Kicker Audio iKick 150 Docking Station and EB101 EarBuds Review

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The iKICK 150 from Kicker Audio has been a wonderful iPhone/iPod accessory for our household. We just love our iTunes and jammin’ to our music loud! My three kids and I just love dancing around, acting like fools to music. We have dance party nights about once a month to just cut loose and be silly with one another and it’s so much fun!

Kicker Audio is just incredible! I love the fact that my iK150 KICKER is so small, it fits so comfortably on my night stand next to my bed and is easily portable for me to bring into the kitchen or living room for the whole family to enjoy. It also has an alarm clock on it so this makes it really nice for me to set my iPhone on it and amplify my alarm. There’s no way you can’t hear this alarm going off and thankfully I am still able to hit snooze.

KICKER® Performance Audio takes quality, powerful sound into the bedroom and beyond with the KICKER iK150 Digital Docking System with Alarm for iPhone™ and all 4th generation-and-newer iPods®. Numerous features give the iK150 the flexibility to provide a serious KICKER vibe in any room of the house.

Kicker Audio iKick

I haven’t even told you about the EB101 KICKER Ear buds yet. They are an incredible fit of comfort and they don’t give me that constant feeling of falling out of my ears. I have small ears and all the other ear buds that I have are popping out within minutes. Even the original ones my iPhone came with are horrible for that. The sound that comes out of the EB101 KICKER ear buds is outstanding. So clear and vibrant it just blows me away. My favorite feature of these ear buds are the material they are made from, they are not the normal rubber wrapped ear buds like all the others! They have this black woven cloth for the cord that gives it a super sleek look. I have to mention too that the length of the wire for the ear buds is longer than all others, it gives me so much more moving room when I am wearing them. This is perfect for my workouts!

Ear Buds Kicker Audio


EB101 In-Ear Monitors have the supreme performance expected from KICKER and the comfort to be worn continuously, dramatically increasing retention and providing a secure in-ear fit for today’s active lifestyles. 

These come with clear silicone tips available in three sizes for every comfort level. Also included with each are a set of Comply™ Foam Tips, unique breathable memory foam activated by body heat and becoming ultra-soft, reducing irritation and fatigue.

Premium, noise-isolation in-ear monitors feature KICKER sound quality that is sure to please at an affordable price. This lighter pair (only half-an-ounce) contains 10-millimeter speakers and neodymium magnets. With four colors available (black, silver, pink, green), it is easy to express personality. The EB101’s style, reliability, and quality heard through the speakers are undeniably KICKER.

What a holiday gift this could be for anyone in your family! Kids, parents, spouses…  this is a perfect gift for any of your loved ones! Once you experience the KICKER Audio equipment I am positive they will be a permanent addition to your home as they have in mine.

Kicker Audio has many other Docking Stations you can choose from as well. Just check out this iKick 350 video features our iKick350, and our sponsored athlete Louie Vito, world-champ snowboarder, Olympian and regular on 2009 Dancing with the Stars (Donny Osmond/Mya season)!

Kicker has systems for EVERYTHING: 


No matter what your passion is in live, Kicker wants you to “Livin’ Loud!”

Connect: You can connect with Kicker Audio on their Facebook Page and/or @KickerAudio on Twitter. You can also watch some amazing videos on KickerFanatic’s Youtube Channel!

Purchase: You can purchase Kicker Audio iKick 150 for $199.95 and the EB101 Earbuds for $44.95! This is an incredible deal for such an amazing system.

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I received samples for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions are my own and/or my families and are not influenced by any form of compensation. 
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Angie is a stay-at-home mom to 4 wonderful children. She has her hands full with a teen, a tween, a homeschooled 1st grader, and a beautiful baby girl. Angie likes to share her homeschool crafts and learning ideas along with wonderful items on Baby Branch. Being a mother of 4 is always exciting and keeps this mom on the go. Loving and Living this busy life and sharing those wonderful stories.


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  13. I like the HP541TJ Headphones

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  26. Would love to have the HP541 headphones

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    I’ve been needing a new clock radio, and one which used my iPod would rock!
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