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It’s been awhile since I updated everyone on my Goodnites experiment. I’ve been using them (as an Ambassador) for 2 months now with the wonderful package they sent me. Which I might add comes with 9 Bedmats in a Jumbo pack and we still have most of the package! I’m really proud of my little man so I had to add that in there. Go lil Tot!

lil tot

Ssshh… he’s sleepin!

I wanted to share some of my personal advice on Bedwetting for those of you that are concerned and searching for answers. I know that many years ago with my first child I had done the same, as I mentioned in my first post

  • It is not YOU it is Nocturnal Enuresis, an involuntary action. In some cases not offering them drinks an hour before bed, waking them up in the middle of the night and other practices will fail and that doesn’t reflect on your parenting. When they are young they are only beginning to get used to the feeling of needing to go to the bathroom and many times they won’t wake up. In some cases, for older tweens/teens it is because of their hormone and body changes. If you need support, don’t feel bad! There is a lot of support out there for parents and also tweens/teens that are having a difficult time. 
  • There is not an age in which they should magically stop bedwetting no more than there is a specific age to go by for any development. The general consensus is around 6 years old when you should discuss it with your doctor and this is mainly due to social concerns. You can read more about Age and Bedwetting on the Better Night Network. 
  • No matter what age your child is, make sure your concerns to not overwhelm your support. I didn’t understand why my first was having problems for a long time and more importantly, didn’t realize how my concern and worry impacted him. It took us both a long time to come to answers and most of his successes came from me turning from overly worried Mom to supportive and caring Mom. 
  • Don’t let it hinder you from letting your child be social and have fun at sleepovers or Grandma’s! Goodnites Bedmats are actually really great because they are unobtrusive and you can discuss it with the other parent (or Grandparent) privately so they can sneak it under the sheet or inside their bedroll if they have sleeping bags. Most parents are very understanding, you are NOT ALONE, more than likely it is something they also had to handle for a period of time. Remind your child to be responsible about what they are drinking before bedtime and to use the restroom directly before going to sleep.
  • When dealing with older kids it is best, in my opinion, to not make it any more embarrassing that it already is for them. Keep a pack of Goodnites in their closet away from prying eyes and allow them the independence to use them, discard them and clean up if necessary. Most older children know how to put their dirty laundry away (or even wash it). Let them know when you would like to sit down and have a conversation about the issue and that they should keep track of the occurrences in case you need to speak with a professional. Just let them know that they’re loved, that they aren’t broken and that you aren’t angry, upset or disappointed in them.

Peel it back and stick it on!

Goodnites Bedmats are really easy to use. I can’t stress that enough! You can also Save $2 on Goodnites Bedmats, just remember that the coupon will expire 2 weeks after you print it! 

Feel free to ask me any questions! Or visit the Better Night Network to speak to a professional. And don’t worry, kids are all different and do things in their own time. 

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  1. vickie couturier says:

    some good tips,,I was a bedwetter as a child an so was my son,,I didnt make a big deal out of it due to the fact I knew an understood what he was going thru,,its very tramatic ,,espically when going to other kdis houses to spend the night,,they didnt have goodnights back then,,we managed thru it but it was tough an lasted until I was 14 an same age for him,..

  2. Great advice!

    These bedmats look really helpful too.
    Stacey @ Newlywed Survival recently posted…The Newlywed Table – Recipe Link Up and Features #9My Profile

  3. Great tips. My brother and sister struggled with bedwetting when they were little and I don’t think my parents handled it in the best ways. We have some Goodnites on hand if it becomes a problem for our little one.
    Kecia recently posted…Graco’s New Stroller Makes Jogging Easier! #GracoJoggerMy Profile

  4. Can they be placed on top of the sheet?
    Laurel @Let’s Go on a Picnic! recently posted…Maximizing Functionality in a Small SpaceMy Profile

    • Yep! The top part of the Goodnites is soft, kind of like a pillow top, so you can put it on the top of the sheet and it shouldn’t bother your child.

  5. Thanks for the post1 My son is 6 and I think he is slowly coming out of this faze. Every month its less and less. But I still needed this post! 🙂
    Ashley T recently posted…Favorite Doc McStuffins character revealed and NEW EPISODE!My Profile

  6. Janet W. says:

    We’ve never tried these before but my grandson is only 3. He’s wearing a pull up at night and maybe once a month will wet his diaper in the middle of the night. He’s doing so well with potty training, so hopefully bedwetting won’t be an issue, but it sounds like it’s pretty common.

  7. On occasion one the grandkids still has an accident. I try and keep some bed mats on hand

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