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At nuLOOM we believe that floor coverings and art should not be mutually exclusive. Our designs encapsulate the organic beauty of the earth with the fresh and modern palette of today’s fashion forward shopper.

Some of you may remember in the past I’ve complained about my ugly carpet and my desire for wood floors, unfortunately that is not in my price range at this time. What’s the next best option? Cover it up! I was given an amazing chance to review a rug by nuLOOM. I could not have been more excited! We recently repainted our living room, we have one accent wall that is a chocolate brown and the other 3 walls are a cream color. The walls looked great but the carpet was still an eyesore!

I was so ecstatic to browse through the HUGE selection of rugs by nuLOOM. I actually looked through them a few different times trying to make up my mind. There was just so many to chose from. I had planned all along to get a rug for my living room, however I had a little trouble because they had some really great rugs for kids!

nuLoom Rugs
nuLoom Rugs

My son already has a rug in his room but the rug with the street and cars on it was really cute! They also had some really pretty girl ones so I just couldn’t decide! Ultimately I went with a rug for the living room. Too often I give in and only get things for the kids and forget myself, so this time I was sure to get something that would make me happy! I chose the Cine in Mushroom- Harvest pattern. I thought the colors would go great with my walls.

Harvest Pattern nuLoom Rug



  • Pattern: Harvest
  • Color: Mushroom
  • Size: 5′ x 8′
  • Origin: China
  • Material: 100% Mod-Acrylic





Let me just start by saying I love my new rug!!! I absolutely loved the colors and the pattern! I laid out my new rug while my family was outside playing and they were so excited when they came in and saw it. Both my kids immediately started dancing on it. I only wish I would’ve video taped their reaction! I had no idea they would have been so excited over a rug! It is amazing how it transformed my whole room. I never should have waited so long!

Before picture, see the stains!
After! No more stains!

I will start with the feel of the rug, simply divine! I’m so used to my worn out carpet I forgot what I was missing out on. Walking across it feels just like walking across brand new carpet. It is just so soft! My son insisted we have a slumber party on it the first night we got it, so we actually slept in the living room on our new rug. Usually when we have a slumber party in the living room I use a comforter on the floor for extra cushion but this rug was just so soft we slept right on it! It wasn’t scratchy like some rugs can be. It is so cushiony to walk on. When I vacuumed this rug I actually had to adjust my vacuum because it was always on the lowest setting because as I said my carpet was so worn out, with this rug it is so thick I had to put it on a higher setting.

I really love the look of the rug as well. The pattern has such a simple yet elegant design. The colors look great in my room as well! It goes so well with both walls and it adds such a great finishing touch to the room. I have been wanting an area rug for quite some time but as I said before I tend to not buy things for myself, so I had not gotten around to treating myself to a beautiful rug yet! I am so thankful for nuLOOM for sending me this rug!

I have been busy cleaning my house this week preparing for my little girl’s birthday party. My carpet is so ugly and stained I decided to roll up my rug and shampoo the carpet. I couldn’t believe how plain my room looked without this rug! Even now as I’m waiting on my carpet to dry so I can put it back out it just looks so boring in here. I can not wait until it is dry so I can roll it back out and enjoy my room!

modern style nuLoom rugs

nuLOOM has tons of rugs in many sizes. It is important to remember yourself. Sometimes with the busy life of kids, family, or work we forget we deserve things too. A beautiful rug can change a whole room without much work. A rug can also make a great gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or a birthday!

Connect: You can follow nuLOOM on their Facebook Page and @nuLoom on Twitter.

Buy: You can buy this rug or many others here, as well as some stores such as Macy’s and Walmart.

I received samples for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions are my own or my families and are not influenced by any form of compensation.

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