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When trying to start choosing more organic & eco-friendly products, it can be difficult to know where to start. Sometimes it is easier just to keep choosing what you already purchase rather than trying to figure out what new item to try. Since, I am still relatively new to the organic & eco-friendly product lines, I really like the idea of subscription based boxes that provide a variety of items to try that are delivered right to your door. One of the subscription based boxes I have tried is blissmobox.

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We want to buy products that are better & safer for our bodies, our families, our communities and our planet — but realized it difficult to know where to find these products or if they were truly safer & better. We figured others had the same frustration so set out to help health-minded and earth-minded shoppers ‘discover what’s better’.

Now if you’re not familiar with subscription based boxes, here’s a run down on how blissmobox works.

  1. Join
  2. Select
  3. Discover

Join. Now don’t get nervous because you have to join prior to selecting your box. I personally am not big on surprises, but luckily their facebook page is covered with pictures and comments from their customers to give you an idea of what a typical box would be like. I also found that by visiting here, you can see what the box options are for that month.

Select. Each month you’ll get to choose which box from that month’s options you would like to receive. The boxes focus on health/beauty, cleaning products, or food products. All the boxes contain carefully selected items based on several factors (i.e. Organic, chemical/toxin content, etc.) so you can stop guessing which products are “better and safer” for you. You can even choose auto-select and let blissmobox decide which box to send for you if you love surprises!

Discover. Like Christmas morning, your package will arrive and you’ll be able to discover the wonderful surprises that it contains. This stage is where my journey with blissmobox truly started.

receiving blissmobox package

blissmobox sent me the “rise & shine foods” box which contained the following:

  • Project 7 – 7 Blend Whole Bean Coffee – 12 oz. canister – $19.99
  • Crofter’s Organic – Strawberry Premium Spread – 10 oz. jar – $5.35
  • Hey Shuga! – Organic Cane Sugar Syrup – 1.7 fl. oz. – $1.00
  • Nature’s Path – Love Crunch Granola – 325 g. – $4.49
  • Pamela’s Products – Pancake Mix – 100 g. – $1.50

If you’re adding up the prices, the grand total for this box was $32.33. Now, a subscription to blissmobox is $22/month ($19/box plus $3 for shipping), so I received great products for a lower price. Of course, each box does vary, but the value will be between $19-$40.

what blissmobox contains

I personally like the strawberry spread the best, but it was great to try other products that I normally wouldn’t purchase. My daughter loved the granola and at first taste, I wasn’t a fan. Of course, I read the word pineapple and decided I wasn’t going to like it before I even tasted it. I decided to be more open for the sake of the review and I was pleasantly surprised at the pure taste of the pineapple and the overall natural sweetness of the granola. It is interesting when you are used to the “sugary” version of foods that the first bite can almost seem bland in comparison. Once you cleanse your diet, the natural sweetness of foods is very good and it is almost like you can taste things again…like they were meant to taste. Plus you won’t get the highs and lows that you do from processed sugar.

making organic pancakes

The curated box options change each month and there is a limited quantity, so you’ll want to choose the box you would like before it is gone. If there isn’t a box you like that month, you can skip a month and receive credit to use for a different box in the future. Another option would be to send a box to a friend/family member instead who would love one of the options available that month. Of course if you aren’t satisfied with blissmobox, you can cancel at any time.

Another thing I liked about blissmobox is that each box has a little flyer included that on one side tells about the theme of the box and even gives you some ideas how to use the products. On the other side is a list of the brands/companies represented in the box and it gives a little info about each company.

The one bummer is that they currently only ship to the continental United States. I went to college in Alaska, so I know what a disappointment it is to find something online you’re excited about and then discover that they don’t ship to you. They do expect to cover all 50 states and Canada very very soon.

If commitment isn’t your thing, don’t forget to also check out blissmo for some sweet savers!


You can connect with blissmo through facebook and/or twitter.


You can sign up for a subscription to blissmobox on their website for only $19/month(plus $3 shipping).

I received samples for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions are my own and/or my families and are not influenced by any form of compensation.

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