Llama Drama: The Escape of Rosie the Llama

I want to start off by saying Sunday was exciting but I never thought my Monday would be like that! You may ask yourself how much drama can a llama actually create? Let me tell you the story of our Rosie: the amazing, magnificent, might as well be flying llama!

jumping llama

We went to pick up Rosie and her sister on Saturday, but ended up only being able to get Rosie. We were told to come back in a week to get her sister and we thought that’d be okay; we could get Rosie settled and then pick up her sister in a couple of days. After about a half an hour, we were able to get her in her half acre home and we visited with her for a few hours. She seemed happy and so we bid her goodnight and that was that.

Sunday rolls around and we have a full day ahead of us. Early to church for meetings and then again staying late for meetings. We are all tuckered out when we got home and I wanted to eat and nap. I just drifted off when my 8 year old daughter rushes in the room almost in tears yelling, “Rosie is out! Mom! Papa needs you to get her!” See Rosie likes me for some reason. When she sits and refuses to move for everyone else she will walk for me. So, I jump up in a panic because we have a busy road nearby and this is what started the whole llama drama!

Try to imagine 3 grown men, 2 children and us short women all trying to catch a young llama running around 20 acres; it was interesting! After over an hour we ended up chasing her down our logging trail that has two giant mud puddles, because we live in Washington and it has been raining hard for awhile. They are really more like very small mud ponds. So, Rosie makes it through the very small pond and I’m right behind her and gaining ground, rope in hand and thinking, I’m going to catch her! My father in law is behind me and we were getting close and then…..  Man Down! Man Down!

My father slips in the very small mud pond! You thought it was me didn’t you! (Don’t worry he was ok.) Then I am in roping distance of Rosie and I try to rope her but I forgot I have No Clue on how to lasso anything let alone a running llama. Yes, I looked absolutely ridiculous and I missed to boot, but hey I get an A for effort right?

So while my father-in-law is getting up and I am trying not to trip on the rope that I unsuccessfully threw, Rosie takes off the way she came back towards my father and brother in law and then it was an easy catch. Rosie goes back to her half acre home and after checking the fencing we determined someone didn’t close the gate properly. We bid Rosie goodnight – again.

Monday Morning 7:20 am:

I get my big kids out the door to catch the bus and run to the restroom. We have a window in our bathroom that over looks our side yard I love to look out the window at the giant tree and our small fruit trees, but not this morning! Mid step and I stopped, Oh Man! No! Not THIS morning!!! There is Rosie right by the fruit trees. Not in her happy home! So I grab my sweater and off I go to once again catch Rosie.

I get just outside the door and my 8 year old daughter informs me that Rosie is out. I get to the side yard and my 14 year old tells me, “Yeah, Rosie was out” and I said, “I know.” Can you picture me pouting, cause yep, I was! It went something like this.

14 year old: “It’s alright I got her back in.”
Me: “What? Really! Oh Thank You honey!”
14 year old: “Yeah, I just walked towards her and she jumped back in.”
Me: “Crapperdoodles! Are you kidding? Oh man!

And the day begins! My big kids leave and I am home to prepare for my noon meeting with only my 17 month old to help me. Noon rolls around and everyone starts showing up for the meeting, we get started and about 20 minutes in there comes a knock on the door. My cousin is standing there and asks me if we have a llama… and again… the Llama Drama begins.

My heart sinks as I reply yes, where is she. Oh!Of course at the tree farm next door! Because she wouldn’t possibly want to stay in her half acre home! So out I run along with a couple of awesome friends while an equally awesome friend watches my toddler. Rope in hand, the chase begins again. The differences between yesterday and today are that there are no guys to help and Rosie is running in the bad direction, which if the driver of the green SUV is reading this, Thank you a million times over for pacing my llama back onto our road!

So Rosie is finally going the right direction back to her happy home and my awesome friend #1 is in her car pacing Rosie, trying to keep her from going back to the big road. Hey fun fact! Rosie can run 30 miles per hour!

Rosie at full speed jumps her fence and is back in her happy home. Yay! But only for a second. Awesome friend #2 watches Rosie continue to run full speed and jump the fence at the other end of the half acre home and around to the logging road and by this time it is raining and not just Washington light rain, but a full cold down pour. And after two days I am done! I do not like llama drama and don’t have all day to chase a amazing, magnificent, might as well be flying llama because I was told they can not jump! I want a normal llama that doesn’t jump! More llama fun facts llamas Can jump and jump quite high if separated from the herd. So down the logging road we go in the down pour, rope still in hand and there stands Rosie. The chase continues.

I start running full speed and no I was not smart enough to take the time to put on running shoes. Oh no, I still have my house slippers on. People, never make that mistake. Never chase a llama or any other animal in the down pouring rain in house slippers because it never ends well!

I am running full speed and I go to throw the rope and Woman Down!! Woman Down!! I slip and slide about 8 feet and I still didn’t get Rosie. I rolled over looking up at the cloudy sky thinking my Monday was not suppose to be like this! I am suppose to be in the meeting not out here in the down pour laying on the wet ground, grass all over me and trying to figure out how to catch Rosie the amazing, magnificent, might as well be flying llama!

Friend #2 asks if I am okay. No, I think… I am laying on the wet grass that our peacocks and chickens and ducks and dog poops on, in the rarely happens in Washington cold down pour, covered in grass and soaking wet and I still haven’t caught Rosie. While I was having my llama drama melt down, Rosie the amazing, magnificent, might as well be flying llama ran down the hill to our uncle’s where my father in law was and so I let them know she was there and changed my clothes. It was my father-in-laws turn for the llama drama!


If your child is ever given a llama as a gift, beware of the llama drama that can and probably will happen.

Note to all animal lovers and a Rosie update: Rosie the llama was not harmed in any of her escapes. After reading LOTS more on llamas, we have done what they suggest. She is in a smaller home with a Lot bigger fence until her sister can join her. Llamas when in a herd normally do Not jump. Our sweet Rosie now loves her home and is very happy to have company. She loves to hug and give kisses. We are working on training her to go on hikes. If you know how to make a llama harness, please let me know!


  1. too fuuny! Woman down! Woman down! I hope the jumping does stop 🙂

  2. Sarah, I’m so glad that Rosie is settled and over her llama drama. Thanks so much for sharing this, I really needed a reason to smile today and this was a great one!

  3. Drama llama come to life! Lol

  4. When I first read the title of this post I was so excited – I thought a new book in the “llama drama” series had been published! LOL – my son and I love those books. However, reading the story – this was so much better. Maybe you should send it to the author as an idea for a new book? LOL. Seriously though, sorry about all your llama drama and I’m glad that all is well that ends well….

  5. royalegacy says:

    Ha! Looks like you got your exercise in, though! Ha!

    Coming to you from Saturday Top Five Laughs.

    Danielle @ Royalegacy

  6. That would have been great to watch! 😉 I’m keeping this post up to show my 7yo son who has a sudden interest in llamas. They are cute!

  7. LOVE MELISSA:) says:

    THis is way too funny!! Lllama drama to the finest. Thanks for this!

  8. angie lilly says:

    OMG LOL what a mess! She is so adorable though!!! Glad it all worked out!


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