Give the Gift of Language for the Holiday’s with Pimsleur!

~I had received a Language Course in French from Pimsleur to review. Opinions and stories are my own.~

I have been wanting to learn French for a long, long time. I had first tried to do it with books and that didn’t work out so well. I then had a very fancy expensive application online, but since Judah was a baby then, I didn’t get much time to be on the computer. So I was really excited to get the chance to use the Pimsleur Method, which is built around scientifically proven principals of learning, using a program by one of the world’s foremost experts in applied Linguistics – Dr. Pimsleur! 

Languages from pimsleur

The best part with learning with the Pimsleur materials is that it isn’t just on the computer, you can take it with you on the free App anywhere. I can learn French while washing the dishes, cleaning the house, holiday shopping or just putting on make-up. It allows you to be in your environment while learning naturally with conversation.

You can get an idea of how it works by using the Free Lesson that is available on the website. It follows a very natural approach wherein you hear a conversation, learn a word or phrase and speak it back. As each step progresses it refers back to other words in a very scientifically timed way. There had been a lot of research done to figure out how best to use repetition without it becoming a drone or boring on the listener. 

Effective communication in any language depends on mastery of a relatively limited number of words and structures. Trying to learn too much at once substantially slows the process, and many people quickly become discouraged. Pimsleur courses deliberately limit the amount you learn at any one time, giving your brain a chance to internalize each new item before moving on. Once this foundation is built, adding new words and phrases becomes easy and natural because there’s a clear framework to attach them to.

Every new item introduced in a Pimsleur course is given within the context of a conversation or exchange. This helps learning and retention in a multitude of ways, from allowing your brain to automatically integrate intonation, rhythm, melody, and pronunciation, to embedding prompts for your memory. When you need a word, it’s there – seamlessly on the tip of your tongue. – The Pimsleur Method

I currently know enough to introduce myself in French, but amazingly I can understand enough spoken French to get by. It’s interesting that when you go to learn a new language you concentrate so much on you learning how to speak it that you forget that you have to also be capable of understanding it spoken to you. Learning through actual conversations helps pick up the ability to understand it faster and allows me to comprehend how to say the things I am learning clearer. 

Gift Set

I have never gotten this far on learning any language, so I am really excited! A little too shy at the moment to get on a video since I am sure I don’t sound native, but enough that I am confident in what I do know and my ability to learn more. 

If you are like me and have always been interesting in learning a new language, Pimsleur has a wonderful deal for the holidays. You can purchase a Gift Set for under $100 that includes: 

  • 30 Lesson Course
  • Course Manager App
  • Hardcover Book of How to Learn a Foreign Language

Typically valued at $139.94, it’s a really great deal to get under $100. I was also thinking about how it would be such a sweet addition if you plan on ever visiting somewhere with your spouse, partner or family in the future! This is a Limited Time Offer for the Holidays, so make sure you look into it now though!

To learn more about Pimsleur and how their method is not only unique, but proven to work effectively, check out the website! You can also connect and ask questions on their Facebook Page and/or @Pimsleur on Twitter.

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  1. vickie couturier says:

    that would be such a awesome way to learn a new language

  2. This is a great idea for a holiday gift! I’ve heard such good things about the pimsleur approach, and knowing another language is such a useful skill.

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