FreshTape Resealable Food Tape Keeps Food Fresh

~I received FreshTape samples for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions and stories are my own.~

I always have half eaten bags of food lying around the kitchen. Of course I have been using bag clips my whole life but I can honestly say air always seems to get in anyway and the food always goes stale and fairly quickly too. For some reason my bag clips always seem to break as well. I know putting the food in containers would solve that problem but honestly I have no time or desire to do that. Now there is an even easier way to seal up those bags and it really works! FreshTape is a reusable tape that you use to seal up your flexible food packing like chip bags. It is quick, easy and to top it off they are really cute!


Fresh Tape is 100% made in America and BPA and phthalate free. It is FDA safety compliant and has the durability and just the right stickiness to seal and reseal over and over again.

I buy the big bags of frozen veggies, fruit and things like tater tots at a big warehouse store and I always used a rubber band or something to reseal it but these just work sooo much better! Yup, they can be used in the fridge and freezer too. Sure they are gonna get crinkly as you use them but they still work great over and over again.

They use disabled and employment challenged adults to help assemble the packages that they mail to you too. I really like when companies try to help all kinds of people because everyone matters!

They will be releasing their new collegiate line soon and I can tell you that as a hardcore Gator fan I love seeing my team’s logo on stuff! These are absolutely PERFECT for tailgating. Right before the game starts we have to quickly bag up everything so we can get to the game. Now I can quickly attach FreshTape to everything, throw it in my car and cooler and head off to the game. These will be a big hit with our group next football season. Quick and easy which is exactly how I like to do anything regarding clean up.

It’s a space saving, time saving, money saving, food saving solution that’s safe for your family to use on all flexible food packaging. When you’re done with a bag, just peel it off and stick it on the next one!

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  1. Sandy Cain says:

    Woo-hoo! Now this is something I can use! We have about a million twist-ties, with the paper peeling off them, ready for the wires to scratch. And all the bag clips broke. I need this! I also really like that they employ folks who otherwise might have trouble finding a job. This is a win-win!!!! Love it!

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