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We have been having a delightful time reviewing our new Shimmer Shag Copper Rug from Mohawk Home Rugs. You  might have seen it in my son’s birthday post since we used it to play lots of fun games on!


tot games

The Shimmer Shag rug we chose was in Copper, it also comes in Gold, Gray and Cream. It’s made of 100% Olefin Fiber, which is a synthetic fiber made from polyolefin. The advantage to this is that it is stain, mildew and sunlight resistant! It also is incredibly strong and colorfast. It’s very light and soft, the shimmer comes from brushing your hand over the fibers so it has the deep copper tones on ours but if you push the fibers flat then it looks more like the cream. These shag rugs have various different hues of the same color to give off the affect, it’s rather beautiful!

Mohawk Copper Shag Rug

Mohawk Industries is one of the largest floor covering manufacturers and distributors as well as the leading producer of yarn, ceramic, area rugs and bath mats. You have more than likely seen their rugs while out shopping at your favorite stores! Walmart, Target, Kohls, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sears, JCP… and many other shops online and offline offer various Mohawk Home Rugs from bath / kitchen mats to expansive area rugs.

You can find which rug is best for you by using their new applications.

Mohawk Flooring Area Rugs

When you go to Mohawk Flooring and choose Area Rugs, it gives three options:

  • Interactive Home provides ideas on where to place rugs, certain looks, colors and examples on how they really expand and bring light to rooms.
  • The Area Rug Search showcases different products, but also provides the variant colors that would be well placed with those rugs and/or what colors the rugs are available in so that you can search for specific color styles.
  • The Area Rug Guide offers an extensive list of information that is important in caring for your rug and/or choosing the best fit for your home! The sub-categories are:
  • What is the Right Size Rug?
  • Area Rugs vs. Accent Rugs
  • Selecting an Area Rug
  • Color Tips
  • Design Inspiration
  • Why Buy a Rug Pad?
  • Cleaning & Care
  • Rug Fibers & Backings
  • Rug Construction

This section also provides Video Tutorials on some of the sub-categories as well as provides explanations on some of the rug types, such as the Shag Rug.

room before rug

A few months ago I was working on redoing my tot’s room and was really needing a rug to finish out the scenery. This is a before picture of his room using his old rug as a stand in for what I wanted.

room after rug

This is how the room turned out once the rug was placed inside. Isn’t it lovely! The Copper Shag gives it a very earthy tone which goes well with the trees and the grass. It’s wonderfully soft so my tot can lay down and read or make a mess with his toys like he normally does. It really completed the whole look of the room.

Shimmer Shag Copper Rug
Mohawk Shag Rug

The fibers are thick and plush. You can see how they all at once appear copper and gold with deep browns mixed in. This would work perfectly with a room that has green, brown (light to dark) or any earth tone accents.

I love Mohawk Rugs. They have very modern ideas when it comes to reinventing rooms, whether it is with area or accent rugs. The detail and uniqueness in their styles really set them apart from the rest. I’m now the proud owner of a few Mohawk Home Rugs, one in each of my children’s rooms and they absolutely love them. I’ll be sharing more pictures soon as we finish up with decorating each of them!

You can check out Mohawk Rugs through their website as well as on multiple social media channels!

Purchase: You can purchase your own Shimmer Shag Rug from Mohawk Flooring in 5′ x 8′ for $129.00 on Home Depot.

Giveaway: You can enter to win any of Mohawk Flooring’s Area Rugs up to $150 HERE.

I received a product for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions are my own and/or my families and are not influenced by any form of compensation. 

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