GroVia Hybrid AI2 & BioDiaper Review

As many of you know, I am a pocket diaper type of person, but mainly because when I am comfortable with something, I don’t see the point in changing a system that works for me. When I first started cloth diapering, I did try a few other types of diapers, but pockets just seemed to be the easiest transition for me. Now, after several good and bad experiences, I want to try to actually perfect my stash rather than just kind of like it.

One of my biggest issues with pockets arises when my family has to travel. Last year during the holidays, I traveled to visit family for approximately one month, which meant a decent amount of diapers had to come with me. I have mainly pockets in my stash, so my suitcase soon was overflowing with diapers, as I tried to minimize my wardrobe and keep the suitcase under the weight restrictions for flying. Now, this worked ok on the way there because I traveled with my hubby and he also had a suitcase I could overflow into. My hubby had to return to work, so when I went to travel home, I only had one suitcase. Needless to say, I spent some money to send several boxes home, which contained many pocket diapers. I really wish that I would have invested that money in some hybrid diapers instead.

Unfortunately, the first hybrid diaper I tried was not one I liked and so I figured that I didn’t like hybrid diapers in general. I now know how silly that thought was since every diaper is different. Thankfully, GroVia provided me the opportunity to review one of their hybrid diapers and they have definitely changed my mind.

Grovia Logo

I received a GroVia Hybrid Diaper with a Hook & Loop closure in the adorable Nature print. Along with the shell, I received a pack of BioSoakers and a pack of the Organic Soaker Pads. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Hybrid diapers, they are extremely versatile since they have both a disposable and reusable liner option.

Grovia Cloth Diapers

I admit that I was very skeptical about the BioSoakers, so I knew I wanted to test these out first. The BioSoakers are part of the new BioLine that is now available at

The BioLine includes:

  • BioSoakers
  • BioDiapers
  • Tiny Bubbles (Laundry Detergent)

The BioSoakers and BioDiapers are 100% biodegradable, compostable, disposable, and an eco-friendly solution to disposable options. The core of both of these products is Ingeo fiber, which is derived from corn. (If you’re not sure what that is, think of the Sun Chips new bag, but without the crinkle noise.) These products do contain a limited amount of SAP gels, but I was very happy not to see any of the little gel pieces on my daughter, which we had issues with when we used certain disposables that had more SAP gels in them. I have to admit, this was one of the things I was most nervous about with the disposable liners, so the passing of this first test, relieved most of my anxiety about the product. It’s also great that the BioDiaper decomposes under 100 days compared to the 100 years that it takes for many big name disposable diapers.

Grovia Cloth Diaper

As I mentioned above, the lack of gel pieces relieved most of my anxiety, but I still wasn’t convinced that the thin little disposable liner wouldn’t leak, so we put it to the test.

Our first test was in the car seat. I’m not sure why, but for some reason we tend to have more leaks during car rides than at any other time. We typically have to drive about an hour to the closest “bigger” town and we end up taking a change of clothes “just in case”. I think the combination of clothes being scrunched together in the car seat and the extra drinks from the sippy cup due to a bit of boredom equal the increase in leaks. Once again, I skeptically thought of the thin BioSoaker and hoped for the best as we put our daughter in the car. Once we arrived at our destination, I was pleasantly surprised that her clothes weren’t wet and when we changed her, the BioSoaker was soaked but the GroVia shell was still surprisingly dry. So, we just changed out the BioSoaker and started the next test, which was the hustle and bustle of my little one.

Grovia Cloth Diaper

We decided to take a short nature walk and of course, our little one was up, down, on the ground, sitting, squatting, and pretty much in any position you can think of as she explored the path in front of her. Now, some of our diapers tend to loosen up a bit during these rambunctious times and we will sometimes see leaking, especially in the leg area. Once we returned to the car, I was once again impressed with no leaks and the BioSoaker was again soaked, yet the shell was still dry.

Grovia Cloth Diaper Pics

Now, of course the BioSoaker is only part of the equation, because the fit of the GroVia shell is excellent on my daughter. The GroVia shell is one-size, so there are snaps on the front to adjust the rise of the diaper. The shell is meant to fit from 8-35 lbs. and comes in either the hook/loop or a snap closure. Our 16 month old currently weighs around 22 lbs. and I actually still used the medium setting to get the best fit.

Grovia Cloth Diaper Shell

Some things I love about this shell are:

  • Tuck under laundry tabs.
    • You not only attach the aplix to the laundry tab, but there is a strap you tuck it under to make sure it stays in place.
  • The aplix
    • Not only is this aplix strong…which means my daughter can’t pull it off, but it also sticks directly to the fabric along the front, which means you can easily overlap and adjust to get a great fit.
  • The lining
    • The lining is a very soft mesh like material, which I feel comfortable touching my little one’s skin. Plus it helps with air flow, which keeps things nice and dry helping to prevent diaper rash from occurring.
  • TPU
    • I’m just learning about TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) and was pleasantly surprised that this is used instead of PUL for waterproofing. It makes the cover softer and more breathable.
  • Snaps inside cover
    • I love that you can snap in the reusable liners, so they don’t move around inside the shell.
Grovia Laundry Tab

I also received two organic soaker pads for review. The liners are like two hourglass shaped organic cotton jersey inserts sewn together to form a loop to help reduce drying time. The outer part has leg gussets and is wider in the back area to help contain messes. This outer part also has a waterproof backing to help keep your shell dry. This design also helps keep it trim between the legs, so your little one isn’t having their legs pushed out due to the bulk. The liner is soft and we haven’t had any staining issues, so they wash out well. My only complaint it that they take longer than my other inserts to dry, but with 5 layers of cotton, I’m not surprised.

Grovia Organic Soaker Pad

I really can’t believe that I love this diaper system. I have been so disappointed with hybrid systems in the past, so I was very skeptical. I will be re-reviewing the hybrid system with our upcoming newborn along with the GroVia Newborn AIO. I am excited to see how the diaper holds up and fits on wee little ones. I also can’t wait till the next time I’m home in Montana to check out their store in Bozeman. I am so impressed that this huge brand started out from a mom running a business out of her laundry room. The Natural Baby Company also includes the brands: Tiny Bubbles and Magic Stick.


You can connect with GroVia on facebook or twitter


You can purchase the Bio-Line at
You can also purchase GroVia directly from their website.

If you’re not convinced yet to try out the hybrid system or maybe not even sure if cloth is right for you, don’t forget that the Bio-line also includes BioDiapers. These are a great eco friendly alternative to disposables and for cloth users they definitely come in handy for traveling, daycare, babysitters, or an unwilling dad.

Grovia BioDiapers
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I received products for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions are my own and/or my families and are not influenced by any form of compensation.


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