NaBloPoMo – What is something you’d like to jump into if you had more time/money?

NaBloPoMo June 2012
I would honestly sit and finally write that silly novel that has been nagging me for years. Well… that is what I would like to assume I would do. It’s the greatest time for the concept I have, most young adult novels are really into the genre that has been invading me since the late 90s. It is just that it takes so much time so sit and write a novel and I’m afraid that either a) I won’t be able to get into it due to all the things going on in my head or b) I’ll get way too sucked into it and forget everything else around me.

The other thing I think I would jump into if I had more time and money is conventions. I’d love to go to some Blogger Conventions! To meet all these great bloggers, my blogger friends and their families would be the greatest thing. Plus, most of them are held in cities where I have my friends and to be able to see them again would be worth the world to me.

Or… maybe I’d just pretend I’d do all that and actually just pick up my husbands guitar and finally figure out that instrument so I could sing. I really miss singing.

What about you? What would you jump into if you had more time/money?



  1. I have been working on finishing a novel also. I’ve been on and off at it for years!

  2. Stefanie Elysse Hurtado says:

    I think I’d get really into horseback riding, and raise horses (always been a dream of mine, but it’s expensive)!

  3. I would travel more..I love to, but the cost of flying is too much lately. I am going to BlogHer this year, because it is here in NYC and I don’t have to travel. That 3 days will be my vacation.

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