In the Presence of Miracles – Battling the Brain

My little brother has been battling the remnants of a brain tumor since he was a toddler. Actually, all these years I thought it was benign only to find out this past weekend that it wasn’t. It just never re-grew after his original surgery. He has to have check ups and spinal taps to make sure the cells aren’t moving into his spinal fluid, but otherwise the tumor is thankfully gone.

Unfortunately, at the beginning of the year they found an old stitch had infected part of his skull and even though he went through years and multiple surgeries to regrow his hair, they had to reopen the skull and remove the infection. He was left with an open wound on his head that never healed because there wasn’t enough skin to stretch it closed.

This month he was to go in and get the surgery done where they stretch the skin on your head to 2-3x it’s size in order to cover the area. That was all taken care of, but then he wound up back at the hospital for infection in the surgical area. He had been there since the 5th and just this past weekend I went to see him.

I stood there while the doctor was telling my father they were waiting on the last test results to know which antibiotic to put him on. He’d go home with intravenous antibiotics that he’d be on for months. His wound would be open for the same amount of time so he’d be pretty closed off. The doctor said it was a Staff infection and they were just seeing how bad it was or if another area was infected as well. If another area was infected they’d have to remove part of his skull and split another part to move over the open area. The skull (which is like double pane glass) would regrow. It was a very lengthy procedure.

Then I went home and the very next morning my dad and my little brother heard news that was clearly out of the blue, impossible really, it was gone. The entire infection was just…. gone. They’re not sure what happened but he was just fine and he was able to go home.

My entire family was in a lot of shock, it was honestly a miracle.

My brother gets to go home now. His wound is still open, but he is going through the procedure to stretch the skin on his skull in order to close the wound and hopefully have hair again. Hopefully after that everything can go back to its calmness. He deserves it so much.

I’ve witnessed a few things in my life I considered miracles, but never what was considered a medical miracle. I probably wouldn’t have even believed it were it not for standing there while listening to the doctor talk about the infection just 24 hours before. I am honestly humbled by the experience.

Extraordinary things happen in this life if you take the time to believe. Today remember… nothing is impossible.


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