Glee Gum – Make Your Own Chocolate Kit Review

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This was such a fun reveiw to do! Everything about Glee Gum and their products are so unique that I hardly know where to begin. So lets start off with the company itself!

Verve, Inc. (The manufacturers of Glee Gum.) is an independent, family-owned business that is dedicated to linking world communities and creating environmentally and socially responsible products and activities. They started the company after visiting an economically depressed chicle-producing (chicle is the gum base) community in Northern Guatemala. Their goal is to support chicle-harvesting by purchasing chicle. Verve provides a sustainable source of income for those communities while offering fun, educational, and environmentally friendly activities for kids and adults. The website offers fun facts and educational lessons which are great for homeschooling, scouting activities, or even family night!

Make Your Own Chocolate Kit

We were able to review the oh so delightful Make Your Own Chocolate Kits. My family has one night a week that is just for family and we do activities together, enjoy each others company while kind of blocking out the outside world. So on one of our family nights we made our own chocolate using the Make Your Own Chocolate Kit. It was such a fun experience and a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Make Your Own Chocolate Kit
Make Your Own Chocolate Kit
Make Your Own Chocolate Kit
Make Your Own Chocolate Kit
Make Your Own Chocolate Kit
Make Your Own Chocolate Kit
Make Your Own Chocolate Kit

From start to finish it took about 30 minutes. It was simple enough for my 8 year old to do and not too easy to where my 14 year old would be bored. We all took turns reading and following the directions and when we were done we were able to test the final product! Oh, my goodness, it was good! And the best part is… it was made by my family, my children and I working together. Now that’s sweet.

Glee Gum Kits

Verve also has a Make Your Own Chewing Gum and Make Your Own Gummies Kits. These kits would be great gift for your little creator in your home! Plus, don’t forget about all the Glee Gum available! You can even get your own Gum Ball Machine!

Connect: You can Connect with Glee Gum on their Facebook Page and/or @GleeGuy on Twitter.

Purchase: You can purchase the Make Your Own Chocolate Kit for $13.00! Be sure to check out the New Sweet Stack!

I received samples for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions are my own and/or my families and are not influenced by any form of compensation. 


  1. Make my own gum!

  2. I would love to try making my own chocolate. It sounds intriguing!

  3. I would pick the chocolate or gummy worm one. Thanks for the chance to enter.

    Andrea D.

  4. id pick make ur own chocolate

  5. The chocolate kit for sure!

    jandplee at att dot net

  6. I would totally choose the chocolate making kit!


  7. michelleplummer says:

    Gummies! I love gummy worms1

  8. Lori Thomas says:

    I`d choose the gum!

  9. I would want the Chocolate Kit sounds like something fun to do with my kids

  10. sarah shult says:

    The Gummies kit

  11. Mommydoll13 says:



  12. the gummie kit
    tmc480 at yahoo dot com

  13. My daughter would love to make gummies!

  14. soccermom1 says:

    I’d like the gummies
    rjs682 at yahoo dot com

  15. I would get the Chocolate Kit.

  16. The gummies kit!

  17. Make Your Own Gummies Kits 🙂

  18. Make your own chewing gum!

  19. Chocolate!

    gatsby1981 at gmail dot com

  20. I like the gummies kit too!

  21. Mary Calabrese says:

    I’m all over the gummies kit.

    ighmeg at yahoo dot com

  22. I like chocolate best, but I’d also like gum b/c my kids love chewing gum a lot, too.
    jeanlynd at att dot net

  23. I’d like the make your own gummies kit!

    jenndiggy at gmail dot com

  24. I would pick chocolate.

  25. I like the Make Your Own Gummies Kit.

  26. I would like the gummies kit.

  27. Gum making kit.

  28. Shannon Egan says:

    I would also like to try the Gummie kit. 🙂

  29. i would choose the chocolate kit
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  30. I would choose the Make Your Own Chocolate Kit.


  31. I would love the chocolate kit.
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  32. Gummies kit

  33. I like the chocolate kit best

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  34. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    I like the gummie kits
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  35. like the chocolate kit best

  36. DLSLoveBlogs says:

    I would choose the Gummies Kit

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  37. I would love to try out the gummie making kit!

  38. Farm Mommy 3 says:

    I’d pick the Gummies kit. My kids would love it!!

    -syndel valle

  39. Storm, The Psychotic Housewife says:

    I like the Make Your Own Gummies kit.

    stormraven at gmail dot com

  40. I would try making my own chewing gum!!! I chew gum everyday!

  41. They all look fun, but i would like the make your own gummies kit

  42. Make Your Own Gummies
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  43. missrantsypants says:

    The gummies kit.

  44. chocolate kit

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