America’s Helper Tour – Hamburger Helper Trucking Through the US!

~Post made possible by Hamburger Helper. I received a complimentary gift pack from General Mills to facilitate this review.~

Fair St. Louis

For the last few months Hamburger Helper has been trucking through the major cities in the US and earlier this month it had stopped at Fair St. Louis on 7/4 – 7/7 and is now currently in Cincinnati, OH!

Since 1971 Hamburger Helper has been a staple family meal in homes across the nation and now they’ve decided to redesign their brand and showcase it with some major flare. After getting the news that over 1 million households in the US eat their meals, they picked up an enormous red truck, “Lefty” (the glove we all know and love) and took to the streets to share with communities personally their appreciation through lots of samples, discussions and of course – showing off their new design!

Hamburger Helper design

The Hamburger Helper truck is out meeting people, offering samples and Lefty loves hugs from the kids! If you are in an available area – make sure you head out and say Hi! It is also really great that the truck is stopping at gatherings and events, so you can grab your whole family, friends and children and support your community while also sharing your love of ‘America’s Helper’! 

Hamburger Helper Truck cities

You can also catch some really fun photos of all across the U.S. on Hamburger Helper’s Facebook Page and/or @Helper on Twitter. Plus, Lefty is really funny on Twitter. I love reading his posts! And also make sure to check out their NEW flavors!

  • Sweet & Sour Chicken (which I got to test out and love!)
  • Four Cheese Lasagna
  • Stroganoff (my favorite)
  • Crunchy Taco

Hamburger Helper truck fun

I really wish I had photos of the truck from Fair St. Louis on 4th of July. It was a long and very hot day. I was taking photos of the parade as well and my battery died before we got over there thanks to the parade running an hour late, but my tot who has both a dear love of Hamburger Helper’s Cheeseburger Helper and trucks, will remember it always.

Don’t miss your chance on being a part of their big change! 

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