Embelle Bibs + Target Coupon!

Every day my little ones grown, the more independent they become. It’s an exciting time to watch their personality emerge and one thing I have noticed is that my daughter needs to have choices. These simple choices, like apple or banana, help her feel like her own person, which is vital in developing a healthy self esteem. Since she is not ready to make big decisions yet, providing her with opportunities to make little ones is essential. Luckily there are lots of little decisions to be made everyday, so why not have some fun making them!

embelle bibs
embelle bibs

Embelle bibs make choosing a bib fun! I particularly love their messy monsters bib…since my daughter literally turns into a messy monster any time she eats something that could potentially stain her clothes. You can see all their cute designs on their website. These cute bibs are now available in select Target locations and you also can connect with them on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss any additions to their product line.

Not only would these bibs be a fun way to help your child make decisions, but you can pick up a few for baby shower gifts as well. Better yet, you can print a coupon here until 4/5 or while supplies last. (Coupon may not be available in all zip codes)

embelle bibs

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