Battle at the Bird Bath – The Grackle

Bird Bath
Once there was an old grackle who thought himself King of the Tower. Until one day two other birds happened to stop by…
Black Birds
The three birds raised their chests and began to wander in a circular dance. They challenged the bird on the tower!
Bird Bath
This began a scruff, the two birds against the old bird. Bound and determined to hold his own, the King of the Tower knocked them down at each turn.
bird in flight
And anyone who challenged him he bared his beak and squawked as loudly as possible.
fighting crows
Young birds always came by to challenge the King of the Tower…
black crows
But none were as strong and dignified as he.
black birds stand off
Until he met her…
Black Birds
Sometimes I really wish I knew what the story was behind all the fuss in our backyard. What do you think?


  1. Sharisse Lopez says:

    Obviously that one bird is the king of the fountain and the other birds were getting sick of his crap. 😛


  1. […] spring I often write about the life fluttering about outside my windows. Last year there was a battle at the birdbath, an evening when a little baby bird showed up at my door and on our first spring here there were […]

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