Free Circle of Friends – 25 Savory Pie Recipes from Gooseberry Patch e-Cookbook!

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From Flaky Chicken Pot Pie and Spaghetti Pie to Upside-Down Mexican Pot Pie and Slow-Cooker Sausage Pie, this new collection features 25 savory pies that are sure to get mouths watering and tastebuds tingling!

Gooseberry Patch Savory Pie Recipes
(Coming soon to Nook)

Gooseberry Patch releases a new chapter of 25 free recipes each time they reach a new milestone on their Facebook page. Currently they’re over 90,000 fans! “Like” them on our Gooseberry Patch Facebook page, and so they’ll release a new chapter of 25 scrumptious tried & true recipes at 100,000 fans!

I did not receive samples or compensation for this post. It just had the words “Free” and “Pie” in it and it sounded like a really amazing idea!

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