas Bear for me from I See Me! Personalized Children’s Gifts Review

I See Me Personalized Gifts

Here at inRandom we have a love for books. I had the pleasure of working with I See Me! I have worked with them before, you can read all about that here. If you have never heard of I See Me! before let me fill you in briefly, they make fabulous personalized books for children.

A Christmas Bear

This year I got to review a book for the holidays, I chose A Christmas Bear for Me. The “Me” is replaced with your child’s name.

A Christmas Bear for Me is a beautiful, heart-warming, personalized story about a child’s Christmas wish for a special Teddy Bear friend. A Christmas Bear for Me captures the anticipation leading up to Christmas morning and the magic of receiving a special gift from Santa.

I wanted this book because it came with a plush bear and as I’ve said before my little girl loves animals. I loved the book which was no surprise to me, I loved our book last time as well! The book was bigger than I was expecting, it is 10×10. The book itself is 26 pages long. I See Me makes the best personalization books I’ve seen yet! Almost every page has her name on it or some form of special touch that makes the child feel like it is made just for them.

We got the book done for my daughter who is 2 but my son loves reading it with us. One of the pages has stockings hanging across the chimney and you tell them each member of your families name so when you read the book you see a stocking for each member of the family, just like at home. My son really liked that part because he was included too and he could see it really did have our names on it. Another page has a naughty and nice list and again it has all the members of the family listed on it. One page has a sign on the door with a north pole on it and it says my daughters name on it and says her room. The page showing a Christmas tree has an ornament with her name on it and the next page has a present under the tree with her name as well. There are more personal little touches but you will have to see for yourself!

Ordering books from I See Me is very easy as well. They have a simple form and you fill in all the details. When ordering A Christmas Bear for Me here is what you should know-

  • One child is the “star” of the Christmas book and his or her name is featured throughout story.
  • The child’s name and the names of his or her siblings or relatives are incorporated into intricate illustrations of stockings across the mantle and more!
  • Gift set includes a cuddly, mini 6″ Gund’ plush bear that is designed to match the bear in the story. You can upgrade to larger bears for an additional charge if you chose.

They also have Christmas themed coloring books and placemats  in time for Holiday delivery. AND .. when 2 or more placemats or coloring books are ordered…there is always a discount!! These will make great stocking stuffers as well!

If you are looking for something a little different this year be sure to check out I See Me, personalized books are a great touch and show you really care, plus they are something you can hang on to for years to come.

Connect:You can follow I See Me Books on their Facebook Page, @ISeeMe_Maia on Twitter, and Pinterest.

I received a copy for the purpose of review. Opinions are my own or my families and are not influenced by any form of compensation.


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    Jennifer Rote
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    The Pirate book, the My very own Fairy princess story, and God loves me are all hits at our house. I have been eyeing the coloring books for awhile…

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