Green Giant Valley Visit- Day 1

So I’m back! I left Tuesday for Minnesota and returned last Thursday afternoon. In the two days I spent with the team at Green Giant, I learned more than I ever thought that I would, enjoyed every single second and am thrilled to be able to come back and share with you all what’s going on up there in Le Sueur, Minnesota.
So where is Le Sueur anyhow?
It’s a hike from me in South Carolina!
To begin- I want to mention that I am familiar with Green Giant products as we currently use them in our home. I’m lucky (blessed) enough to have a toddler who likes vegetables and incorporating them into our mealtime sessions isn’t difficult. Actually- he’s a toddler so sometimes veggies are ALL he will eat. But….I have to admit that as I have gotten older and find myself responsible for feeding other human beings, I wonder where my food is coming from. How is it grown? Where is it made? Who are the people processing it? As I watch my little boys (there are 3) innocently munch on the food I put in front of them- I need to know—-‘Is this good enough for them?’ Fortunately many of my questions and concerns were addressed by the Green Giant folks and I am eternally grateful for this experience.
After our arrival on Tuesday, we checked in and met a few of the other bloggers who had already arrived. We were given our agendas (in a folder that sings the Green Giant jingle–really) and fancy Hunter boots that we would be wearing on the farm the following day. We were then off to rest and prepare for our night out on the river for a dinner cruise along Lake Minnetonka where we were going to meet and mingle with the other bloggers and our Green Giant hosts for the evening. It turned out to be a rainy, rainy ride (but coming from someone who hasn’t really seen that much rain in months I could care less) but it was fun. We began to feel out our hosts as they were probably trying to do the same with us.
Overall, it was a long day for many of us as I learned there were bloggers from Seattle, Los Angeles, Delaware, Michigan, Missouri and a slew of other places. We were an anxious bunch looking forward to this ‘trip to the farm’. Some of the lovely ladies that I met and hit it off with right away were Hannah from Southern Savers, Carol from Songberries and Andrea over at Mommy PR. We ate dinner together and chatted with our hosts for most of the evening. Before long it was late (like 10:30pm- super late for me to be out haha!) and time to get back to the hotel in order to prepare for the farm visit in the morning.

Let me just say that I am forever in Amanda’s debt for letting me go in her place on this trip. I am a wiped out, exhausted, searching for some sanity mom of three boys under 2.5. I haven’t been on a flight in almost 5 years. My daily routine is so mundane I bet you it’s the lamest around- so for me this is like hitting the jackpot lottery and Disney World all rolled in one. I hope you follow along the rest of the week as I post about the ridiculously insane farm visit, best picnic of my life, and ultimately The Dinner That Never Ended. It will be fun and hopefully you will learn a little something along the way!

PS: I have more pictures. They just didn’t happen on Day 1!

Disclosure: My trip was paid for by Green Giant and has not influenced my opinions in any way, shape or form. I am not receiving any compensation for posting my reviews.


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