Every Man Jack – Shave Kit, Body Bar & Body Wash Review

I really enjoy the holidays and especially love finding or creating that perfect gift for a loved one. Unfortunately, it seems harder and harder to find practical gifts that I know a person would use and appreciate without blowing my budget. This is especially true for stocking stuffers. I sometimes think the size of the item is directly proportional to its price. Since this is our first Christmas in our first home, I’m excited to have found Every Man Jack to help me fill my hubby’s stocking.

EMJ Logo

Every Man Jack is a company that sells all kinds of men’s hair, body, skin, and shave products, that are lightly scented with man-friendly scents like citrus, mint, and cedarwood. Every Man Jack was started based on the following simple idea:

There should be high-quality grooming stuff made just for guys that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Products that are honest and straightforward and stripped of all the things you don’t need, like harsh chemicals and unbelievable promises. Guys would buy our stuff and they’d like our stuff and maybe even tell a few friends. And so we’d come up with more products. Guys would have a brand they could count on from head to toe. And it’d be time for their stuff to take its rightful place in the bathroom.

Although Every Man Jack started from this simple idea, it wasn’t exactly simple to convince my hubby to try a new product…especially a body wash since he is very brand loyal like many other men. So, the first item I had my hubby try was the shave kit. I knew if he liked these products, he would be more open to the other ones we received as samples.

Every Man Jack Shave Kit

The shave kit had a signature mint scent and consisted of

  • Face scrub (5 oz)
  • Shave cream (6.7 oz)
  • Face lotion (4.2 oz)
  • lip balm (.15 oz)
  • Plus a toiletry bag with 3 zippered compartments!

These items do not contain parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, phthalates, or dyes. Like all Every Man Jack products, they also aren’t tested on animals. The face scrub is actually fragrance free and uses plant-derived surfactants too deep clean and Jojoba beads to remove dry and dead skin. The Chamomile, Organic Aloe, and Vitamin E soothe your skin while the Glycerin hydrates it leaving it ready to shave. My hubby likes that his skin actually feels clean and the product cleans gently rather than abrasively.

The signature mint scent in the shave cream is light and refreshing. My hubby says it is a pleasant scent to help you wake up while shaving…which definitely is a plus since you will have fewer nicks if you’re awake while shaving! The shave cream is a low-foam formula and it is pretty close to no-foam. My hubby likes that this product doesn’t dry out your skin, so even without applying the lotion after shaving his skin still feels soft and clean. The low-foam formula does clog his razor more than other shave creams, so he doesn’t like that it takes him a little longer to complete this step. I would say that a few more minutes is worth having softer and more hydrated skin.

The face lotion is also fragrance free and contains menthyl and chamomile to soothe the skin after shaving. It has shea butter in it for hydration and aloe and vitamin E for protection. I’ve told my hubby the benefits of shea butter and now he actually believes me that it makes a big difference in leaving your skin feel moisturized without feeling greasy. I do wish that the face lotion also had some added sun protection as well since my husband typically forgets to apply sunscreen on a regular basis.

The signature mint lip balm has a stronger scent than the shave cream, but still not overpowering. It is SPF 8 and also contains shea butter, aloe, and vitamin like the face lotion. I was also able to try this product and it isn’t greasy, but actually absorbs and moisturizes your lips. I also noticed that cooling, tingly sensation, which I like and when I checked the label, sure enough this product does contain menthol.

After sampling the above products, my husband was open to trying a few more. He received a body bar in the cedarwood scent and one in the citrus scrub scent. These bars are made from 100% vegetable base and do not contain tallow, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, and phthalates. As you can see in the picture below, the body bar also has a special massaging side to help soothe tired muscles, which is my hubby’s favorite aspect of the body bars. The cedarwood is a light manly scent that not only I like, but my hubby likes too. The citrus scrub scent is also light and not a strong orange scent like many other citrus scents. The body bars lather up well, rinses clean, and leaves the skin feeling moisturized.

Every Man Jack Body Bar

Finally, my husband also tried the body wash/shower gel in the cedarwood scent he loved after I assured him he didn’t have to use a loofa to use it. Once again, I love the cedarwood scent and the scent lingers on the skin longer from the body wash than it does from the body bars. For this reason, I like my husband to use the body wash in the evening or on weekends so I can enjoy the smell rather than the ladies at his work. This product is dye free, sodium lauryl sulfate free, phthalates free, and paraben free. It contains coconut-derived surfactants and cedarwood oils to cleanse and heal the skin, essential oils of rosemary and sage to refresh, and glycerin to help retain skin’s moisture. It didn’t lather as much as the body bars (would probably if he used a loofa, bath sponge, or even a wash cloth) but it still rinsed off clean and left my hubby’s skin soft.

Every Man Jack Body Wash

Overall my husband was very pleased with the Every Man Jack products and is excited to try some of their other products like the 2-in-1 thickening shampoo and the deodorant, which doesn’t’ contain aluminum. I like the products because I know that my hubby is using products that are natural and safe for him. Plus, the cedarwood scent smells so good! I also love that have several kits that would make a perfect gift to introduce someone to this great brand.


You can connect with Every Man Jack on their Facebook Page.


You can purchase Every Man Jack products on their website or at many retailers such as Target.

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I received samples for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions are my own and/or my families and are not influenced by any form of compensation.


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