Capturing Pieces of My Heart on Mother’s Day with Magisto #MagistoMoms

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Magisto. I received a promotional code for premium features to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

My tot and I are always making videos together. At the end of the day it is his favorite thing to look back at the mini movies we’ve made and remember the times we had together. I had always thought to put them all together for him one day, but it would have been a huge undertaking to somehow weave the tiny stories together into one video and make it look effortless. So when I was given the opportunity to review Magisto, imagine my surprise when that is exactly what it did for us!

magisto app

Mother’s Day morning my youngest son and I snuck out of the house and went to the park. I told him I would take a little video of him going down the twisty slide and saying Happy Mother’s Day for the #MagistoMoms contest. 

I realized that the video was really, really short (just as our other mini-movies) and decided to see what would happen if I just tossed in a bunch of our other tiny videos. I still wasn’t exactly sure what Magisto did. I knew they used “magic” to create your video in 3 Easy Steps, but what was the end result? 

I added all the videos I wanted in our Mother’s Day movie, chose the Mother’s Day Theme and then picked out one of the songs that happened to come from the movie that inspired my son’s name Judah, Across the Universe – I Want to Hold Your Hand. Then we waited… 

… imagine our surprise when this was waiting for us!

It was amazing! Here was all of our pieces woven together into a beautiful heartfelt movie. Tot was jumping up and down, clapping and so excited to see it. I wish I could have captured his face! It was priceless. 

And the best thing? I was able to share it with all of my family and friends. Something that I hadn’t done before with the captured moments of our everyday because they were so small. It wasn’t just a lovely gift for me on Mother’s Day, but also a gift to all the family who doesn’t get to see my tot very much. Now we found a way to share our lives without the hassle of having to become professional video editors. 

In fact, I loved it so much that I upgraded and paid for a year membership right then and there. This is an incredible app, I can’t stress that enough. 

Magisto Happy Mother's Day

Here is another exciting part! Their Mother’s Day contest will be through May 17th, 2013 and I have a giftcode for you for 3 Free Downloads (created movies) for you to give it a try and enter the contest. Magisto teamed up with seven-time Grammy Nominee Joan Osborne in celebration of motherhood, complete with a special new track, “Born to See You Through”.  This app is for both Apple & Android phones, plus you can also create them online at Magisto, so don’t worry about missing out! Here is how you enter!

  • Make a Movie with our new Mother’s Day style
  • Use Joan Osborne’s new Mother’s Day song “Born to See You Through”
  • Add #JoanOsborne to the title
  • Get as many likes as possible to win
  • Prizes: Galaxy Tablet, Joan Osborne’s new CD + handwritten lyrics, 50 pro accounts!

Here is your Giftcode: MomsRule

Make sure to use the Hashtag #MagistoMoms in your title when creating your movie and use the new Joan Osborne song so that you can be automatically entered! You can see all the Mother’s Day videos on their Featured Page! To add the App to your Smartphone (where most of all of our videos are) choose which one fits your phone:

And remember, you can also download and create movies directly from Magisto as well. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day! I know this was the perfect end to my evening, sharing our movie with my family and friends. I know the moment you see what Magisto has created with the pieces of your heart, you are going to fall in love. 

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  1. What a cool app! Love the video!

  2. Maryann D. says:

    My son always likes to look at old videos of the family. This is a great idea and most kids will enjoy making movies. These will be wonderful memories!

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