French Toast and Friends Family Board Game from HayWireGroup

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At the Haywire Group, we are dedicated to making fun games for fun people! Many of our games have won multiple awards from various toy and game rating organizations.


I was given a sneak peak at French Toast and Friends, French Toast Forgets His Lunch. This game is for 3 & up and requires no reading. You travel around the board game collecting food game pieces to fill his lunch box so he has his lunch for school. Each player gets a character, these are adorable, they are various breakfast foods! On your turn you roll the dice and move your character along the board. If you land on a spot that matches a spot on your lunch box game card you pick up a game piece and place it on your lunch box. Everyone continues until your lunch box is full.
French Toast and Friends
My son loves board games. He was really excited when he saw the new French Toast and Friends game. We had to play it right away! This game is great for him, he is 4, so he can’t read, but there is no reading required in this game. The cards are color coded to match the game board so you can see if the food you are looking for is on a red, blue, or yellow background. We actually played this game over and over again for an hour! He had a blast! We had to play it before bed that night, and it was the first thing he asked to do when he woke up the next day! We’ve played it many times since and he still enjoys it. It comes with several different lunch box cards to chose from so you can have a different card each time you play.
The Haywire Group has a wide variety of family board games to chose from. They have games for preschool, 6 & up, 8 & up, and 12 & up and games for the whole family! Dicecapades!, Guinness World Record Games, puzzles, and even SPAM games. Games are such a great way to keep a family interacting and playing with each other!
Haywire Group
I highly recommend checking out Haywire Group, the selection of family board games they have is great. The color and quality of the game is fantastic as well. It is so important that families take time out of their busy schedules to remember to play together, and thanks to Haywire Group we can do that!

You can connect with Haywire Group on Facebook and @HayWireGroup on Twitter.


I was given a product for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions expressed are my own or my families and are not influenced by any form of compensation.


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