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Bright Future International is a charitable organization helping underprivileged children achieve a better future. This winter, BFI is working to raise awareness about the needs of children in Kenya, Burundi and Russia. 

Heshima Kenya – Ginet

Heshima Kenya

“My life was in danger. The family that helped me chased me out of their house, and I slept on the street.” Ginet was just 14 years old when she was forced into fleeing Ethiopia, alone and pregnant.

Like many girls in Eastern Africa, they find themselves without support, shunned by families, abused or worse. Nearly 60% of girls are raped, sexually assaulted and forced into marriage. I have followed many stories about the women in Eastern Africa for years and have donated towards the good causes for their education, their children’s safety and signing petitions for their welfare. As I was a young woman who faced many dark things and was a single teen mom, I cannot imagine what it would be like to suffer through without family, alone, pregnant and to a place I didn’t know. Any donations towards this cause go to Heshima Kenya, an organization that protects and educations orphaned and separated children and youth; with a special focus on adolescent girls living in Nairobi. There is shelter, education and community outreach projects that help them live healthy lives.

CHABHA means “Children Affected by HIV/AIDS – Burundi 


Living in Burundi, Immaculate lost all of her siblings to AIDS and her father to tuberculosis by the age of 17. As the only survivor in her family, she is the sole provider for her 10 nieces and nephews. They live in a small house with no windows and a dirt floor, which contributes to the spread of Tuberculosis among four children in the household.

CHABHA means Children Affected by HIV/AIDS, it is an organization that raises funds for grassroots projects in Rwanda and Burundi. Immaculate’s story is not uncommon, especially in Burundi where children with HIV and AIDS are left without treatment and are malnourished. This leads to more children dying and more orphans, like Immaculate’s many nieces and nephews. Donating to CHABHA provides healthcare, primary and secondary schooling, trade workshops, HIV prevention and life skills that are very necessary and incredibly valuable.

Bright Future Studio in Russia 

Bright Future Studios Russia

“My dream is to go to Studio every day. Then I will learn so much and I will never feel lonely.” This quote was taken from an 11-year-old little boy enrolled in the Bright Future Studio. 

The Bright Future Studio was created by the Oleg Mityaev Foundation and is ran in Chelyabinsk, Russia. The goals are to give humanitarian education and training for children who find themselves in difficult situations. The Bright Future Studio helps to give children equal opportunities.

There are 100 children currently at The Bright Future Studio and they are developing artistic talents such as music, acting and art through classes taught by compassionate teachers. To give back, the children go on field trips to assist in community programs. This teaches the children to give to those that need support just as they had, along with moral values and respect of each other. The Donations to The Bright Future Studio offers to give children belief in their dreams and it is their hope to open many more of these studios in other cities in the future.

What you can do.

You can read more about their stories, how you can help and make through their Facebook Page. But even if you cannot afford to make a donation today, you can still “Like” them. For every like they will donate $1 to these causes and that matters when it adds up. So please take a moment to “like” the Facebook Page, it’s the very least that we can do.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central for Bright Future International. A small donation to Bright Future International was made in my name from Mom Central as a thank-you for participating.


  1. “This article reminds me of a documentary “”Let’s Find a Way – An AIDS Anthem”” that began with the hopes of bringing international attention and relief to children either affected or infected by the HIV virus.

    To watch the documentary online visit:

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