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Our printed wall decals are made with the highest quality materials! We use the finest equipment around and the best inks available to ensure quality that is second to none.

I’ve been trying to redecorate our basement / playroom for quite some time now. Currently it is just plain white walls and ugly carpet. I was pretty excited to work with Dali Decals, I just knew I would pick something for our playroom! Browsing through the options on their site took quite some time though! They had so many options and I wanted to see all of them just to be sure I didn’t miss something that may have gone better in another room. I stuck with my original plan though and looked for something for my basement. The difficult part was deciding if I wanted something gender neutral or more specifically for one of my kids. I had it narrowed down to a few until my son saw what I was doing and that was that. I let him decide and he picked the Up, Up, & Away Airplane decal!

Airplane Decal

The decal was shipped right away and was in a hard cardboard container so it could not get damaged during shipping. It came with instructions and a Dali Decal Squeegee to help smooth the decal during application.

Decal Instructions

I have used other decals in the past and kind of assumed it was the same until I saw Dali Decals detailed online Instructions. They have a few more tips there and it is a very helpful tool, so make sure you take a few moments to look it over so that you will have an easy application!

  • Figure out where you would like your decal(s) placed. Make markings and measurements as needed. Also, be sure your surface is clean and dry (if applying to drywall). If your drywall surface is damp or dirty, clean it using a mild soap and water solution and wait for the surface to dry completely before application.
  • Now, take hold of your decal. You will notice there are three layers. The transfer paper (which looks like white masking tape), the decal itself (no clear material!), and the paper backing to the decal. (the paper backing will also have the vinyl manufacturer’s logo displayed, usually Avery or Oracal).
  • Gently peel the hard paper backing away from the transfer paper. While you’re doing this, the decal should be left sticking to the transfer paper. The adhesive side of both the transfer paper AND your decal will be exposed.
  • Now, place your decal on the wall with the transfer paper, (sticky side on the wall) and make sure it’s where you want it. Take a credit card or some other type of thin, hard plastic, and gently smooth out the surface starting from the middle and moving outward. This will allow the adhesive to stick better, as well as remove any air bubbles in your decal.
  • Once you have smoothed out your decal, it is safe to remove the transfer paper. Just start at one corner and peel away slowly and close to the surface, making sure your decal doesn’t peel up with it. If you notice more air bubbles, gently smooth out the decal again once you have removed the transfer paper. and VOILA! All done! 🙂

I didn’t really have trouble putting up the decal, but I think it would have been easier had I saw the tips first, like cutting it into sections rather than having one huge paper to work with. We applied the full picture instead and afterward realized it would have been easier to do it in sections.

Airplane Decal

Unfortunately, the next day when we went downstairs to play, the plane was on the ground. I put it back on the wall and pressed a little longer and harder and it has stayed up since. So make sure you run your Squeegee over the decal with some pressure. Also the texture of your walls (like if you have the slightly bumpy texture to them) can effect the application in minor ways. They do have instructions for if you are applying to Glass, Metal or Plastic surfaces just be aware that if your wall is textured you might have to a few spots let up.

Kids Room Decals

I really like the extra touch it added to the kids playroom as well. The decals are so easy to use I definitely want to get more decals for the rest of the playroom now though!

If you wanna redecorate but don’t have alot of money, try out the decals from Dali Decals, they have something for every room from the kitchen to the living room and the nursery. There are even sections for the costly conscious, like $10 Decals!

Make sure you sign up to their Back Lot to keep updated on Promotions and Contests! Dali Decals will add the finishing touches to spruce up any of your rooms, check out some of the other inRandom writers walls!

Little Girl Decal
Angie’s Hallway from Dali Decals Review 2011


Chalkboard Decal
Manda’s Dali Decals Chalkboard.

Buy: You can purchase the Up Up and Away Airplane for $59.00.

Connect: You can follow Dali Decals on Facebook Page & Twitter. You can also sign up to their Back Lot to keep updated on Promotions, read their Blog and many other fun things in the Community!

I received samples for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions are my own or my families and are not influenced by any form of compensation.


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  8. karenmed409 says:

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