My Little @Lowes Build and Grow Kid!


Last weekend Lowe’s had a Build and Grow workshop featuring Monster Jam Monster Trucks, specifically Monster Mutt. We had missed out on the previous shop that featured Grave Digger (my son’s absolute favorite), so we were really excited to have a little reprieve from my tot’s constant illnesses in order to go!

He had been waiting weeks to go and build a monster truck. Unfortunately, since I wasn’t sure we would be able to make it, I hadn’t registered us. I called Lowe’s and they told me to come right in and that many people don’t register, though they kind of failed to tell me that non-registered kids have to wait 15-20 minutes. My tot was watching all the other kids and really wanting to start hammering and as dozens of other families started standing in line, I was wondering if we’d even get a chance to participate.

Then all of the sudden this little girl walks up to my tot and hands him a Lowe’s Build and Grow bag. The bag contains all the pieces to build the Monster Mutt truck with directions that have a few fun games on them. I asked her Mom if it was okay because they made room for Judah and she said it was. They had an extra one since one of the kids didn’t show up and they saw how much my tot really wanted to make a monster truck. Lowe’s went ahead and let us pick up a hammer and start on the project and we sat next to the family that was so kind to us.


My tot and husband did most of the work. It wasn’t at all complex and with parental help, really fun for toddlers! The hammers were light and fit in small hands, the stickers easy to apply and everyone was having such a great time!


The Monster Mutt came complete with foldable crash cars and even the wheels move so it could be rolled across the table! My tot was so excited about his monster truck and really a proud Lowe’s Build and Grow builder. All the kids that participate get to keep their Lowe’s aprons with their name tags tucked inside and it was adorable seeing them all at work in the red aprons, proud little kids with their hammers.


The Build and Grow workshops are wonderful for families. It helps children develop their motor skills, creativity and understanding how to create things as well as develop family bonding through fun experiences! I am really proud to have a little Lowe’s kid. We’ve been shopping at Lowe’s a lot lately for areas in our house we’re remodeling this Spring / Summer, so this little workshop was a way that Daddy and son could build together.

I am a really proud Mommy.

The next two Lowe’s Build and Grow shops are featuring The Dreamworks “Croods”! If you decide to go make sure you register!

Have you been to a Lowe’s Build and Grow Workshop?

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  1. I love the trucks. I wish we had a Lowes near us because I see the cutest ideas come from their classes. What a great way to spend a Saturday as family time.

  2. Looks like really fun project and kids learned a thing or two

  3. Julie Jones says:

    I’m bringing my kids to the Croods Chomper event on the 23rd. Can’t wait!

  4. We love Build and Grow!! We definitely register, and it’s even easier since they changed their site!

  5. Glad he got too build one. I should have hubby look into taking Rissa to Home Depot sometime. No Lowes near us.

    • Sadly Home Depot’s workshops all say “designed for kids age 5-12”. That’s why we’re big supporters of Lowe’s because theirs is 3+. =/

  6. Looks like he had a blast!

  7. That looks like so much fun! Lowe’s is fighting with a neighboring town to build a location, I’m hoping it goes through. I think it’s wonderful that they offer the classes for younger kids.

  8. That’s precious, I’m so glad he got to make one! We need to make it to Lowe’s during one of these events!

  9. Wonderful program. Grandsons were able to participate last summer.

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