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Well some of you may have saw me post on facebook that my little girl was having surgery today. She was supposed to have some dental restoration done. Unfortunately both of my kids have a defect and their teeth were not formed quite like normal children. I don’t recall the exact explanation I received from the dentist years ago when my son went through this. Anyways, we caught it sooner this time so she wasn’t at the same spot as her big brother, but still needed work done. At her age they do it in a surgical setting under anesthesia.

As any parent I was worried because she has never been under anesthesia. We all got up at 5am for our 7am surgery. Drove about 40 minutes to get there. They take her back, give her the “happy” medicine. She was very brave being wheeled back into the room. They put the mask over her face and the doctor comes out to inform me that she has lice and they cannot continue. The facility would not let them. I questioned her because she has cradle cap and I had not noticed anything else and no one was itching. She went back to ask the nurse and returned to inform me that no it is lice she saw something move. So I asked to see her and they said they were waking her up and she will come back to get me.

I went back to see my little girl and she looked the same to me. I asked her to show me because it looked like her cradle cap so she gets someone else, who also said it wasn’t her. They bring in the nurse who said she saw lice and she was quite rude. I told her that is cradle cap and she said “I have two kids who have both had lice and both had cradle cap and she knows the difference, that is lice!” I said both my kids had cradle cap and we’ve had lice and this is cradle cap! So she says she will show me, it’s always worse around the neckline and behind the ears she says. So she’s flipping thru her hair and says  “she won’t let me do this, she’s asleep” Huh? She’s asleep! So she’s flipping thru the neckline and ears and we see nothing! She let’s go of the hair and says yea there’s some there. Ummm I saw one white speck that looked like salt! So again I said I don’t see anything and she assures me that it’s lice and it’s a communicable disease so they can’t continue. I told her that she hadn’t been itching and she said her kids never itched with lice. Also that cradle cap flakes off and lice has to be picked out. Well her doctor told me a year ago that her cradle cap has to be scrubbed off or picked out because her hair is so long and thick! And hers has never flaked off, i have to pick it out which is why it’s still bad! And actually it’s only bad right on top and only noticeable up close so it wasn’t worth upsetting her over picking it out.

The dentist was very nice and apologetic and said it’s not her decision, it’s the facility and she has no authority to override her. So I’ve wasted all this time and my baby was put to sleep for nothing! I had to wait for her to wake up before we could leave. Naturally she was very unhappy and groggy. Now I have to drive 50 minutes to the doctor to have her head checked and pay my deductible.

After a few minutes picking at her head which she hated, especially after being groggy from sedation still, NO LICE!!!! The doctor couldn’t believe she thought that was lice. She said she could see where she thought it was a nitt, but it wasn’t enough or spaced right or something along those lines. She said definitely NOT lice! She didn’t understand why they didn’t do the procedure anyways, they wouldn’t jump off the table! Plus if it was lice we’ve already infected the bed just finish! Sighs.
I’m beyond upset over this. My baby had to undergo anesthesia and take unnecessary drugs for no reason. I still didn’t understand the risk of proceeding even with lice, but I was just upset at how the nurse treated me. She made me sound like I was crazy for saying cradle cap. I don’t understand why people work in medical fields if they cannot be friendly and remain professional. She was talking down to me as if she was better than me.

Now we have to reschedule and are using a different facility for sure! Once again I will have to pay to have another physical done. She had one done before today and was cleared for treatment, now we will have to do it again because it has to be done a week before. So once again we will have to wake up early and go thru all of this again. I will definitely be writing a letter or calling to complain!


  1. Deb Dorrington says:

    OMG, what an ordeal your little one went through today and all for not. Being put under anesthesia is no joke for anyone and especially not for a child. In my opinion you were treated quite poorly and If I were you I would being writing a letter of complaint and asking for an apology and some sort of refund towards the next physical your daughter has to undergo…Hope the next time it goes much smoother..:)

  2. Richard's Dentistry says:

    the first time I remember being given an anesthetic was when I got my wisdom teeth out at age 17 if that scared a 17 year old I can only imagine what it does to a parent of a young child

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