inRandom Story Time ~#7~

I feel this tickle at my feet….what can it be? I’m hanging from a jungle gym….how did I get here?
A big black lab is licking my toes…Why am I not wearing shoes?
I think I was sleep walking because I am still in my pj’s -that answers the no shoes question . I must have walked to the play ground from my house across the street. I see black clouds in the distance.
I get down from the jungle gym, and try to run to the house, that cloud looks like its bringing a storm with it. But my feet won’t move!
The dog comes to my side and looks up at me with a quizzical look in his eyes. I said “I don’t know?!?” My palms started to get very sweaty and I felt lightheaded.
‎”What do we do?” I ask the dog. Before I know what’s happening, he dashes away and quickly returns with a purple and lime green striped umbrella firmly grasped in his mouth.
I grab the umbrella and pet his head. Trying to decide which direction to go, I am startled when the Lab starts barking urgently at me, then takes off running in the direction opposite my house. Without thinking, I run after it.                                                                                                
We run through a grove of trees and the sun is shining and people are dancing all around.
Dancing and chanting. Oh my, what did I walk in on???
The dog ran straight to a man. A man with the brightest green eyes that I have ever seen. His skin was rather pale and the strangest thing about him was that his fingernails were extremely long.
He started petting the dog, then looked up at me with these bright green eyes and opened his arms to welcome me into the circle. What should I do?
You should click your heels together and repeat this chant “There is no place like facebook!” “There is no place like facebook!”
I tentatively stepped forward and was mesmerized by his eyes. Instinctively I knew the dance steps and joined in with the others dancing and chanting!
When the dancing stopped, I was out of breath but felt so peaceful. They opened some bottles of wine and gave me a glass. The wine was dark red, almost black…
it was sweet, my glass never seemed to get empty. I started to feel a bit light headed. The next thing I knew I awoke in a tent like place with fabric hanging over head.
There were cushions everywhere. I could see people wearing robes. I rubbed my eyes, trying to shake this nasty hangover…
but to my surprise, it wasn’t a hangover at all. I had took my Ambien too late at night, was having an episode of sleep walking. When I walked out, my front door, to go to work there sat the Black Lab waiting on me. He wagged his tail, as if to say “Good Morning Sunshine!”.
I shook my head and rubbed my eyes but the lab was still sitting there looking up at me with what seemed almost a smile on his face.
He has no collar, no tags. I think I just adopted the sweetest black lab. I must now come up with the perfect name. Some thing sweet yet masculine.
I will name him Phantom, because he came in like a ghost when I needed guidance.
He woofed in agreement and ran into the house past me and stretched out on the rug right by the window where the sun was shining brightly in. He closed his eyes and began to snore…
and in his dream he was hanging upside down from a jungle gym with me tickling his toes!
I noticed the tickling upon my feet are just leaves from a branch above me. As I am hanging there I realize hmmmm theres children all around, I guess they didnt like that story at story telling time thats why I’m hanging upside down on a jungle gym. Gotta think of a better story next time!

I want to thank everyone of our friends who put their own creative spin into our inRandom Story Time. This has been a lot of fun and we will contiune to write together every week. I look forward to our other creations together :-) 
special thanks to-
inRandom Story Time Writers-

 Renee Gauthier Angichiodo, Donna Jones-Years, Kelly Marriott, Kendra Tobeck, Heidi Plummer, Shannon Johnson, Cammie Sortor Turner, Misty Shrum Martin, Amanda Lanyon,  
Tina Wofford Page

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