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When selecting a diaper cover, I am a complete sucker for cute prints, but honestly I’ve been quite disappointed with several “cute” covers that I have tried in the past. You can never have enough covers, so I always have my eye out for more, but I’m also leering when it comes to overly cute ones. When I saw the below cover on Pinterest, I was obsessed with finding out who made it and then I scoured for reviews to see if the cover actually functioned like it should.

black & white damask ruffled diaper cover by Brookiellen Designs

I was surprised by what I found. Not only did the company, Brookiellen Designs, have great feedback from their customers, but they also have a very loyal following. I actually was a bit irritated that I hadn’t come across Brookiellen before, but since they are particularly popular with the fitted diaper crowd, I guess I’m a bit out of that loop. Now that I had found this little gem, I just had to have one of the ruffled diaper covers and I was ecstatic when I was given the opportunity to review one!

brookiellen designs logo

Welcome to Brookiellen Designs! I make stylish diaper covers, reusable insulated lunch totes, sandwich & snack baggies and more.

If you go and check out Brookiellen Designs website, you may encounter what I did when looking for a review item…choices overload. I seriously haven’t seen so many unique prints and color combos in one shop. Plus, to throw you for another loop, she loves doing customs, so the possibilities are really endless. Since I have two little girls, I definitely wanted a one-size diaper cover and I am obsessed with ruffles, so those were a must too. When I saw the Sweet Panda Forest Ruffled Diaper Cover, I drooled…just a wee bit.

Sweet Panda Forest Ruffled Diaper Cover by Brookiellen Designs

When I received the diaper cover, there were a couple things I noticed right away. First of all the PUL is soft. I have several covers with waterproof PUL on the inside and it typically isn’t a material that I really like to have next to a baby’s skin. I actually thought that it must be something else and when I asked about it, I was told that the PUL used has a bubble-look to it on the laminated side that makes it more breathable. Although I can’t see the laminated side, I believe it. It just feels softer and more breathable. The other thing that stood out is that the cover is wider than other covers I have. This feature is a definite perk since you can use the cover over a variety of items, such as prefolds or fitteds.

ruffled diaper cover

As you can see the product I received was spot on to what was shown on the website. The 100% cotton print was just as cute in person and the colors were accurately represented. The stitching is neat and tidy and has held up to multiple washings and my toddler playing in the dirt. I did have one loose thread on the edge of one of the ruffles, but I just added another knot to the area and there haven’t been any issues with de-threading. The diaper cover is finished off with a fold over elastic which makes the edges look nice and clean. I did have one of my velcro diapers catch this edging in the wash, but it was easily fixed with some scissors although a lint shaver would have been better.

panda fabric

Now that we established that the diaper cover is beyond cute, does it actually work? Once I saw the softer PUL on the inside, I knew that this cover was going to be used mainly in our house as a swim diaper, so that’s how I put it to the test first. On my ~25 lbs. almost 2 year old, we have played outside in the water many times with this cover. I thought the ruffles might make it a bit heavy once they were wet, but it wasn’t. I’ve used unstuffed pocket diapers as a swim diaper before and I would say that the weight is pretty much the same once they are wet. I did have one time where water collected inside the diaper cover, but I adjusted the cover so it wasn’t as tight around the legs and I didn’t have a problem after that with water passing through like it should for a swim diaper.

unique ruffled swim diaper

Next, I tried the diaper cover out on my oldest for day use. I simply laid a Flip insert inside and snapped it on. We didn’t have any leaks, so I decided to double up on the inserts and try it overnight. Overnight was also a success but honestly I can’t see myself using such a cute cover for overnight since I prefer to show it off. The overall fit of the cover was good. The fold over elastic doesn’t really seem tight, but it does lay smooth and flat against the skin. When stuffed for overnight, my daughter used the largest rise setting but for typical use, she still fit in the medium rise setting.

fit of diaper cover

After testing the diaper cover out on my tot for several weeks, I switched gears and started trying it on my youngest, who is around 15 lbs and 4 months old. We have been using prefolds and covers with her pretty much since the beginning, so the obvious first use was with a prefold. I just trifolded the prefold and laid it in the cover and we didn’t have any leaks with this method. I also tried the cover with the BioSoakers from GroVia and they fit in there great! I didn’t attach the sticky portion of the BioSoaker to the cover, since I was afraid it might leave a mark, and I had a bit of a mess the first attempt. The BioSoaker had slid down, which allowed poo to go up where it wasn’t supposed to. The next time I left the edge of the BioSoaker out just a bit on the back while I was putting the cover on and then just tucked it back in after the cover was actually in place. This worked for our little one, but I think if she was mobile, I would have to attach the sticky part to keep it in place.

inserts in diaper cover

Finally, I tried the diaper cover on my youngest overnight with a fitted diaper. By this time, I wasn’t surprised at all that we didn’t have any leaks using it over a fitted either. I did think it was a bit bulky on my little one, but that is typical of one size diaper covers. Luckily it does have cross-over snaps, so you could potentially use this with your newborn too.

cross-over snap on diaper cover

Overall, I am very happy with my ruffled diaper cover from Brookiellen Designs and I am mainly going to be using it for water play for my tot since I can’t bear to cover those ruffles up. I do however love how it looked under a simple dress too since there would be no need for wearing bloomers if you had a cover this adorable. The covers also come in hook and loop closure if you don’t like snaps and there are sized options if you prefer that over one size.

Ruffled Diaper Cover/Bloomers

Brookiellen Designs also makes diaper covers without ruffles, fantastic reusable lunch bags/totes, sandwich/snack baggies, paci clips, and other items she feels inspired to make. I really hope she decides to make cloth trainers in the future since I know they would be awesome!


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You can purchase a one size ruffled diaper cover on the website for $22.


Stay tuned for your chance to win a one size diaper cover (no ruffles – so it will be great for boys too!)

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