Intermediate Perl by Randal Schwartz, brian d foy, and Tom Phoenix

Intermediate Perl by Randal Schwartz, brian d foy, and Tom Phoenix

We covered references, which are much more useful than just objects. That’s the first third of the book. Then we cover packages as a prelude to the big change for this edition. We then move immediately into creating a distribution. We show readers where they’ll end up before we show them how they’ll get there. This is how developers actually work—they create the distribution then modify it. This provides us a framework for introducing each new concept. For instance, we can cover testing and quality control as we go along instead of segregating it in a chapter at the end of the book. Readers pick up these topics slowly and steadily as they move along. – Intermediate Perl

I had shared with you earlier in the year Programming Perl 4th Edition, which is a book mainly for beginners. It takes you point by point on how everything works. Intermediate Perl is mainly for those who are already working with Perl. So if you are a beginner, I suggest you start out with Programming Perl 4th Edition, which is still the go-to guide for everyone.

Intermediate Foundations

The most important features covered in Intermediate Perl’s update is:

  • Packages and namespaces
  • References and scoping
  • Manipulating complex data structures
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Writing and using modules
  • Testing Perl code
  • Contributing to CPAN

Intermediate Perl was originally released in 2003 as Learning Perl Objects, References, and Modules and was revised and updated for 5.8. This begins where Learning Perl left off, but is still designed in the same format. Each section is small with exercises at the end to go over what you’ve learned.

I must admit, I’m still learning through Programming Perl 4th Edition. In fact, I’m learning with my Father who is sharing the book with me. He’s a programmer, but he writes in dinosaur languages which most businesses aren’t using today. To help him not become so obsolete, I’ve been showing him Perl. It’s been a slow process because learning a new language when you are older is definitively not going to happen in a day! Though, it is well worth it. Intermediate Perl brings you from a person just playing around with the language to a real Perl programmer! So if you are like me, someone that has just been dabbling in the language off and on for some years, this will take you to the next level.

Despite the fact that I’m personally not ready to move into Intermediate Perl, I did take the time to review it ascetically. It has a great layout, very good point by point and if you want more help with exercises in the book you can download extra sections from the website.

If you are wanting to take Perl to the next level, Intermediate Perl is a book you want in your library. Written by the same men who gave you the Perl Bible (Programming in Perl), it is a great self study book.

Purchase: You can purchase Intermediate Perl in eBook form or Print from O’Reilly.

I received a copy of the book for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions are my own and/or my families and are not influenced by any form of compensation.

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