NaBloPoMo – What would you have as your last meal?

The writing prompt was actually, “If you knew that whatever you ate next would be your last meal, what would you want it to be?” 

I’m not sure even if I knew it was going to be my last meal if I would get to choose what it was, unless I was in a restaurant at the time, but let’s just imagine it magically appears in front of me.
I’d like to say I’d choose something really nice like Sushi, a med-rare flank steak or beef tips, some spicy Yellow Curry Chicken – all of which are favorites, but I’m sure that I would automatically think of my grandmother’s house and her green beans and potatoes.

It’s sounds really simple but it’s really not. I’ve never in my life been able to recreate a bowl of her green beans and potatoes. I’m pretty sure all that is in it is green beans, potatoes and bacon and yet it tastes like hearty meal you’d find in a middle earth tavern. It conjures up these images of hearth-fires and mugs of mead and ale. It could be that the vegetables are canned and left in her cabinets until winter or it could be that she’s secretly from the world of Tolkien and that’s why no one can make her food. (We’ve all tried, generations of us.)

My grandmother always made this for me, on and old stove that you have to light with a long match stick. I never seen her make it, I only ever saw it there stewing when I would come in and she’d have a bowl just for me. The scent coupled with the feeling of ‘home’ always made it magical.

If I had a last meal it would be this, my grandmother’s mystery bowl of green beans and potatoes; a bowl that would take me back to the simple times, the gentler days… a bowl to take me home.

I’m also curious… do you have any dishes in your family like this? That you just can’t seem to figure out no matter how many times you try?


  1. vickie couturier says:

    gosh,just stumbled on to this post,,interesting ,,probably order from my favorite Chinese restaurant,an just stuff my self until I could not walk,,,,,

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