I just want to SCREAM!!! Week 29 of Pregnancy

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@ week 29

I first want to start off by saying I really want this feeling to GO AWAY!! I will begin to recap this horrible week with you and I would absolutely love any insight or advice that you may have!!

If there is one thing, I just don’t like to complain, but lately that seems like the only thing that I have been doing to my husband. Complain, complain and more complaints about how I am feeling.

It all started last Monday. All day I was just feeling tired and wore out; by Wednesday I had several spells of dizziness that came on very frequently and I just felt in general out of sorts. Wednesday evening while I was cooking supper for the family I started to experience loss of vision in my right eye?!?! What the Heck right… it seemed as if I were looking through a kaleidoscope. The vision in my right eye had the circular pattern along with multiple colors that were very visible. So, I thought that maybe it was my contacts, dust or a scratch on them but this continued even with my glasses on!! I continued with testing out just how far this loss of vision thing was going, so I did the old look straight ahead and wave your hand in front of your face and go side to side….my left eye was fine I could make out my hand completely from all angles. Then it came to my right eye, my hand was barley angled to the side and I could only make out the outline of my hand and as I began to move it further outward nothing could be made visible except for this kaleidoscope of circle lights!! VERY SCARY I must add and not to mention this went on for over half an hour!! I almost had my husband drive me to the hospital!

So it was gone by that night and I decided to go to work and if it happened to return I would just call my husband to come pick me up and for sure take me to the hospital!! I wasn’t about to risk my life and drive with my vision this way!!

The night at work continued on. I felt tired like I had been that week but overall getting things done at work and then around midnight it felt like a mosquito had bite my wrist, it even kind of resembled a bite. I scratched it and continued folding laundry about ten minutes later both arms are covered with hives and I am extremely itchy!! By the time I get home that morning and strip off all my clothes and get cleaned up so I can go to bed my legs were covered in hives and itched like crazy so I spent an hour just about scratching and scratching before I fell asleep! The HIVES are STILL HERE!!! AND TODAY IS TUESDAY THE 15th!!! They do come and go, my skin does get clear from all reddness and hives, I do seem to get about 30 to 40 minutes of relief in between flare ups!

Please don’t think I haven’t been to the doctor. I did go last Thursday for my vision issue and at that time I did mention the hives since they started early that morning. So I made an appointment for my cardiologist and it is this Friday. I have also been back to my doctor for these hives yesterday (Monday) and will go back on Thursday.

Nothing I had been trying was successful for these darn hives!! No anti-itch creams worked, no oatmeal baths, no baking soda baths, no use of detergents, perfumes, lotions, no antihistamines like benadryl and I’m telling you NOTHING was and is giving me relief from this red, inflamed, whelped up blister like bumps that are driving me insane with itch!!!

My doctor did put me on a steroid yesterday and drew several blood labs to check for different things. I can also continue use of an antihistamine in combination with the steroid so I am praying by Thursday when I go back to her I have great news of relief!! I am also not to go to back to work this week so I am sure this will help me get some rest too. I worked on Saturday and it just seemed to intensify the burning itching sensation! I am sure that is due from getting hot and sweaty while working. I am so looking forward to this week being over and an new week to start up with a joyful beginning 🙂

Thanks for listening to me rant and rave about this pain in the epidermis of mine! Hopefully next weeks blog for my 30 weeks will be a bright one 🙂

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  1. Carrie Phelps says:

    I’m so sorry, this all sounds so terrible. I’ve had the vision thing happen to me several times and it’s always been brought on by a migraine. Not all migraines are painful, I’ve been experiencing painless migraines for years now. As for the hives I seem to get these (but only on my hands & arms) when I’m super stressed. I hope it’s better and you’ve been able to get some answers.

  2. sueparks2003 says:

    Awe hun, I am so sorry to hear that. I had 4 children and never heard of such a thing. Pregnancy on it’s own can make you tired, emotional even some eye change but you definitely shouldn’t have to go through all this. The steroids should work but I hope they find the cause so you don’t get it back.
    Well I hope you feel better 🙂
    Gladys P

  3. @Carrie Phelps Thanks Carrie, Yeah my sister in law had just told me that you can have painless migraines…i’m not prone to getting migraines I really don’t think I have had one since I was a teenager but who knows this pregnancy has been so out of whack for me! I haven’t had the vision thing happen again but it’s the hives and tiredness along with being dizzy that is just making me ick ALL of the time 🙁

  4. @sueparks2003 Thanks Gladys, I know right !! This pregnancy has just been a complete wherl wind for me!! And I have never experienced this kind of thing before so that seems to bother me even more, ya know!! I am SOOO STRESSED out and I have been off and on for quite some time now but I thought that once I was feeeling better I was going in the right track and ALL would be well….but so far not the pattern for me haha 🙁 I’ve been on the steroids for day two now so I am hoping to see some improvement… I have seen a little so far so I feel like I am going in the right track now haha I just wish things wouldn’t get so darn drastic at times, like ya said pregnacey on it’s own can be tiresome and definitely emotional 🙂

  5. Holly S. says:

    I actually had the eye thing happen to me about 2 years ago. I bent over to pick up a rake in the yard and when I stood up, wham, no vision in my right eye! It only went on for, like, a minute, but it was enough to scare me senseless. I went to an Optometrist and a doctor, had an MRI; nothing was wrong with me. The Optometrist said that it was an Occular Migraine (there was no headache) and she says that it is common, can be in one or both eyes, and has no discernible cause…so I would get checked out completely for sure, but this sounds like that.
    I also got terrible itchy rashes all over my body in both pregnancies. The first time was from baby oil to prevent stretch marks, and I thought I knew to avoid it, but apparently my skin gets super-sensitive when I’m pregnant and just about anything will set it off. I’m sooo sorry! It’s awful and I never found anything that would help besides a topical Benadryl spray that helped with the itch. I’m sure I wasn’t supposed to use it, but it was the only way I could sleep with that terrible itching. Keep your head up; it won’t last forever!

  6. I’ve had the vision thing as well and only when I was pregnant. My doctor said that they were ocular migraines.

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