Bundles and Buzz – Summer Bundle Review

Some people love surprises and I can honestly say I’m not one of them. As a planner, last minute surprises (even good ones) cause stress for me, but just like in all things in life, there are exceptions. For instance, finding a hidden treasure at a yard sale is a welcomed surprise or flowers…even picked from our someone’s yard would be lovely. One of my favorite surprises though is packages in the mail, particularly one you don’t know the contents of before opening…

Bundles & Buzz

Bundles and Buzz puts together bundles, which are essentially “surprise packages of mom/baby products.” Their current variety includes: Mama, Toddler, Baby, Family and Cloth (diapering) Bundles. I was lucky enough to get the chance to review on of their Family Bundles; the “Summer Bundle”.

Summer/Family Bundle by Bundles & Buzz

This bundle was stuffed full of goodies and there was definitely something for everyone in our family. As you can see in the video/pictures, these weren’t sample sizes or testers like so many other so called “bundles” contain and all of the bundles from Bundles and Buzz are packed in a handy reusable Envirosax Bag!
Below is a breakdown of all the neat products we were able to try.

Like I said, there was something for everyone and I have to admit I was most excited about the Ever Bamboo Shoe Deodorizer for my hubby’s work boots. Let’s just say they have been living in the garage lately and now they can finally come back inside and hang out with the other shoes. I also love the $20 of coupon for Action Baby Carriers. Although I ended up passing it on to a friend since I already have several carriers, that coupon alone would almost pay for the whole bundle!

paper straws

My tot obviously wanted to try out the paper straws by Greenmunch and as you can see above, she was happy with these “fun” straws. She diligently tested them not only in their effectiveness to bring the water to her mouth, but also they were very good at allowing air (bubbles) to enter back into the water as well. Luckily, the straws passed the bubble blowing test and received her seal of approval.

reusable snack bag

Another neat thing about getting a “surprise” bundle is the chance to try new things. We have several reusable snack bags, but the Snack WrapIt! by Beneterre was the first one I’ve tried that had a drawstring type of closure. It is pretty neat that you could open it all the way and use it as a little placemat as well.

pink popsicle

Of course, we can’t forget our littlest and the pink Felt Popsicle by Elemeno-P was perfect for her. She has been drooling all over this cute popsicle whenever she has had the chance, but most of the time her sister takes it away and stores in safely in the fridge of her play kitchen.

play kitchen

The fantastic part about the bundles from Bundles & Buzz is that they typically cost $30-$35. That price includes free shipping in Canada, but there is a $3 surcharge for US orders. Currently there are several “Back to School” bundles available and also new baby, toddler, preschooler, and mama bundles…just to name a few available for purchase on their website.

If you are a little wary of surprises, make sure to check out their facebook page where many people post photos of the bundles they received and there are also sometimes hints to what maybe in upcoming bundles. The only downside to waiting is that particular bundle may sell out before anyone posts a picture of what was inside.

To make sure you don’t miss out on a particular bundle, sign up for their newsletter, which will provide you with stocking dates and times of new bundles.

Overall, I was happy with my bundle and even the coupon that I decided not to use was appreciated by the person I passed it on to. I am excited to see what bundles will be available during the holiday season, since I think it would be fun to wrap up a toddler bundle for my tot without knowing the contents myself. The mama bundle could also be an easy gift for a hubby who really doesn’t have any ideas for little items for mama’s stocking.


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