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Having a healthy oral care routine in my home is very important. Sometimes it’s not the easiest to keep up with a teenager and a toddler, but we do our best. For me, it is a personal battle. I have lost many teeth to bad dental care when I was a single mom without insurance and earlier in my life with an awful Orthodontist. I’m also a self professed coffee addict and these things never went together well. In fact, as something I rarely ever tell people because it causes me a great sense of shame, I don’t have any molars. My Dental issues aren’t anything anyone can see from the outside (unless you count the coffee), it’s a personal inner issue that I live with daily. I have many problems with it, many of them emotionally, but one of the hardest was re-learning how to eat. It’s something that a woman my age shouldn’t ever have had to figure out.

I want my children to have, and make, better choices than I had. To create healthy routines before they’re too late. Knowing the importance of good dental hygiene, routines and adequate knowledge of brushing is of the utmost importance for Prevention.

Dental Hygiene

Currently my Teenager is trying to learn to remember to brush his teeth every morning on his own and every night before he goes to bed, when this doesn’t go very well I have back-up plans such as… those pictures the Oral Surgeon showed him about what happens if you don’t. I was really thankful because his last visit to the Dentist they took the time out to watch him brush his teeth and also to show him what techniques would help him because his teeth are pressed together from once-upon-a-time immovable baby teeth. We looked at photographs together at the Dentist office, before and after shots and also went through the ‘toothbrushing’ re-training as I call it.

Sometimes we get into our own habits of brushing so fast that we forget the proper way to brush our teeth. But we also forget about other important things like Floss and Rinsing which also sometimes have to be re-put into the daily routine. There’s always enough time to take care of your teeth, ALWAYS. Like I tell my son, teeth are one of the things in life that are irreplaceable (false teeth don’t count), you want to take care of them before you lose them. I know what happens when you don’t.

My toddler, who is on a completely separate schedule, brushes his teeth with Mommy and Daddy every night. He actually LOVES the routine and as he is very scheduled, he looks forward to it every night as a transition into bedtime. However, we’ve had some difficulty getting him to do the routine in the morning because he assumes he has to go to bed afterwards. So we’re working to fit the 1st Toothbrushing of the day into the Daily Routine!

My goals during the Listerine Oral Care Challenge is to work more on all of us brushing our teeth together, this way it’s easier for my eldest to remember to Brush, Floss and Rinse without me having to remind him every day – every morning – every night. And to also help my youngest to learn that brushing your teeth during the day is a healthy morning routine for everyone and it doesn’t mean he has to go back to bed. Doing the Steps (Brush, Floss and Rinse) together will do us all a great amount of good!

Listerine & Reach

We were given new Toothbrushes from Reach and Smart Rinse for the Boys and Cool Mint Listerine for us older Parents. Listerine and Reach also provided Reach Total Care Floss and a Floss Brush and a Calendar with makers for every day we follow our routine!

It’d be wonderful if we all did the Listerine Challenge together! You can post pictures of your family following along with the Listerine Oral Care Challenge Routine on our Facebook Wall or on Twitter to share with us! We’ll also be putting up photos as we go along and marking our Calendars! This is just one more step for me to make sure my family has a great Oral Care Routine. Those of us that had suffered great pain from bad dental care know… we know… how important it is to have one. So let’s do it together!

You can find out more information on how you make your own Family Listerine Oral Care Challenge Routine by visiting their webpage, they also have many great products to help you get set! So let’s go!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Listerine and received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.


  1. We’ve really been making it part of the routine for my grandson to brush his teeth every night. He HATES doing it and we’ve been trying to think of something fun so it gets his mind off of it. I’m just hoping that sticking to the routine will help and he will just know it has to happen!

  2. Darby McClintock says:

    A bad orthodontist and addiction to coffee? Well we both know that is not a good combination as far as your teeth is concerned. You better consult with the arlington dental care for treatment.

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