I never knew I’d actually ENJOY running! Getting Ready for MuckRuckUs MS!

MuckRuckus St. Louis

So with less than a month left before my big run, the MuckRuckus, we finally started training! I am not a runner so I knew I needed to start preparing. We started last week and ran/walked 3 days. We took 2 days off due to rain but resumed yesterday. Yesterday was the longest by far. We went to a nearby lake and walked/ran around it and it was a 3.7 mile loop. We walked and ran, unfortunately my 2 kids and dog were slowing us down. My son likes to run along with us and my almost 2 year old decided half way thru she wanted to run too. Well her run is my slow walk! I’m pretty sure we would’ve had the 3.7 miles done in an hour but it took us about an hour and a half. Which I didn’t think was too bad considering I’m not used to running that far. My new little dog wasn’t cooperating too well either though! He kept zig zagging in front of the stroller and trying to trip us! He loved it though!

Unfortunately, I don’t have the best running shoes. My current running shoes are probably 8-10 years old, plus they have been worn in creeks and water rides at Six Flags! So they have no padding at all! After running a few feet they are killing me! However with Easter and 2 kids birthdays in a months time it has left me with no money for shoes! Hopefully before the run I will be able to get some new ones!

I must admit though, I enjoy running! I really liked running around the lake, it was so peaceful and I felt like we were out in the middle of the wilderness, even though it was minutes away from busy traffic, back by the lake it was a place to escape! Only other runners/bikers, fellow dog walkers, and ducks, geese, birds, and other wildlife. So peaceful. I have set my sights on some other runs too. We are planning on the Crohn’s and Colitis walk in June which is only about 2 miles, but we are also planning on doing a 6k for Cardinals Care at Busch Stadium in September. I have set some long term goals as well. I hope to be able to run a 5k, like actually run it, not walk half. After that I want to do a half marathon. I’m thinking about doing the Go! St. Louis half marathon next spring. Disney World has a marathon weekend every year in January. I know by January 2013, I won’t be up for it, so I am setting my sights on doing that in January 2014. I plan on doing a half marathon before that though, but how fun will it be to do it at Disney World!

Who knew that I would ever enjoy running! I’m hoping it will help me loose a little weight too! I had not weighed myself in over a year and made the mistake of weighing myself on Easter and I was 20lbs more than I thought! Talk about depressing! Since then though I’ve lost 3 lbs, so I’m hoping to lose the rest with running!

If you missed my previous posts about the MuckRuckus I’m doing you can read about them here, Making a difference and Having Doubts. And if you would like to donate to the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation you may do so here!


  1. take it slow–enjoy walking first, especially with 2 little ones and a puppy!

  2. I have recently caught the running bug, and have been running since January.
    Five years ago I had spinal surgery and never thought that I would be able to run; I certainly never thought I would like it.
    Right now I do virtual runs whenever I find them from fellow bloggers. I have not run in a group setting yet, but I need to plan that.
    I hope that you get some new shoes soon, they will help a lot.

  3. @Ronalee

    What is virtual runs?

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