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Eye Exams

Having regular Eye Examinations is important in my family, especially considering our history. Most of my immediate family has glasses for everything from astigmatisms, nearsightedness/farsightedness, to odd things like only being able to see out of one eye at a time. I have an astigmatism in my left eye and my sister has an astigmatism in her right eye, together we’d actually have perfect vision! We used to joke about trading off, but we really had a lot of fun in our earlier teen years choosing our frames. The unfortunate thing is that we didn’t realize how important it was to take care of our eyes and get regular examinations so as we grew older and each of our eyes started to worsen we realized how much it matters.

Zeiss Individual Lenses has all the information you need about understanding the different doctors, lenses and even when children should start getting check-ups. My teen had just gotten fitted for his first pair of glasses last year, before then he started having problems seeing distances – even the blackboard at school. Children should have eye exams every two years even if they have great vision, it’s important to have regular check-ups.

Vision Test

Sometimes it’s hard to find a good eye doctor. I always fret when I have to find any doctor so it was nice to come across Tips For Selecting a Good Eye Doctor. Many Eye Doctors use i.Terminal® by ZEISS – a means to measure the distance of the lenses from your eyes, and the tilt and wrap of the frame as you wear it. These measurements are taken with an accuracy of 1/10th of a millimeter!

If you aren’t sure about what to ask at your next eye appointment, Zeiss has a list of questions that would be helpful in their Questions to Ask at Your Next Appointment section. Here are a few of them:

  • Are all eyeglass lenses the same?
  • Is there a difference in quality of lenses?
  • What are the best lenses for my vision needs?
  • Why are these lenses best for my vision needs?
  • Can customized eyeglasses improve my vision quality and comfort?
  • Will one pair of glasses meet all of my vision needs?
  • Are there different methods to perform an eye exam?
  • What method do you use and why?
  • What do you check for in an eye exam besides my prescription?
I had no idea until reading this information from Zeiss that after the age of 40 almost all adults develop presbyopia, a vision condition in which the crystalline lens of the eye loses its flexibility, making it difficult to focus on close objects. So if you are over 40 or nearing 40, this would be important information to read up on and ask your eye doctor about.

The Educational Tools from Zeiss cover everything you need to start being informed and to take control of your vision care. You can also utilize Zeiss’s Individual Lens Configuration which helps to figure out which lens would be a good fit for each of your eyes as not only are your eyes different from anyone elses but also each of them are unique in and of themselves. You can find a Zeiss partnered Eye Doctors through their Search and be on your way to better vision that is individualized just for you!

I wrote this post in participation with MomSelect. I will be compensated for my time, however these opinions are my own and are not influenced by said compensation. 


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