Back to School – Popcorn PB&J Sandwich!

Popcorn PB&J
  • 2 Popcorn flavored rice cakes
  • Peanut butter
  • Jelly
Step 1: Spread 1 rice cake with peanut butter

Step 2: Spread the other rice cake with jelly

Popcorn Cake Sandwiches
Step 3: Put the two together to make a sandwich
Step 4: Enjoy!
after school snacks
This is another good alternative for my picky boy who won’t eat bread! Plus most kids won’t object to “popcorn” sandwiches! For younger kids make mini popcorn PB&J’s, look for mini rice cakes.
JIF also makes To Go cups of peanut butter now. Toss a cup of peanut butter in along with some celery sticks and you have a fast, easy lunch. Kids like it cause it’s fun, and mom’s like it cause it’s healthy!

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