Get a Personalized Pirate Book and Celebrate National Talk Like A Pirate Day!

~I received an I See Me! sample for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions and stories are my own.~

National Talk Like a Pirate Day is TODAY and I See Me! has the perfect personalized children’s books for pirate lovers! Check out the incredibly awesome My Pirate Adventure and My Very Own Pirate Tale Coloring and Activity Book! Great for getting your kids to speak pirate and to inspire them into their own adventures for treasures long lost!

My Pirate Adventure Personalized Book

Your child can be the star of the fully personalized book, My Pirate Adventure, by customizing the pirate with your child’s name, skin tone, hair color, initials and more. Best for ages 2-8. Your little pirate will delight in this adventure on the high seas in which the crew of a pirate ship swab the deck, eat breakfast in the galley, sing sea chanteys, use a treasure map and dig up buried treasure!

The pictures in this book are extremely bright and there are little extras throughout. Like the ship has the name of your child’s hometown as well as hidden initials and a birthday within the story.

In My Very Own Pirate Tale Coloring and Activity Book, entertaining sea creatures brings letters one by one to spell out your child’s first name. They describe why he or she is the perfect candidate to be the captain’s first mate. At the end of this adventurous pirate story your child’s name is revealed as the secret to opening the treasure.

My Very Own Pirate Tale Personalized Coloring Book

For ages 2-8 and includes at least 20 pages with activity pages at the end. I am a big fan of coloring so I really like the idea of this one!

I have had several I See Me! products in the past and they are always extremely nice, professionally bound books.

I still believe personalized books are the way to go for any sort of gift. Kids just love seeing their name in a book and with these books their name is throughout the book as part of the story! Now set them off on some adventures…yo ho!

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