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Every day we are exposed to potentially harmful toxins and it may seem like an overwhelming task to eradicate them from your life. I honestly thought for awhile that the chemicals are pretty much in everything, so why even bother to try and remove them from my use. Then, I had children and although I didn’t put the effort into not exposing myself to certain ingredients; I have been fairly diligent and watching what I expose my children to. What I have learned is that even the smallest change could impact your health in a positive way. So, forget about the crazy amount of products that you have in your home right now that contains an ingredient (or several) that you would rather avoid. Instead just take a small step and pick a few products that you frequently use and switch over to an all-natural product instead. For me, I knew I wanted to start with some shower basics like shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel, so when I had the opportunity to review some items from Hugo Naturals; I was very excited.

Hugo Naturals is an all-natural personal body care line that is both exceptionally pure and deliciously pampering. We hand-select only the finest, all-natural, food-grade ingredients available, and blend them according to our original recipes to create the ultimate in pure products for skin, hair, baby and home.

Every Hugo Naturals product is handcrafted in the USA from only the finest all natural, food-grade ingredients available. Our products are free of petrochemicals, animal fats, paragons, silicones, formaldehyde, hydroquinone, phthalates, propylene glycol, and synthetic surfactants. Our products are never tested on animals, are gluten free and made from sustainable sources that are pure and natural.

When the Hugo Naturals products arrived, they literally went from the box to my shower. I was ready to make the switch to a natural shampoo and happily started using them right away. The downside of being so excited…the bottles don’t look quite as full as they should in the pictures below. Rest assured, these products were packaged well and leaking didn’t occur during shipping.

Natural bath products

Products shown above (starting from back left)

  • Vanilla & Sweet Orange Essential Mist 8oz.
  • Vanilla & Sweet Orange Shower Gel 12oz.
  • Vanilla & Sweet Orange Volumizing Shampoo 12oz.
  • Vanilla & Sweet Orange Volumizing Conditioner 12oz.
  • Vanilla & Sweet Orange Body Butter 4oz.

Now, this is just the first set of products I am going to highlight for Hugo Naturals, so don’t forget to check back later this week for more product info and a giveaway!

Natural Shampoo

Vanilla & Sweet Orange Volumizing Shampoo
The Volumizing Shampoo is by far my favorite product I tried. It is fantastic, seriously. I have straight, flat hair and although my hair itself is fine; I have tons of it. Let’s just say it is heavy unless it is cut short and did I mention it just sits flat against my head. Well, I knew that with many shampoos, you end up getting build up, but I had no idea how bad my hair was. After the first use, I wasn’t that excited but the Vanilla & Sweet Orange scent is delicious, so I obviously wasn’t going to not use the shampoo. Then, after a couple more uses, my hair felt different. It was lighter and it wasn’t that the shampoo is a volumizing shampoo and it added volume, but it added volume naturally by ridding my hair of all that nasty chemical buildup. Of course there are ingredients in there like Hydrolyzed Rice Protein to increase volume as well. Since it is naturally adding volume by giving you back healthy hair, it wasn’t surprising to find that my hair looked cleaner too. I swear, it was getting to the point that if I didn’t wash it every day, it would look greasy. I wish that I could show in a picture how much healthier my hair feels, but it is more of a “in person” type of thing. My hubby has noticed that it looks darker, which to me means that it is finally getting the nutrients it needs to radiate its natural beauty. On a final note, the Volumizing Shampoo has been designed to benefit all hair types, so you don’t have to have flat straight hair like mine to reap the benefits.

Natural Conditioner

Vanilla & Sweet Orange Volumizing Conditioner
The Volumizing Conditioner seems to be working well, but you definitely only need a little bit. I’ve been focusing on applying it to my ends and as I look at them, they are just as vibrant as the rest of the hair and don’t break off when I pull on them. I also have less “fly aways”, so the product combo isn’t damaging or drying my hair out. The first time I used this, I applied way too much to my scalp area and it was tough to get rinsed out. I think this attributed to why I wasn’t in love with the shampoo at first. I also wanted to mention that while my hair was detoxing, it seemed to get a bit tangled after using the shampoo, the conditioner easily smoothed the tangles out. After I’ve been using these products for the last month, my hair doesn’t get tangled during the shampooing process. It is really important to not judge a shampoo/conditioner on one use, especially when switching to a natural product since it could take a few times to get all the crud out of your hair. Essentially, these products are solving the problem at the roots rather than just masking it.

Natural Shower Gel

Vanilla & Sweet Orange Shower Gel
Shower Gel is a must have for me and my requirements are simple; it needs to smell good and make bubbles. I know the amount of bubbles has nothing to do with how it cleans, but I still like them. I mentioned before that the scent is delicious, but to give you an idea, to me it is more orange than vanilla. It definitely is described correctly saying sweet orange, so if you’re thinking orange like your typical household cleaner; it’s sweeter than that. The vanilla to me is like a warm undertone, which makes this scent refreshing and soothing at the same time. This shower gel is packed full of wonderful ingredients, like Vitamin E, natural Aloe Vera, and antioxidant-rich extracts. The shower gel made my skin feel clean without drying it out and was gentle enough to use on my face as well. The only thing I didn’t like is that the scent didn’t seem to linger on my skin as it did on my hair. Of course, it is so dry where I live that my skin probably just soaked it all up.

Natural Body Butter

Vanilla & Sweet Orange Body Butter
The Body Butter‘s primary ingredient is pure Shea Butter. If you haven’t researched the benefits of pure Shea Butter yet, you should. It is an amazing moisturizer and can improve your skin’s elasticity. I seriously wish I would had this product when pregnant with my first child since it is effective on preventing stretch marks and way nicer to rub on without the oily mess. The first time I used the body butter, I used it all over, but it didn’t absorb in completely to my areas of healthy skin. The next time, I just focused on problem areas like my feet, dry elbows, and back of my upper arms and it was soaked right up. It has helped with the little bumps I get on the back of my upper arms, but they haven’t gone away completely. My hubby has been using this on his knees at night and they no longer look like they are going to crack open. To use this product you need to rub the butter between your palms to soften it, but then it would leave my palms feeling greasy. Of course, it washes right off, but a better solution was to have my hubby rub the body butter on. Plus his hands are always dry, so it is a win win.

Natural Body Fabric Mist

Vanilla & Sweet Orange Essential Mist
The Essential Mist has been enjoyable to use. It is safe to use on your skin or fabric, but I’ve been mainly using it on my skin. This product smells more vanilla-like to me then the rest of the product line. It smells like a warm vanilla sugar with a hint of orange and I can’t help but spray it on to make me feel better…even if I haven’t had time to shower. I love that it is non-staining, so you can safely spray it on your clothes and use as a subtle natural perfume. I have also spritzed our pillow cases with it before bed and it is divine to fall asleep with this pleasant fragrance.

My experience with the Hugo Naturals Vanilla & Sweet Orange product line has been awesome, but they do have other great scents to try like French Lavender. I already told my hubby there is no way I’m going back to my old shampoo. In fact, I didn’t even use up what I had left. I also wanted to mention that this company is very committed to their products and stands behind their claims of making their products from 100% natural ingredients. In fact, they have an ingredient list on their website, so you can look up info like tocopherol (natural Vitamin E) is derived from sustainable Red Palm. It’s really nice to be able to actually understand what is actually in the product.

Hugo Naturals also offers free shipping on domestic orders over $50, but if you’re not ready to jump in yet, they do offer travel size items that would be perfect for testing their products.


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