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I was just talking the other day about how this past weekend we were going to finally plant our garden and then guess what happened? A storm raged through the St. Louis area and swept that idea right away. Our yard was plastered in various sizes of hail, anything from a pea to golf ball sized and thankfully we weathered through it okay. Some of my family’s property didn’t fare so well, my brothers, brother-in-law and my parents vehicles were completely dented by the hail as well as some outside equipment. We didn’t see the 60-90 mph winds that harmed those people in downtown St. Louis (one sadly deceased), but a tornado was spotted in my brother and brother-in-law’s area and that was scary enough.

Needless to say, no gardening commenced.


Then I fell ill and haven’t been feeling well lately and rather than wait until there was another peaceful moment between the rain that has been falling off and on for days, my Husband sneaked out under the cover of darkness where the sky couldn’t find him and went ahead and planted all the plants for us. That of course means that there won’t be a video or photos of us planting, but I will post some photos later today of how we arranged everything.

watering can

Life isn’t without it’s amusements at the oddest times though, and while all this was going on we realized that our Blueberries were actually Grapes! How we missed the word GRAPES on the upper part of the plant is beyond me, but now it seems we will be growing grapes in place of blueberries. I suppose I am going to be making jellies this fall! I was laughing all day about how ridiculous it was that I never realized that they weren’t blueberries. Sometimes the most obvious things are sitting there staring you in the face and you never see them.

growing grapes

I was hoping to have everything going before the Snow Joe / Sun Joe Giveaway ended, but that was tonight and I’m not sure it counts when we sneak outside to plant things in the dark. I still need to go through and validate all the entries before choosing a winner, but I wish everyone the best of luck! It is a fantastic Electric Tiller that I honestly attribute the ease of this gardening to. If you are in the market for one, you should really consider purchasing one. They say ‘time is money’ and this would sure save anyone a lot of time and the value of it is remarkable in comparison to other’s in the same market.

Hopefully the rest of the week’s rains won’t drown my midnight plants. Especially considering that I’ve recently learned that Raspberries hate their soil being soaked; which is why they generally don’t do well in the Northwest. This apparently doesn’t apply to Blackberries that have swarmed the entire state of Washington like vegetative locusts. I’m also learning about different types of soil mixes, like how you can add coffee grounds to help the pH balance and how some people use shredded newspaper instead of hay to cover the ground to protect against heavy moisture. I’ll be sharing some of my findings in another post.

I hope everyone’s Garden’s are doing well and hopefully I’ll have some images of our newly planted garden later today!


  1. I think according to the farmer’s almanac, you’re actually supposed to plant some plants at night, but I’m not sure. Enjoy your grapes!

  2. sueparks2003 says:

    Planting at midnight hmm. Not something I would do but hey everything is don! I see we aren’t the only ones with goofy water. I seen the other post they are coming up nicely!
    Gladys P

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