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Every year I enjoy going to the mailbox and finding Christmas Cards. All the cards different and unique, some from people you only hear at Christmas time and some from those you see all the time. Either way it is a joy opening those cards to see who they are from. In the past we always stood the cards up on the table or on top of the TV, this usually resulted in them falling on the floor, getting lost, and tattered. We came up with a fun solution last year. Actually my son did, he wanted a neat way to display them without them getting destroyed. He said we should hang them up. After a little thought, we decided to buy some decorative ribbon. We used a hole punch and punched the corner and strung the ribbon through the holes. We then hung the ribbon around the doorway from our living room to our kitchen. This worked wonderfully! It looked great too! It was so nice to see the cards everyday and not worry about them getting lost. Plus this added an extra decoration to the room, and we love our holiday decorations!
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Since the Holidays are quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about those Holiday Cards! Look no further than Tiny Prints. I must admit this is another company that I was unaware of. I sure am glad I found out about them though! Their selection of Holiday Cards is HUGE! I’m not kidding either, they had over 450 cards to choose from! I must say after browsing through so many cards, my favorite card is the Crafty Charm Card. I like that it is a Tri-Fold Card and you can personalize it with a picture on each page. I haven’t seen Tri-Fold photo cards like this before.


I received prints for this promotion. Opinions are my own and are not influenced by any form of compensation. 


  1. I love Tiny Prints. Great quality, and such a selection!

    I wanted to let you know what my family does with the Christmas cards we receive every year. A few years ago, I purchased a “Christmas Card Wreath” to hang on my pantry door. It’s made up of metal loops that you can slide the side, top, bottom, whatever of the card into, filling it up, or spacing them out if you don’t get many. After the holidays, I take down the wreath and remove the cards. I then hand the cards to my kids with a bunch of large, basic shape stencils. They use the stencils to cut out decorative pieces of each card, punch a hole in the decoration, and set them aside to be used as gift tags next year. It’s a great way to upcycle, and another project to keep my kiddos busy ’til school starts back up again!

  2. Kasee- Wow, what a great idea!

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