Is it possible to EAT EVERYTHING!! 27 Weeks Pregnant

@ 27 weeks

I must say that my cravings are all over the place this fourth time around haha 🙂 With my first born it was Taco Bell chili cheese burritos, with my second it was Milky Way Midnight candy bars and a Fountain SunDrop, with my third it was Fresh Fruit and Cesar Salads (of course dressing with no raw egg 😉 and with this pregnancy it seems to be any and everything I see!!

Twix Ice cream uhhhh can we say a must have haha, not to mention super yummy and quite delicious.

Yes Hostess Donuts the powered ones of course. They can get messy at the mouth of  a pregnant woman so watch out 😉

And oh how I can’t forget the ever loving gummy worms and cashews….What can I say I just had to have them and yes in this combination….take a bite of a gummy and then a taste of a cashew 🙂
I don’t know how I am not weighing in at an impossible weight with all this junk food eating and soda pop drinking but I am blessed to say that so far I am lucky with my weight! Still not gaining it in pounds but definitely in belly size. Cute little baby girl belly size….ahhhh I just love being pregnant! I love the feeling, I love the movement, I love the unusual cravings at all hours of the night, and I especially love the not being sick throwing up all the time stage now too. Whoo that WAS enough of that!!!
At the begining of this pregnancy I couldn’t get enough WATER…ICE COLD WATER and Fresh Fruit and any kind of Salad….now that it has taken the cravings into the opposite direction of sugar, sugar, and MORE SUGAR…I’m like “What the heck!”

Has anyone had this problem especially when you want to eat and be healthy for yourself and the baby you have inside of you? I want to eat right, I want to make those healthy decisions for us both….but by golly I just don’t have the will power it takes to say “NO” or to just walk past those aisle’s with all of that yummy not good for me food!

What are some of the foods you craved or are craving?? Has it flip flopped on you like mine have??

I just wish I was drinking the amount of water that I know I should be consuming!! Shame on me, shame shame…
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Angie is a stay-at-home mom to 4 wonderful children. She has her hands full with a teen, a tween, a homeschooled 1st grader, and a beautiful baby girl. Angie likes to share her homeschool crafts and learning ideas along with wonderful items on Baby Branch. Being a mother of 4 is always exciting and keeps this mom on the go. Loving and Living this busy life and sharing those wonderful stories.


  1. sueparks2003 says:

    Like they say every pregnancy is different in some ways. With 2 I gained 13 and 0. With the other 2 It was 54 and 56. Three boys 1 girl so that wasn’t it. Three were born in July and Aug so that wasn’t it. My big gains were in my first and third so that wasn’t it. With 2 I just ate everything and anything insight, I couldn’t help it. So yes it is possible in my opinion!
    Gladys P

  2. Heather says:

    Too funny. I am 28 weeks and 2 days prego with my 3rd child! I too eat almost anything, but it has to mostly be sweet stuff. Ice cream, candy, cream soda, pop tarts, fruit loops, chocolate milk, chocolate donuts, etc. Lol. This will be my final baby, unless a total and complete accident happens, which I am hoping it doesn’t. This pregnancy has been rough.

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