Ch.. cha… changes…

Is the song stuck in your head now? It’s been stuck in my head all morning!

I changed some things today dealing with the pages. You won’t see The Mommies or Our Amazing Kids pages anymore because I decided to let all of us have our own pages that we can update and post photos and/or links to videos! You will find each of the writers pages on About inRandom now.

I also added / deleted some pages, the new ones are Crafty Craziness and Guest Posts! They’re pretty much explainable, yes? You can also find explanations of the pages on the About page as well.

The last thing I changed is the Disclosure and this is because we had two issues recently that made me change a few things. The only part that pertains to you as a reader is the small piece that says we will only be responsible for prizes that we ourselves sponsor and will make sure you receive your prize(s) as long as we know you didn’t receive them within 30 days. It’s difficult for me to remember what happened last week so coming back over a month later and saying you didn’t receive something is a little difficult for me to recollect. I’m more than happy to compensate for prizes not received, sponsored from us, within those guidelines.

The other pieces just deals with promotions and review products.

I’m hoping to bring a few other new things; I have some really special guests that want to talk about Freelance Writing, Photography, Video Capturing, Gaming as well as I will be writing a few things regarding Modeling – How Tos. And amazingly enough our Husbands will be coming to Guest Post about Fitness/Active Lifestyle things and The Arts – Music/Art/Film/etc! I will let everyone know once we get closer to having some better dates for these things.

AND we will be having something going on for Spring, however I haven’t thought of a name yet. Odd how everything would hinge on a name but I really need one! If you think of a neat name for a Spring Event let me know!

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend! I have a Pampers Potty Party to pull off tomorrow! The tot is all set!

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