NaBloPoMo – Making family time is important to me.

Family time is extremely important to us, trying to find a balance is sometimes easy, sometimes not, although most of my day is scheduled so it takes away the idea that I have a choice in the matter.

I wake up early, 2 hours before my son gets up usually. I spend those 2 hours getting around and checking email and finishing up what is necessary to get out before the outgoing feeds release for here and Outnumbered 3 to 1. This also goes for regular mail, making sure bills are together. I’m always doing two or three things at one time because my mornings are short. Between noon and 12:30 Judah is up, laying on my lap and getting himself around so I finish up email on my phone and/or Facebook – answer questions. After he is awake my time is over beyond checking in on things in case there is something immediate. Since Cody wakes himself up for school (usually) because the rest of us are on a 2nd shift, it’s just Judah and I until Daddy wakes up. We have breakfast, go out for coffee, run errands or just sit around and play. Once my husband is awake we are usually all together unless one of us has to do something of importance. Cody comes home, we all have dinner and then my husband leaves for work.

When Judah lays down that’s when I am usually writing, like now. He sleeps for 1.5 to 2 hours and that’s my window and everything repeats once he’s awake, except it’s Cody, Judah and I. The only other time I get to work is at night after Judah is asleep (think 2am) and sometimes I’m up until the wee hours of the morning finishing up for the day. I sleep about 5 hours. Though if I catch up in the morning and evening then I do other things at night after the boys are asleep, like read or watch a movie. This is usually time for my husband and I so we make an effort to not get distracted by things. We have a show we watch, we’re old people who like scrabble.

Weekends are family time and we leave, doesn’t matter where we are going just the leaving and going out as a family idea. But we have a pretty easy life currently, things will be shaken up a bit once Billie isn’t working any longer and he’s home all the time, but outside of that our days have been the same since Judah was born and it’s comfortable this way. It doesn’t leave a lot of room for my husband and I, but we try to get out every so often on our own. I try to make sure I get time for my eldest, just us, since he’s older and the playing with trucks and watching Sesame Street doesn’t appeal to him sadly.

Sometimes it’s hard for me not to get distracted because I have a lot to do and writing is so addicting to me that it’s hard not to want to drop everything and run off when I get an idea. However, this blog is written as a reflection of myself in combination of my family and I would feel like a hypocrite if I spent all my time on here and then wrote about how important it was to spend time with your family. Mine is just as important for me to spend time with and I have a great readership and wonderful fans who understand that sometimes my time is short. It’s also why there are other writers here that help balance out the workload. They also have families that come first so we each try to take on what we can for the others to have room when necessary. The writers here are also my family and my friends and so their needs and their families needs are always in consideration.

So this is how I balance things, for now. When Judah goes off to pre-school it will become a full on 8hour straight job, but for now my time is broken into sections because work time is my personal time at the moment, the rest has always been for my husband and my sons.

How do you find the time?


  1. Frugal in Ohio says:

    It’s hard to balance. I work hard at work – full time – but when I get home it’s 100% kids until they go to be and then it’s household – cleaning etc. Then maybe one day I will have some time to myself…. 🙂

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