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I grew up very poor. In fact, for most of my life I shared a bed with my sister and/or slept on the floor. During one span of my childhood we had to catch our own food, my parents would go hungry to make sure we were fed and I would know what this felt like during my adulthood when my son and I had so little that I would go days without eating just to make sure he never knew we didn’t have enough. I have done things that are utterly unimaginable to take care of my son and have known desperation so well that I could greet it like an old friend. I came from the wrong side of the tracks and I have bled, have fought, have sacrificed, have scratched and pulled to get my son to a place where he could have a better life. I tell you this because today I read about a Blogger who thought giving review products away to those in need was wrong, as a person who was one in great need – I do not believe that.

The books I review are given to charity and/or used book stores. I actually have a stack of books I will be donating to My Childs Bookshelf, I’m just pretty behind. The ones that are signed I do keep, they’re personal and I have great attachment to them – also those that are given to Judah since he generally marks all his books by biting them.

You will notice on some of my reviews I will talk about how I donated the product afterward. I have done this multiple times. There are many families out there that could use them, I generally ask that they write a review of the product on the website/amazon/etc as a way of giving back. There are also many children out there, children like I was when I was little and my son growing up that didn’t have much – some with less… they deserve to have a good day. I not only donate most of the toy products I’ve been given but probably 75% of products I’ve purchased myself. I’m not a person to collect and I hate clutter, I don’t NEED anything and my family supports giving to charity 100%.

If I review a product and it is placed upon my heart to give it to someone else, I will. I believe that we should always follow what is in our hearts and what compels us toward good will. If I do not do what it is in my heart to do then I am not being true to myself and there is nothing… nothing… nothing that any company or person could give me that would make me change my nature.

This blog is called inRandom for a reason, it is at it’s heart a ‘random act of kindness’, it is in its truest form a place where we write randomly about what is in our hearts to write about. We are good people. We have all struggled, we have all endured and most of us still are. I am grateful, very grateful, to have a life wherein my necessities are always met and I need very little. I write reviews because I absolutely love to do it. I’m a writer, what can I say? My intentions are purely based off the happiness I get from trying to capture the essence and ambiance of things, to be able to give back to our readers in the form of giveaways and samples. This is not exactly my ‘job’, although it is a lot of work, it is my passion. I’m good at this and that is why I do it and in the mean time I give what I can to those that need it, those that most certainly deserve it and those that for some unknown reason my heart spoke to.

So… if giving away products makes me a bad person, I’m not sure what would make me a ‘good’ person and quite frankly I don’t mean to find out. I’d rather all the blogs out there gave what they could to charity than stocked it away in boxes, closets or their trash just to feel justified. Although I am selfish when it comes to my feelings (as my Husband knows all too well at times), I am at heart a very selfless person that needs no other justification than the knowing that what I am doing matters.

Now… I have to get back to unpacking, I just couldn’t help but stop when I read that and write this. Afterward I have a wonderful story to tell you about how Obasan, after reading my story about Riley, gave him a personalized pet bed because we had to give him away to my sister to adopt. They’re absolutely wonderful people!

Just as a note, when I say donated I mean after I have written the review, except in Easy Playhouse’s case to which I discussed the donation prior to ever receiving the product. 


  1. I think it is wonderful that you donate items you have reviewed. I can’t figure out what anyone would have against doing such a wonderful thing. I was saddened to hear about your early struggles with poverty. I have struggled myself and I can appreciate your honesty.

  2. What kind of nut thinks giving stuff away is bad? Can’t please anybody. I’ve seen other people complain when reviewers *keep* the product. There’s always going to be somebody. People suck like that.

  3. WHY ON EARTH would anyone say that it was wrong? Being that the product is yours to keep, you choose to donate the item and that should be that. I really hate that there is a culture in this country that blames victims. In my mind’s eye, the poor are victims. Many work so hard to change their situation, but unfortunately, people don’t want to acknowledge that there is a class problem because that would mean they would have to admit that capitalism only benefits a small fraction of the population. It absolutely breaks my heart that there are “have-nots” that are doing everything they can and only living paycheck to paycheck, yet they are accused of milking the system, being lazy, or having some other inherent flaw. I just wanted to give you a big *high five* for giving back. Roxanna from roxannajolly.com

  4. Very well said. I also grew up poor. My mom made most of my clothes when I was young. I never had a pair of jeans til I started junior high school. Donating reviewed items to those in need is commendable. I don’t understand why someone would say that it was wrong.

  5. Nothing wrong that I see!

    I don’t have a blog, but do enter and win some giveaways.

    If I can’t give it to my kids/grandkids or have use for it myself I donate to a local charity!

    My husband and I are both disabled and pretty much apartment bound,without much disposable income at all, so this is our way to give back.

    Good on ya is what I say!

  6. I love that you give stuff away. Our kids have way too many toys and I am trying to teach my 4 year old that it’s good to get rid of toys, because then other kids less fortunate can have them. It’s been a tough lesson so far. I wish more people had a giving attitude and realized when they had too much, or stuff they really didn’t need.

  7. Not sharing is ridiculous!
    Good for you for following your heart:)

  8. Grace InAZ says:

    Good for you for giving to others and sticking to your principles! In fact, this convicted me and I believe I will do fewer giveaways and more giving to others with the books etc that I am fortunate enough to review! God Bless YOU!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ

  9. I think it is wonderful you donate many of the items you review. How can that be wrong? Thank you for sharing your story.

  10. You did a great job writing this post. Thank you for sharing.

  11. You are a wonderful person and there is nothing wrong with what you do..I usually donate to a local charity but this year I had to get help from them for Christmas..Merry Christmas

  12. BethElderton says:

    As one who has also known what it is to really need and to have raised a son trying not to let him know how much we really needed, I understand. Thank you for giving.

  13. I’m sorry you were criticized about your blog giveaways. Someone needs some education as there are virtually thousands and thousands of blogs that host giveaways. I think it is a great way for companies, blogs and customers to all connect. A win win in my eyes. So, pay no attention to the sour pusses out there. Your doing a good job.

  14. Anonymous says:

    wow, aren’t you “wonderful”…(note: sarcasm!!!)

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