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~I received supplies to host a #DisneySide @Home Celebration. Opinions and stories are my own.~

My family was very poor growing up. We didn’t have a lot of things that most children had like working televisions, cable, beds or fruit roll-ups. Not that our life was a bad one, but going to Disneyland wasn’t something I’d ever thought was possible. I often said to friends over the years, “Those fireworks in the sky are way too far out of my reach.” 

Then my odd path in life that led me to a night at Disneyland in CA for a fancy dinner party. I remember my friend ushering me outside in a hurry, he was so excited. I walked out just as he pointed to the sky lit up in the grand Disneyland Resort fireworks and said, “See, you made it.” 

That moment changed a great many things in my life, but the most important thing is what it taught me. The simple idea that no matter where you come from, no matter how far away you are or what road you happen to be going down, there is never a dream too big to be in if you believe in it.

#DisneySide @Home Celebration

Now I foster a great love of Disney. It isn’t just the characters or the movies, but of the essence of what Disney represents to so many children out there. This magical place where everything comes alive and what seemed so impossible might actually be just waiting for you. So I was very excited to be chosen by Global Influence & Disney Parks to have a #DisneySide @Home Celebration with my family.

I wanted to share some ways you can bring the magic of Disney Parks home and also learn a bit more about Disney Parks in the process. My husband and I have the dream of taking our youngest to Disneyland to see the Cars Land, but for now recreating the magic at home is a great second best!

Free Disney Vacation Planning DVD

First, you need to get the Free Disney Vacation Planning DVD. It shares with you what places are available and what you will find when you get there. This helped set up our @Home Celebration by figuring out where we would go. The Vacation Planning DVD helps with: 

  • Vacation Packages
  • Group Rates 
  • Resort Hotels

When we were finished looking up where we would go, we decided to create it at home with our own little Disney Park Party!


We gathered up all of the Disney characters we could find in our home and found some play-mats for Mickey Mouse Club, Monsters University and Cars2 World. These represented different areas of the park.

Mini Disneyland

You don’t need to have the mats, you can do the same thing by printing out the Magic Kingdom Park Map (or similar depending on your destination) and getting pieces of poster board and drawing the areas of the park with crayons and markers. 

You could also transform different rooms into the park themes or Disney Movie themes with lots of cool pillow forts! Check out Spoonful’s Storybox for some amazing ideas on how to recreate the magic!

The idea is to show your family the different places they could go and who they might meet there! 

Playing in Mini Disneyland

Secondly, you need to apply decorations! What would Disney be without Mickey Mouse and all his friends!? You can do this by picking up Mickey Mouse party supplies at your local retail store or Birthday in a Box. Don’t forget the balloons!


Now you need to add in some fun treats! You can make cute Disney themed foods, or just have regular treats. We let Tot make the sprinkle cupcakes with Mickey cupcake wrappers for our treats. He may not have super culinary art skills, but they were perfect.

Cupcake party

And we used Mickey Mouse cookie cutters to make teeny tiny pizzas!

Mickey Mouse Pizzas

All you need for these are:

  • Pizza Sauce
  • Mozzarella
  • Pizza Dough (we used store bought)
  • Toppings Optional

Roll the pizza dough out thin and use your cookie cutters to cut out bite size pizzas, put on the sauce and cheese; bake on 400′ for 5 minutes.

You can also top pizzas with diced strawberries and add a little whip cream on top for a itty bitty treat!

tiny pizzas

The kids love to make these! It may take you a little bit to make enough for everyone, but it’s worth it seeing them have so much fun with finger foods! 

You can have lots of fun with the Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutters. Why not try making Watermelon Mickey’s and putting them on a stick for a healthy fruit treat! You can find many more recipes at the #DisneySide Party Page!

Disney Bingo

Of course, you can’t forget games! Tot’s favorite game was Disney Bingo. I think we played it 5 times and it is still sitting on our table. He has since picked out his favorite places and gets excited to see the characters he knows!

You can find lots of different activities, games, printables, coloring pages and more on Show Your Disney Side Activities.


There are so many ways you can share your #DisneySide at home. From throwing Disney Movie Days with all your favorite films and lots of popcorn or Sleepy Storybook Nights with Disney books, pillows and sleeping bags. All you have to do is Get Started!

Disney Stories

Many thanks to Global Influence and Disney Parks for helping us to have an extremely fun #DisneySide @Home Celebration and to my dearest friend who taught me that it doesn’t matter where you come from, it only matters where your dreams take you.

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  1. What fun party ideas! My kids aren’t little anymore, but I totally want to throw a Disney Party! Maybe I’ll have to gather my friends’ children one day!
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  2. Looks so much fun! Such a great birthday party idea

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