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Mobi Technologies is a leading maker of portable consumer electronics dedicated to bringing practical and affordable solutions to parents and caregivers everywhere. Our enhancements to daily living are preferred and relied upon by discerning consumers of all ages. As innovators in family-oriented electronics, Mobi Technologies provides safe, high-quality products with great value­­––a combination upon which our loyal customers have come to depend.

I have been given the great pleasure of reviewing the MobiCam Digital DXR and let me just say, this monitor is amazing! It is so amazing I am not sure where to begin, as it has all the features a mom (or dad) could possibly want.

MobiCam Digital DXR

The MobiCam Digital DXR has voice activation which allows the receiver to power down to save battery power while the little ones are sleeping. When my Jojo starts to fuss the audio and visual are activated. When you choose the voice activated feature you are then able to choose the sensitivity level. You may also turn an alarm on so that when the sensitivity level is reached on the VOX feature the receiver beeps.

Two of my favorite features are the 2 way communication and the night vision. The 2 way communication works like an intercom. I love this feature because my Jojo only takes one pacifier and he has to have it to go to sleep and if I am not thinking and put him to bed without it I can tell my husband through the camera unit (which is with Jojo) to please bring it upstairs and he can easily press a button on the receiver unit (the monitor or parent unit) and ask where it is.

My family loves to joke, we love to laugh, so when I saw the 2 way communication I could not pass on the chance to send my 14 year old in the room with the camera so I could use the receiver to whisper his name. He has yet to pay me back for that scare! Just be careful if you watch a scary movie you can freak yourself out with the night vision it makes the eyes glow!

Screenshot MobiCam

The other feature I like is the night vision. When we received the MobiCam Digital DXR it was on the same day my niece was here. My two year old niece is special needs and does not always cry when she wakes so the first night she went to bed we had the camera on her we were able to see when she woke. The minute she did we were at her side. The next night I had the camera on my Jojo so I was running up and down the stairs every 30 minutes to check on her. The last time I checked on her she was standing up next to the bed I felt so bad because I wasn’t there the minute she woke. With the night vision we are able to see what is going on in the room. More important when they wake and with the MobiCam Digital DXR you are able to view multiple cameras up to four cameras on one receiver. So when I have my next baby I can place a camera on both of the children. I can also place one at the front door since we are in a two story house we can’t always hear a knock at the door so the camera will allow us to see who is there.

Memory Card MobiCam

Another feature I was incredibly excited about was the video chat & wireless webcam compatibility: SkypeTM, MessengerTM, YahooTM, Google TalkTM. I live in Washington and all of my family lives in Missouri so we don’t see each other often. With Skype we can talk, my mother can see her grandchildren grow and play. My sisters and brothers can look into my children’s eyes and give them advice. My children can see those who they love the most on a daily basis. That was not possible before. I think about all the Mothers/Fathers who have babies and little ones with their spouses overseas and how great this would be for them to still have a chance to watch them grow while they’re away.

Those are just a couple of my favorite things but the MobiCam Digital DXR has so much more to offer. Here is a full list:

  • Large 3.5″ high-resolution LCD Screen
  • 2.4 Ghz secure digital signal with 450 ft transmission range
  • Powerful Automatic Night Vision w/ 40 ft range
  • Extra-wide camera angle for large area viewing
  • Built-in recording ability (memory card not included)
  • Compact wireless design for easy room-to-room use
  • Expandable up to 4 cameras (extra cameras sold separately)
  • Multiple cameras can be viewed together in Quad-Screen or separately in alternating mode
  • 2-way audio communication brings families close
  • Voice Activate (VOX) picture and sound
  • Optional audio-only mode
  • Internet viewing via smart phones, computers, notebooks and tablets (software required)
  • Video Chat & wireless webcam Compatibility: SkypeTM, MessengerTM, YahooTM, Google TalkTM
  • Adjustable Camera Mount/Stand included

This Monitoring System is a winner of 4 national awards in 2011: Mom’s Choice Gold, National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, Reader’s Favorite Baby & Children’s Product News, and Babble Top 100 Newborn Essentials! But more importantly it is an award winning monitor for my family. Many, many thanks to Mobi Technologies for having families and their concerns in mind when creating this outstanding product.


You can connect with Mobi Technology on their Facebook Page and/or @GetMobi on Twitter.


You can purchase the MobiCam Digital DXR for $229.99.


I received samples for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions are my own and/or my families and are not influenced by any form of compensation.


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  2. dindagail says:

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    I really like the Mobi TykeLights. Neat O!

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  29. I also liked the DualScan Dual Ear or Forehead Thermometer sure beats the old fashioned Thermometer that I had to use on my oldest child when he is sick.

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